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    GM Camshaft and Lifter Prelube 4 oz bottle?

    Do any of you know what exactly is in the "GM camshaft and lifter prelube" 4 oz bottles? Not the EOS 16oz bottles, I am asking about the small 4 oz squeeze bottles. I think it says mineral oil, calcium sulfonate and polyisobutene on the bottle. Who knows what that stuff is? Is this all that is...
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    10W30 Maxlife semi syn

    I have been using this in my son's car for the last year. With two oil changes every 5K, it is running really great for a 99 Olds Aurora with 120K miles. Yesterday I looked with a flashlight in the oil fill tube and was shocked to see that it looked like new inside. This oil really cleaned up...
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    Wix Racing oil filters

    Have any of you tried these? I have a few of these and am thinking about using them in a few of my Muscle cars.
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    Hughes Moly treatment

    Has anyone ever tried this product? I have a friend that owns and races Shelby's and he said Shelby owners love this stuff. Just wanted everyone's opinion before trying this stuff. It kind of reminds me of Schaeffer's Moly oil additive which I really like. I think it may be good to add to my...