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    Cool looking car

    Anyone see this? Mods if this violates any rules please remove it. If not I thought it was a cool blast from way before my time. <a href="" target="_blank"></a>
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    Pulling codes

    My GF has a 08 Jeep Liberty, tonight she calls saying the check engine light is on. She gassed it up about 2 weeks ago swears and the cap was on the right way. She doesn't want the dealer touching it. Can one of the auto parts stores that offers checking for codes pull codes from something...
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    What would you do?

    My buddy with the F-150 from [censored] and I were talking this morning, it appears he screwed up an oil change and is asking for opinions. I gave him mine. He has an 88 F-150 4.9L, a Ford engine that was not back spec'd to 5W20. He did an oil change over the weekend, and must have been a...
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    Tach wiring?

    I have a tach sitting in a box here, no name cheap steering column mounting job. Anyone know how to wire one of these up? It has 4 wires Red, green, black, white. I have a coil, with distributor on a 3.0L Ford engine. Thanks guys!
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    Ester Oils and Moly?

    I'm pretty sure there are some high end Ester Oils that contain a lot of Moly in the MOS2 form. Since moly is supposed to plate, and esters are good cleaners getting down to the metal to clean, how do the 2 products work together? Wouldn't the Esters lift the moly off the metal? Just...
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    PCV question

    TIA, The gases, vapors, etc that go thru the PCV valve line go where to get burnt? Do they pass through the fuel injectors to enter the combustion chamber? A buddy asked and got me scratching my head.
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    Between these 2 shotguns

    For simplicity I'd like to keep the discussion between these 2 shotguns in 12 guage. Remington 870 Express, and the New Remington 887, which would you pick and why? From what I've heard the 870 Express is a cheaper version of the 870 Wingmaster,and the chamber on the Express needs to be...
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    Ford Idle Strategy?

    Finally got my buddies 88 F-150 4.9L squared away, and today he calls to inform me that the battery died last night. So this morning he goes to Sears buys a Die-Hard and tosses it in. His question to me was this re: idle strategy. He wants to know if it is OK to toss the battery in, and...
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    Any tips for using Colonite 476?

    Well I got out and washed and clayed the little PU today. I applied a paint cleaner, then hit it with a coat of 476S. That stuff is a PIA to remove. When I applied it I get these little white wax specs the size of a pin head. Then you wipe it on and it appears to be skipping spots, but I'm...
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    Any special way to fill this type cooling system?

    I guess I ask for these jobs. GF has 08 Liberty and is a real car buff, I like that! Anyway she wants to drain and refill her AF. Since it is fairly new I suggested just draining the radiator and filling with the proper mix of AF, and a complete flush was not needed. The Jeep only has about...
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    Before I give up

    Last try, I'm one stubborn thick headed person who hates to quit. I'm testing the ECT in the 88 F-150 from. The engine has been off for about 2 hours now, it ran about 3 minutes. I hooked the OHM meter to the ECT and get a reading of 11 after cooling for 2 hours from the 3 minute idle, after...
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    Ford code 45?

    Stumbling through this with the engine cold Key on engine off. We pulled a code 45 this is 1988 F-150 4.9L. The book says Thermactor Air flow is always upstream (going to exhaust manifold). And????????? I was hoping it would say MAP sensor, I'd change it, and I could go back to sleep. AD
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    Eagle One Easi Dri Car Wash?

    Is it any good? AAP has it for 25% off, I've used some car soaps that flat out sucked. Any feedback is appreciated. TIA AD
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    88 Ford 4.9L TPS ?

    Hello and TIA, My Dad is away so I can't ask him. We replaced a TPS on my buddies F-150 4.9L. Is there any kind of adjustment for the TPS or is it a bolt on part w/o adjustment? We had the battery cable disconnected while we swapped the part out. AD
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    Had this discussion with some buddies.

    A few car buff buddies and I had this discussion, and we had some interesting yet different views. Your prized car sits in the garage and is dirty, perfect weather for washing it. You really have nowhere to drive until 8 hours later. Do you pull the car out of the garage to do your washing...
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    TSB Question

    TIA, My Dad bought a new Jeep 08 Liberty about 18 months ago. He is very pleased with it so far. While surfing the www I noticed a TSB that requires a flash programing. I notified my father and told him, he says the Jeep runs great, called the dealer and they say there are no TSB's on his...
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    Honda Carb issue?

    I lent my power washer out and got a call that gas is leaking from some sort of vent in the carb. The machine runs well, but when you open the fuel shut off, gas leaks out of some vent on the carb. Since I'm not near the machine to see for my self, is there some adjustment that can be made to...
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    What takes longer?

    You start up your car and begin driving, cold engine builds moisture in the oil and the exhaust. What takes longer to boil off, the moisture in the exhaust system, or boiling off the moisture in the engine oil? Does the season and outside temperature matter? AD
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    Clutch question

    Can a clutch chatter because of a bad engine or transmission mount? Shifting is fine, no slipping. Buddies Ford P/U clucth just started to chatter, we haven't found the time to check the mounts. TIA AD
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    Zerostart tank heaters any good? TIA

    Are the zero start tank heaters any good for keeping an engine warm during the winter months. This type of heater: <a href=""...