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    Lincoln Town Car 3,000 miles Mobil 1 EP 5w30 4.6L

    A guy I follow on YouTube posted his recent UOA on his 4.6 Lincoln Town Car. Ran 3000 miles on Mobil 1 EP 5w30. I found some of the numbers a little off compared to what I usually see in this sight. The viscosity seems really low for EP at only 3000 miles... He said he was testing a k&n that's...
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    Mobil 1 formula change or just labeling

    Quick question guys,Wondering if there is a difference in the formula between the old vs new label 0w16
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    Doing own oil changes under warranty?

    Another question haha From my other posts I made the last few days about my wife's new Rav 4, I plan on doing my own oil changes in it. I work at a GM dealer as tech so I'm kinda capable of doing my own work. Now I seen that crappy tire actually has Mobil 1 0w16 on sale this week for 29.99...
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    Best 0w16 oil?

    With the wife's new Rav 4 calling for 0w16, was wondering what the best oil is... Of course you got the Toyota oil and Mobil 1 and that's nearby. I see Castrol makes one as well, Pennzoil, Liqui Moly... I can get the Liqui moly online for a good price, so was wondering how good that one is... I...
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    2021 Rav 4 OCI?

    Hey guys, well the wife traded in her 16 Rogue and picked up a new 21 Rav 4 TRD... I see Toyota recommends 16,000km oil change intervals here in Canada running 0w16... I see the only one locally is made by Mobil 1... Is it ok to run that far on those new 2.5 4 cylinders? Never really seen...
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    Amsoil SS vs Mobil 1 EP

    Been going back and fourth with some Amsoil salesman on Facebook trying to say Amsoil is the best, Mobil 1 and the rest don't stand a chance... The typical Amsoil selling points and marketing, the 4 ball wear test etc... Even shared videos from project farm and Nates interactive on YouTube as...
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    Quaker state ultimate durability in a 2.0 EcoBoost?

    Been running Castrol edge 5w30 in my 2.0 EcoBoost Fusion for last 3 to 4 oil changes now but my oil change is coming due and noticed QS ultimate durability is on sale for a great price at Canadian Tire and Castrol is not... Was wondering what everyone thinks of QSUD these days....
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    Looking for a larger fuel filter then a Baldwin bf788

    I have a Chinese tractor I bought a over a year ago that I've had trouble finding filters for until recently but found a replacement oil filter and fuel filter, the bf788 Baldwin but it's quite a bit smaller then my factory filter. Was just wondering if anyone knew of a larger filter then the...
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    Older Purolator synthetic filters

    I was going through the basement today and found a few of the older Purolator synthetic oil filters I forgot I bought a few years back for my Fusion but never used...I remember people saying they were good filters, think I might use them up so they don't go to waste
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    Is Dexos Gen 2 and Ford B1 spec basically the same?

    Been looking around and with Gen 2 including tests to combat lspi and help with small Turbo engines and Ford B1 spec adding similar tests, are they basically the same spec or is Ford B1 testing different? Some oils are meeting the gen 2 spec currently but not meeting B1. Is it just because they...
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    Another oil recommendation, 2.0 EcoBoost

    Well I want to thank the guys got the recommendation I got for the wife's Rogue, should last many long miles on the Mobil 1 Now my car needs one... I'm running a 2016 2.0 EcoBoost AWD Fusion... 75,000kms on it. Lots of short trips with some longer ones every week or so... I drive harder then...
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    Oil recommendation for wife's 2016 Rogue

    Hey guys, warranty is almost up on my wife's Rogue and going to start doing the oil changes myself. We've been changing the oil at the dealer at their recommended 8000kms to please Nissan but I want to be able to extended the OCI on the Rogue with something better. The wife does mostly all...
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    Seafoam In Polaris ATV?

    I have a sportsman 500 non EFI so it's running a carb... Was wondering if a little bit of seafoam every few tanks or so would be a good idea to help keep the carb and everything nice anc clean.
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    Rotella T6 5w40 vs Mobil 1 0w40 For Polaris ATV

    Looking at using 1 of these 2 oils to use in my new 2011 sportsman, book says to use the weird 2w50 polaris oil... First time I had ever seen that. Besides that, I drive mostly in the spring, summer and fall... will be rarely run in winter, that's what the sled is for <img...
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    Pennzoil Ultra and Napa Gold, How Long Can I Go?

    Well I picked up some ultra tonight at walmart for 36.88, which i will filling up the rebate form for on Nov 1 to get my 20.00 back from Pennzoil Canada <img src="/forums/graemlins/smile.gif" alt="smile" title="smile" height="15" width="15" /> Now how long can I go with that and a napa gold...
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    2006 Pontiac G6 OCI Recommendation

    I need some recommendations on an OCI for my 06 V6 Car has 118,000 clicks on it, probably 65/35 of highway/city... Been using dyno oil, usually valvoline and quaker state filters since I bought following the oil life monitor too about 10% before I change... I been thinking of doing some...