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    Calle Ocho 2013

    For the maybe the 1% [if that] people here from Miami-Dade County Calle Ocho is tomorrow Sunday March 10TH..Best way to get there is the 836 to 27TH Ave South to 8TH Street..The down side is you will have to pay the vultures around 20 bucks to park in what normally is a free lot. For more info...
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    Happy Birthday GMBoy!

    Happy Birthday and have a AWESOME day!
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    Iones Dry Food for Cats? What Do You Use?

    I recently had the Mobile Vet come out to my condo to give my 11 year old male indoor cat shots..The Nazi Condo Commando made everyone in the complex do it and get a license t-boot even though none of the cats in question even go outside..Otherwise they were going to come in [while you were not...
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    Happy Birthday Panthermike

    Happy Birthday and have a AWESOME day!
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    Intake Manifold Cleaning 135 bucks 07 Marquis?

    My sister took her car to Pompano Ford on US-1 for a oil change this morning and they insisted on her doing the Intake Maniflold cleaning for 135 bucks..They told her she is ruinning the car driving it without cleaning the mainfold. She called me up in a panic I said do not do it..The car [07]...
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    Ping on 87 Octane with Knock Sensor

    Just came off a 3700 mile run up and down I-95 with my 05 4.6 Vic..While I was in New Jersey I picked up a slight ping..It continued on and off [mostly on] till I got back here to Miami..With the radio on you do not hear it..Since I have been back here [a couple of days] I have not heard it..I...
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    Michelin Defenders or Symmetry?

    What is the difference between the Defenders and Symmetry?..I can get 4 Defenders at Costco for 550 bucks for the 05 Vic [includes everything] at Costco..I pefer dealing with Coscto then the snakes who run all the tire stores in Miami-Dade and Broward County. Thanks in advance.
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    Will W-D40 Remove Vent Visor Glue?

    I recently removed my Vent Visors that have been on my car since 2005 due to them cracking..Will W-40 help get that glue off the metal around the windows. Thanks in advance!
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    Lenovo AlI In One Desktop Computer?

    My computer died recently and looking at new computers this week..Thinking about a Lenovo all in one as my friend has one [the I am using right now] and he likes it..He has had it for a couple of years now with no issues. Any opinions on the Lenovo..I never heard of a Lenovo until now. Thanks...
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    Any Cat Owners Here?

    In March I become owner of a 9 year indoor declawed cat after the owner died..He is overall a good cat..The only issue I have with him is as soon as I go to sleep [everynight] he starts crying..He gets on the bed then jumps off and continues crying..I have to lock him out of the bedroom...
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    Review 2005 Crown Victoria 7 Years Later

    I bought the Crown Vic in October 2005..Actually it is 6.5 years to be exact..It was a former rental car from Hertz in Orlando..It had 20K miles on it..According to service records the car was serviced every 5K miles at the Ford dealership..The car just turned 122K miles. I have done...
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    Carnaval Miami Calle Ocho 03-11-12

    For the super sprinkling of people in my area..Calle Ocho is this Sunday March 11TH on 8TH Street in Little Havana..Over 1 million people from all over show up without fail..They always have awesome food among other things. The only thing I do not like is the vultures take over the free Mini...
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    Happy Birthday Helen!

    Happy Birthday Helen and have a AWESOME day!
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    RIP Don Cornelius

    Don Cornelius started Soul Train in 1971 in Chicago before it went nationwide..He was 75 years old..Soul Train is the longest running syndicated dance show..He died from a self inflicted gunshot..RIP Don!
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    Ford Dealer Did Not Change ATF Filter

    Had the Ford dealer [Pompano Ford Linc Mercury on US-1] change out the ATF fluid a couple of weeks ago..When I picked the car up they said they did not want to change out the filter due to the miles on car..The car has 120K miles..It is the 05 Vic..That makes no sense to me as they always...
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    Art Basel Miami Beach

    For the people here who live in South Florida there is a AWESOME Art Show at the Miami Beach Convention Center till this Tuesday..It is one of the biggest and best shows in the world..For more info call 305 673 7311.
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    Pam Cooking Oil For Radiator

    Was at Ford today getting the ATF&Coolant changed and they were nice enough to wash the bugs of my radiator thanks to I-75..The guy that cleaned it off said spray Pam on the front of the radiator before getting on I-75 next time and the bugs will come off the radiator very easy with a garden...
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    Anyone Here From New Port Richey?

    If you are any good places to eat there that are good and reasonable?.Maybe someone here knows of a good hidden away place that only locals know.. I will on staying at a motel on Highway 19 next week for a couple of days. Thanks in advance.
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    Mercon 3 Instead Of Mercon V 97 4.6 GMQ

    My friends wife couple of week ago let Jiffy Lube service the ATF in their 97 Grand Marquis..They put in Mercon 3 instead of the Mercon V..Now he says the car is shifting erratically..He told her awhile back never to take the car to Jiffy Lube for anything but that fell on deaf ears..Has the...
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    Some People REALLY Surprise Me

    As most of the regulars here know my mom asked me to sell her 05 CVLX about 2 months ago after she stopped driving due to a million health issues and after my stepfather died back in June. I ran an add in the local paper and it was sold immediately..I sold it to a couple in their 30's who...