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    75W140 and my Toyota Sienna

    I am getting ready to change the differential and transfer case fluid in my AWD Sienna. Service manual calls for GL-5 75W-85, so I am sure that the Mobil-1 75W90 GL-5 gear oil will be just dandy. Here is my question, though. I have a spare quart of Mobil-1 75W140 left over from my truck days. My...
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    Anybody have a Kindle Paperwhite?

    I just found out I am getting one for Christmas. I am looking forward to it, especially with my Amazon prime membership benefits. How is yours working for you?
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    Help me choose a phone please, iP5 or GS3

    I’m looking for my first smartphone and I guess for now am considering the iPhone5 or the Galaxy S3. I am already familiar with the Android o/s since my wife has had a DroidX for a while and I have an Android tablet. I like the feel of the Android o/s, and the fact I can add memory and new...
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    Makita BHX2500CA Commercial Grade 4-Stroke Blower

    I am thinking about getting one these blowers to replace my electric blower but thought I'd see if any of you guys have one and can give some feedback. Amazon has them for about $220 delivered. I like the 4-stroke feature so that I don't have to mix fuel for it. The crankcase holds a whopping 3...
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    Okay to top off with Mobil 1 0W20?

    I’m leaving on a 2200 mile round trip Saturday in my Prius C. I need to top off the 0W20 (factory fill) , probably a ¼ qt or less will be required. I don’t think I would get into any trouble using the Mobil 1 0W20 I have in my stash for my other Prius. I could drop by my Toyota dealer though on...
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    Synthetic Oil Extended OCI's are Foolish

    Is this car expert saying extended OCI's (10k miles) with synthetic oil is foolish? I think he might be...what do you think? <a href="" target="_blank"></a>
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    Stick with Toyota 0W-20 in my 1NZ-XFE?

    I have been reading through the VOA threads on 0W20 and need to ask you guys a question. I am hoping that you guys can help me with a decision I need to make soon. I have a 2012 Prius C with the 1NZ-XFE engine. There are 1300 miles on the car now and Toyota specs the first OC at 10k miles and...
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    First Oil Change...Wait 10K Miles?

    I just bought a 2012 Prius C with a 1NZ-FXE engine. The first oil change is scheduled at 10k miles. I verified with the service manager that there is no point in changing the oil any earlier the first time. The Toyota manual does not recommend an early change. None of the guys over at Priuschat...
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    Oil looks good, why change it?

    Car: 2005 Prius Mileage: 28k Miles on oil: 5000 Engine: 1NZ-FXE Oil: Mobil 1 0W30 The computer is telling me that it is time to change the oil in my Prius. Basically it is just a countdown, when you hit 5K, it tells you to change the oil. I know that color is not an indicator of oil condition...
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    GM 4T40E and Valvoline MaxLife

    I'm getting ready to change the fluid in my Cavalier. Has anyone used Valvoline MaxLife DEX/MERC in their 4T40E and care to report how it is working in their tranny? The car is 200 miles shy of 200K on the odo and is running great. <img src="/forums/graemlins/19.gif" alt="drive" title="drive"...
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    Switchback to Dino, Need Your Advice!

    So my daughter has decided to move to California and will be taking my old (hers now) 2000 Chevrolet Cavalier across country to get there. It will roll past 200,000 miles on the trip. There are no mechanical problems with the car at all except for the catalytic converter that I will change next...
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    What's a good electric chainsaw pruner?

    I need one to trim some branches that are about to hit my roof. I didn't know there were so many models available until I Googled them. The saw will only be used a few times a year so I don't need a professional model, just a well designed one.
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    Is 0W20 in a '05 Prius 1.5 Liter OK?

    I need to change the oil in my FIL’s 2005 Prius with about 16,000 miles on the odometer. Last change was sometime in 2008. The current change has about 3500 miles on it. I do not know the make and weight. It has been sitting unused in the garage for the last 3 months. I’d like to run Mobil 1...
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    Highest Viscosity 15W40 HDEO @ 100C?

    For my MB diesel I am looking for the highest viscosity @ 100C 15W40 HDEO (diesel rated) oil that I can buy at local box stores, auto stores etc. Currently I use Delvac 1300 Super which is 15 cSt @ 100. The other common oils I have found thus far are: Delo 400 LE, 15.7 Valvoline Blue, 15.2...
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    2002 Toyota Corolla

    My mother in-law has a minty 02 Toyota Corolla, 1.8L 1ZZ-FE engine, auto transmission, garage parked, looks really nice. Anyway, it is hard for her to get to the gas station these days, so lately she has been asking us to fill it up for her. My wife has been doing that for her. Last fill up was...
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    Which fuel additive in my Explorer?

    I plan to use either Regane or Techron in my Explorer for the first time. I've never used a fuel additive in it that I can remember (133,000 miles on it now) because it seems to run fine. Anyway, we are driving a 2000 mile trip over Xmas and I thought this would be a good time to use some. Which...
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    Another "Should I change now?" long trip question

    Changed the oil in my V6 Explorer 3/2010, now has 6500 miles on the change. I'll be putting 2500 miles on the vehicle over Christmas, should I change it before I go, or wait until I get back? That will be 9000 miles on the 0w40, too much? Probably 50% highway and 50% city driving on this...
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    B100 price is kinda high

    B100 is $3.50 around here. Is that normal...sounds high to me. What's the point of using it at that price? Aside from the feel good effect I mean? I can join the local coop here for $50 which gives me biodiesel purchasing privileges. I might join it...then again, I might not. I'd like to hear...
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    Catalytic Converter Replacement

    My Cavalier (195000 miles!) keeps getting error codes indicating the rear catalytic converter warm up time is too long. At the moment my brain is blank trying to recall the error code number. Anyway, I reset it and it comes back the next day. So, I think I probably need a new catalytic converter...
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    Will 15W40 Cause My Poor Little B&S To Overheat?

    I just replaced the old 10W30 synthetic in my B&S 3.75HP (Model 10D900) powered Sears pressure washer and now it appears to be overheating. As you know pressure washers run their engines hard (maybe 100% power output, I don’t know) and I am wondering if the 15W40 I just put in might be causing...