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    Tirerack has been bought out by Discount Tire sadly.

    Mavis Discount tire gave me good price on Michelin Premier AS: also asked them to check brakes… said brakes were fine… went back to get tires rebalanced because of vibration and told them brakes don’t feel right and to check again. They apologized saying first time they forgot to check them...
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    Redline Oil Updated Data Sheets

    Wondering if people view the new data sheets as a general improvement overall? That being said-Redline’s additive packages specifically for their high performance oils has been consistent with only slight variations since the beginning of Bitog many moons ago. Main variance has been in viscosity...
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    Redline Oil Updated Data Sheets

    I have never perceived Redline as a winter oil…seems geared towards high temperature protection… noticed with newer formulation… even slightly thicker at lower temperatures with increase in flash point… wonder if that could contribute to lower Noack numbers, which look impressive.
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    Redline Oil Updated Data Sheets

    I was looking up redline oil and a 25 page Brochure came up that was dated December 2021. I looked at the high performance motor oil data and they were different from data provided on web page. At a glance all noack numbers were notably lower at 4. Will try and attach the link...
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    Recommendations for 2012 Prius V

    I have thought about some of the all weather tires… but remember having directional tires before and they were loud and would notice uneven wear more than other designs… know not all are directional… may check in on cooper tires never considered them… Nokian Etyre 2.0 is about 75-80 online...
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    Recommendations for 2012 Prius V

    Just purchased a used Prius V and will likely require tires soon. I drive 130 miles daily from York Pa-Baltimore county mostly highway. Comfort-rolling resistance-and handling would be the priorities in that order…Appreciate any feedback with regards to whether a gripper tire negatively impacts...
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    Mobil 1 EP HM 0W20 VOA

    The one annoying thing I have noticed about Blackstone over the years is they invariably use the phrase TBN looks strong whether it is an old school diesel oil of 15 or some newer emissions oil at 5… A phrase such as while tbn of 6.2 is relatively lower-it is consistent with a low saps...
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    Mobil Delvac 75W90 V. Mopar 75W85

    Does your vehicle have any limited slip differential? I don’t think Mobil 1 Delvac 75w90 has the limited slip additive as part of it’s package?
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    Amsoil SS 0w20, ~6000 miles, 2020 Jeep Gladiator 36000 miles

    Have to keep the website in German and this is the key word used for an oil that used primarily pao basestocks VollSynth I just looked at the website-the first oil I came across that had this was Ravenol 5w40…. Again think most manufacturers do not use primarily pao base stocks that includes...
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    Amsoil SS 0w20, ~6000 miles, 2020 Jeep Gladiator 36000 miles

    This is where posted the website on here awhile back..
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    Higher quality CVT fluid alternative over factory Nissan for 2015 Sentra?

    I have trusted Redline Non slip cvt in my wife’s 2015 Accord. Generally change it yearly-drain and fill about 4 quarts-she has 120000 on the car now and she drives it like she stole it. I think Redline is one of the only synthetic cvt transmission oils that uses solid portion of pao base...
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    Amsoil SS 0w20, ~6000 miles, 2020 Jeep Gladiator 36000 miles

    Over the years I have always run higher end synthetics-boutique oils like Amsoil, Redline, and Motul. The only vehicle I truly ran extended oil drains was a 2004 Honda Accord where also installed bypass oil guard filter in it… Extended oil drains defined as 15-18 thousand miles…. Otherwise have...
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    List of 75w90 Virgin Oil analysis in Oil Club Ru

    This is an example of Redline 75w90 analysis. The discussion seems interesting about the higher importance of weld load in heavy duty applications, and how a gear oil like Redline and Amsoil are more suited for passenger vehicles…
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    List of 75w90 Virgin Oil analysis in Oil Club Ru

    List of 75w90 synthetic gear oils in the Russian Oil club. Use Google translate to read in English.
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    List of VOA's from Russian Oil Club

    Bumping up-again use Google translate to read on English. Nice organization of virgin oil samples-many of which are some here as well.
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    Redline 5w30 VOA

    Redline’s motto could be “the more things change-the more they stay the same.” I think the additive package has remained similar-consistent-relatively unchanged since the beginning of bitog many moons ago.
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    Nokian announces One tire

    Thank you for the in depth reply. I am the antithesis to a mechanical mind.... so have often thought of an alignment as going to the chiropractor... in that you may not detect any problems until you become aligned... and then you may notice problems never seen before... I have gotten alignments...
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    Nokian announces One tire

    Does buying a symmetrical, non-directional tire require more frequent rotations to get the value from the choices of tire placement?
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    C'mon, we all need a Pinto, right?

    I was born in 1971 and two cars remember family having in the 1970’s were an AMC battle ship grey hornet and a mustard yellow with black interior Ford Pinto... seeing all the safety improvements of today makes me reflect on the summer of 1979.... The Muppet Movie came out and all my friends...
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    People who insist on using motorcycle brand oil

    I have never ridden a motorcycle. That being said-I find it strange that people gravitate towards “diesel oil” and speak with pride about how much money saved... How much oil is required for an average or even high end motorcycle? I mean if you have a larger truck that requires like 16-20 quarts...