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    Anti Foam additive in small engine oil

    The question comes up pretty regularly (duh!) about using regular auto oil in small engines. The only real question I've ever had about it is the manufacturers all make a big point of saying small engine oils, (that they sell) have anti foaming additives that keep the oil from aerating. I don't...
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    Long term report on spark plugs

    I posted a year or so ago, that I was having trouble with my JD 425 starting, and running funny. Long story short, I had bought some different plugs to check out, because the parts house were out of new NGKs to fit the Kawasaki engine, I bought a set of plain old Autolite, and poped them in...
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    Delo 30wt no longer carries S rating, use it or not ?

    I just ordered a couple gallons of Delo 400 30wt oil for my Kawasaki water cooled v twin. The old Delo 400 was SL rated, but the new bottles I received only have CF rating on them. All the literature on the Chevron site says all Delo 400 are mixed fleet gas and diesel oils, and the pds from 2018...
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    The case for sparkplugs

    I have always been a believer that there's not much difference between sparkplugs, whatever came in an engine is what I would keep using. Well, I bought a used JD 425 a few years ago, and although it ran fine, it could be hard to start and finicky to restart. Carb rebuild, new ignition delay...
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    Ever hit a water meter with your riding mower?

    Friend of mine hit his gas meter and knocked it out of service. No fire, but it sheared the coupling on one of the lines. I had to go and buy the fittings and repair the meter so he would have gas. Luckily no fire or other damage. Well, that was not enough for him. The other day he hit his water...
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    Anyone ever used one of these utility trailers from Northern Tool?

    <img src="" alt="[Linked Image]" class="post-image" style="height:auto!important;max-width:100%!important;"/> I'm thinking about ordering this to haul brush and cut down trees off to...
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    Neighborly advice, how I hate it !!!

    My good neighbor came over to see what I was up to, while changing the oil and transaxle fluid in my JD 425. He noticed I was putting regular dino ST oil in it, but that I was using JD brand Low Vis HyGard for the hydrostat. It immediately launched him into his "days of yore" when he worked for...
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    New Doyle Wire Strippers / Long Nose Pliers at HF

    This is for all those who say HF is junk. Stopped by today to look around, and since I work in HVAC , I'm always on the lookout for something I can use. The new combination tools are a real boon to those of us who have to carry tools. I use the combo wire stripper/ long nose pliers A LOT, and...
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    Which cordless drill platform and why

    Just curious, I've been using Milwaukee for a long time and have had good luck, til now and I've had two failures. It's not the problem of the tools, they've been used long and hard. So I decided it was time to make some new purchases and if I'm going to change platforms, then now is the time...
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    DeWalt Xtreme 12v MAX Sub Compact Drill / Driver review

    I work in HVAC and am always needing a drill to drill small holes in duct and metal cabinets to do testing, so I bought the drill-impact driver combo with batteries. They are SMALL, I mean they are far smaller than anything out there EXCEPT for the Makita 18v sub compact combo, which I also have...
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    Champ PH2876 C&P

    Well made filter with excellent construction. Gluing is first rate. If this filter had a silicone adbv, it would be a super filter as far as construction is concerned.
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    Oreilly's Microgard 51394 C&P

    I dunno, I just can't like the combo valve. I'm certainly no engineer, but it looks crude. It's a shame, everything else looks fine. One funny thing, the glue on each end of the element is different, but very well done.
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    Old oil at AutoZone

    Stopped off at AZ to pick up some stuff and grabbed two gallons of Delo LE 15W40, as I like the SJ stuff in my tractor. Well, I get home and later when I'm unloading the truck, I realize the date codes on the oil, HOLY COW! Take a peak below. What would you do? It's over 1 to 3 past the shelf...
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    More on spark plugs

    As many of you may have seen from the post below, I bought a service pack of Champion plugs for my JD 425 and some other tractors my neighbors have that use the same plug. Well, they weren't something I'd put in one of my engines, so they went back. see thread here; <a...
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    No more Champion plugs for me LOOK!

    I know, I've heard don't buy Champion, don't buy Fram, yatta, yatta, yatta, but I've had good luck with Fram, and until this one, Champion too. So, I ordered a 24 pack of CJ14 plugs for the tractors in our family/neighborhood, and they came today, nicely packaged in styrofoam and sitting pretty...
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    Mixed grease question

    Ok, I finally did it and picked up the wrong grease gun and lubed the spindles of my JD 425 with Mystic Red. I usually use JD PolyUrea grease on everything on the tractor. Will it be a big deal or not? I was all over the net and it seems JD PU grease is compatible with a lot of grreases, so I'm...
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    Scavenged a Husqvarna self propelled mower

    A 580 Rsw, it's the one with the outrigger front wheels and has the drive similar to snow blowers, with a friction wheel frive system. WOW! I started looking up the handful of parts it needs and was absolutely amazed at the prices. Friction wheel $111, drive belt $53, tension spring $36, and I'm...
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    Oil foaming in JD 425

    Been using Delo 5w40 synthetic, ran the engine and drained the oil immediately, noticed a pretty significant amount of foaming. What should I be using?
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    Milwaukee Surge Review

    I tried a Surge for a few days in HVAC work and here is how it went. I used it alongside a M18 fuel 4 speed impact. The surge is much quieter and much smoother, no question about it. But for driving screws in sheet metal it is no better than the impact driver. A M12 driver is far more accurate...
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    One oil for three cars

    I just saw a thread below asking this question, which I've been wondering about. The vehicles are: 2010 Tacoma 2.7L 4 cylinder 48k mi specs 0w20 2013 Altima 2.5L 4 cylinder 44k mi specs 0w20 2008 PA Cruiser 2.4L 4 cylinder 55k mi specs 5w30 OK I'd love to just use one oil in all. WV weather is...