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    Any HVAC guys out there?

    My outdoor heat pump fan won't come on. When unit is off, the fan spins freely with a push of a paint stick. When on AC the fan binds up and won't push start. I already replaced the capacitor. I'm thinking I may need a new fan motor. It's an old unit but works great (other then the...
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    2003 Accord. Whirring noise and oil light

    Ok, so my daughter has a 2003 Accord with the 2.4L VTEC 4 cyl engine. A few months ago her oil Pressure Switch went bad and I replaced it. The old one was causing the oil lamp to stay on. The replacement switch took care of that. the lamp is back on as of last night, and there...
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    1911 Pistol options

    Greetings, been awhile since ive been here. But I find this site to be a valuable and trusted source of info. So I've always been a gun owner, but recently I have a desire to get myself a 1911 style firearm. Any recommendations as to what brand? Up to $1000 is my budget. Ruger...
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    Any HR specialists out there?

    Just a quick question for anyone with HR knowledge or similar experience. A friend of mine fell at work, and bumped her head. Employer sent her to their Dr. For an X-ray. No injuries or breaks and she says she's fine. Dr. Placed her on light duty for a week. Dr. Also notified employer of...
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    Deducting lost value of home

    OK so this is a new one to me. A guy I know recently had his home appraised. The appraisal came in over $100k less then he paid for it. This is his and his spouses primary residence. So they get their taxes done and the tax preparer tells them they can claim it all as a tax deduction because...
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    Any home appraisers out there?

    Just have a quick question to those that are in the biz. I'm in the middle of an exterior remodel right now, siding, lighting, trim, etc... I want to refinance ASAP. But the project is a DIY and will take a few more months to do. If an appraiser were to come and look at the house would...
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    Radiant Floor Heat

    My question is this: Is it worth it? I'm on a concrete slab and want to put it under 12mm thick laminate flooring. High vaulted ceilings in half of the house as well. I was going to put 100sq ft in the kitchen and approx 200sq feet throughout the living area as well. But at approx $400-$500...
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    IRS scam WARNING!

    Just a heads up to everyone. Got a phone call with a recorded voice stating that the IRS is suing me. Told me to call 206-905-9743 to review my case. Yet never asked for me directly, nor left any specific case number at all. I have not called the number back. I Googled it and found out...
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    1/3/5 years or since inception? (Stocks/Mutual)

    When you all are looking at a mutual fund or ETF's performance where do your eyes go first? Mine usually go for the 5yr performance results, then to the since inception results. Naturally I also look at P/E ratio and most importantly fee structure. I've been looking at the Vanguard funds and...
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    73 beetle keeps blowing signal fuse

    Hi all, looking for VW guru's. At the collision center I work at we just repainted a mint condition 73 Super beetle with only 53K orig miles. When I say this car is mint, its truly MINT! Original owner and completely unmolested since new. Full service history since 73'. Original everything...
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    Identify this car please.

    Can anyone tell me what kind of car this is? I'm thinking it's a 60's Olds. <a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" class="post-image"...
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    Debt Avalanche is working!!!

    I've been using the Debt Avalance for the past two and a half months. Starting with throwing any large chunk of money at the highest interest rate debt, regardless of balance amount. Since I officially started on 2/25/14 I've paid down $5800.00 of my debt. Still have a ways to go. I've been...
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    Carpet Cleaning

    I'm considering renting a Rug Doctor from the grocery store. Everything I've read online has pretty positive things to say about them. Though no machine is ever "perfect" for everyone's needs. Anyway, I want to know what kind of cleaning solution is tried and true. Something strong that does...
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    Debt reduction/payoff.

    Its an ugly topic but one that we've all though about. I have recently resolved myself to the fact that I have way too much debt and I need to pay it off. I have excellent credit, and a really good job. But I have reached a level of debt that makes me very uncomfortable. Approx $22k in debt...
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    Breaking up shower pan

    I am going to be doing a complete bathroom remodel. I've got a good grip on most of the demolition and removal of old plumbing fixtures and vanity, etc... BUT that darn concrete shower pan and curb. I'm thinking a 5lb hammer or an air chisel should break it up into managable chunks. Any advice?
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    My Laminate Floor "CEILING"

    These are a few pics of my vaulted ceiling that I decided to place Mohawk laminate flooring over. Took forever and its been finished for about a month. Been meaning to post them for anyone intersted in doing this. I can give you all a write up about it later. You have to turn your head to...
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    Laminate Flooring thickness matters?

    Its time to do my floors. Going over a concrete slab. Will be using a vapor barrier, quality padding, and I'd like to use a 12mm plank. Question is this: How much of a"real" difference does thickness of the laminate make? Will sound transfer and feel be noticably different between an 8mm...
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    Fresh oil change makes me feel good

    Why is it that a fresh oil and filter change makes a person feel good? I also put on new wipers and checked all the tire pressures. Washed, waxed and detailed the interior. Man I feel good! Haven't used Mobil 1 in years so I decided to use their 5w20 and a M1 filter too. Good to go.
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    NAPA Conventional

    I figure its good for a 5000 mile run in 5w20 flavor. Just pre-ordered a case at my local NAPA. $2.07 qt. Should last me a year. He was having a sale for all his shops he does biz with. Figured it was a good deal.
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    On being a Bachelor

    I like many of you are a bachelor. 42, never married, no kids. Sure I've been in many relationships but never walked down the aisle. Now understand I don't have anything against marriage or its institutions. I simply have not felt that type of desire to take those steps or embark on that...