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    2005 Mercedes E320 CDI (OM648) - Mobil 1 TDT 5w40 CJ-4 - 10k miles

    Second UOA on the Mercedes, I only went a little longer than last time before I have into the oil life monitor. Seems like it and for an oil change after one year, will go longer this time. Anyone see anything out of the ordinary here?
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    '02 BMW 530i (M54) - Mobil Delvac 15w40 - 9k

    Trying some creative oil choices for the BMW. 1 quart of top up at 5,000 miles. Half way through the oil life monitor. What do you make of aluminum? Otherwise it seems like wear is great.
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    '02 BMW 530i (M54) - Mobil 1 0w40 - 10.5k

    Update on 1 of 2 of my daily drivers. Still getting mostly highway miles. Switched from what folks believed was Castrol Edge synthetic (7.5k) that a quick lube put in to Mobil 1 0w40. Last change...
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    200k mile 2005 Prius - Traveller 15w40 CJ-4/SN - 6500 mi

    Car is driven mostly highway, with the usual metro DC traffic at times. Then the engine gets to take a nap. Most of the time it's howling along at 70 mph. I couldn't wait to do this UOA. The owned-since-new family Prius started burning oil somewhere in the 100k mile range. Got to be about...
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    '02 BMW 530i (M54) - Pennzoil Platinum 5w30 - 7500 mi

    New car to me, with dealer maintenance all its life. That said, it needed a lot of work in the past 7500 miles, so wanted to check that it was actually worth it. Did all the usual BMW cooling parts, valve covers, thermostat (stuck at 140 degrees). ECU indicates that there is a vacuum leak in...
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    2005 Mercedes E320 CDI (OM648) - Mobil 1 TDT 5w40 - 10k miles

    This is my first UOA on my CDI. Have owned for ~70k miles, and always fed Mobil 1 TDT 5w40 CJ-4. Found a deal thanks to BITOG years ago. I had been following the maintenance minder on the car, which usually calls for a change at 13k. I changed this at 10k as I wondered how things were...