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    Guy Jumps Into A Pool Of Oil

    <a href="" target="_blank"></a> -ttvr4
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    Fram Ultra Rubber Gasket Failure

    I changed the oil on my 2010 Honda CRV today and found out the hard way that the rubber gasket from the old Fram XG7317 filter stuck to the oil filter block. When I installed the new Fram Ultra, the new rubber gasket mounted right up against the old rubber gasket. I couldn't see this as I was...
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    2007 Mazda 6 2.3L Valve Cover

    Just changed the valve cover gasket on my 2007 Mazda 6 2.3L. Car has 115k miles and I've been running 5w-30 since day 1. Engine has seen a mixture of Pennzoil Platinum, Pennzoil Ultra and Mobil 1 since new. Pretty happy with the results. Enjoy -ttvr4 <a class="lb-image-link"...
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    Mazda 0w-20 W/ Moly & Idemitsu 0w-20 SN

    I am going to change the oil on our new 2014 CX-5. The Mazda 0w-20 W Moly (PN/0000-G5-0W20-MQ) is ridiculously expensive at my local dealership ($11.00/qt!). I tried to order them online via other Mazda dealerships but my orders were all cancelled since the dealers claim don't ship motor oil...
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    Mazda SkyActiv Transmission

    SkyActiv Owners: Does the transmission have a dip stick where you can pour fresh oil into? Thanks -ttvr4
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    Valve Cover Off (Toyota 2AZFE)

    I replaced my wife's 2004 Toyota Highlander's valve cover gasket today. Overall, things look pretty good. No sludge. However, I noticed the back camshaft is darker than the front camshaft. Any idea why? I've been running PU 5w-30 for the past 20k miles. Car has 125k miles on it and it is burning...
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    Jiffy Lube Oil

    I recently acquired a 2012 Nissan Altima company fleet vehicle and I'm required to take the vehicle into Jiffy Lube for service. I'm curious as to what kind of oil Jiffy Lube use for vehicles that it services? I've always conducted maintenance on my own vehicle so this will be the first time in...
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    Engine Idle Fluctuates At Idle

    I have a 1998 Nissan Quest with 146,000 miles. The car is experiencing RPM fluctuations when it is idle. This typically happens when I am sitting at a red light and the weather is cold. I've replaced the PCV valve and cleaned the MAS but the problem still exist. Any ideas or suggestions would be...
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    Why Do People Hate On Pennzoil?

    Why do people still hate Pennzoil? <div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">&nbsp;Quote:</div><div class="ubbcode-body">Penzoil is practically the worst motor oil out there. I dare say it is the single WORST name brand oil available on the market. Let me state that I do use some...
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    Amsoil Powerfoam

    Hello: Has anyone tried Amsoil Powerfoam? Did you notice any improvement? The directions says you have to remove your air filter assembly and spray into the intake. Does this mean remove the air filter or the entire air filter assembly? Any help would be great. Thanks! -ttvr4
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    Amsoil P.I. Gasoline Additive

    Has anyone here on the board tried Amsoil P.I? If so, did you notice nay performance or mileage gains? Thanks. -ttvr4
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    Mobil 1 Oil Filter

    I've been running M1 oil filter along with PP 10w-30 combo for quit some time now and the OCI is at 6000 miles. I know that the filter can go much longer than 6000 miles, however, I've been changing it every 6000 miles. I am wondering how many of BITOG members use M1 oil filter and at how many...
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    PP 5W-30 Burns Oil On Toyota Engine????

    Hello Fellow BISTOG: I have a '05 Toyota Rav4 and a '06 Toyota Camry both with the 2AZ-FE 4 cylinder engine. I've been putting PP 5W-30 for the past 3 oil changes on both Toyota. The owner's manual calls for 4 quarts of oil with filter change. However, when I drain the oil, both cars are...
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    Police Cruisers

    Just out of curiosity, what type of oil does police intereptors use (synthetic vs conventional)? I'm assuming it varies from different police departments.