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    Mobil 1 Emission System Protection?

    I saw this on the shelf at AutoZone Something new? Or just Euro/AFE rebrand?
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    It's salt season again

    It's all over everything :cautious: Rusting out my stuff, making badly paved roads even worse :cry: Oh, and to top it off, I found out my sanitation department is out bragging about it on TikTok:devilish: No point having the car washed, it'll be salt crusted by the time you get home And the...
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    '16 Fusion 2.0 Ecoboost P0236

    Any Ford experts out there? Friend of mine's Fusion has started acting out, going into a reduced power mode with a rough idle and low power (no boost) It's a 2016 Fusion Titanium, 2.0 Ecoboost AWD, about 60k on it Taken care of and driven sensibly, I'd like to think the turbo itself is still...
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    Worst wheel/tire fitment you've ever seen

    I'll go first! They're all awful, but for different reasons My spine hurts just thinking about a speed bump What are you seeing out by you that makes you feel ill just to look at?
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    Cadillac Rear AEB Woes

    2020 XT4 Premium Luxury 7,350 miles It's been pulling this stunt every now and then, but now it's getting concerning In the new year, I'm making an appointment at the dealer, and they can keep it until it's fixed It had something replacement earlier this year, I'll have to find the bill And...
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    Project Milan gets new wheels and tires

    Goodbye bent factory 17" steelies with bogus eBay Fusion wheel covers because it looked real ghetto with no covers I wound up getting 4 16" base model alloys from an eBay store that turned out to be an outlet for Turns out I could've bought direct from them, saved maybe $40...
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    Get a $70 Visa® Prepaid Card with the purchase of 4 qualifying passenger Continental Tires! Now through 11/30 Now I can save a little money and get project Milan it's new set of TrueContact Tours To the tire shop!🏃‍♂️
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    2016 Fusion rear brake job

    On the driveway was placed a good friends 2016 Fusion 2.0 EB Titanium AWD, call it 60k on the clock Guard green over grey leather, 🪒 💯👍 looking car Got A/C seats, and a sunroof, it's a quick and comfortable cruiser However, it needed rear brakes, badly, was down to the backing plate My...
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    Some people shouldn't be allowed cars 🤷‍♂️

    My neighbor asked me about her 2020 Elantra 2.0 I4 NU w/IVT She claimed "cup of ☕" and attention level low After some back and forth jokes, I educated her on the DAW system this cars equiped with The Driver Attention Warning (DAW) system is designed as a safety feature to help reduce...
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    2019 Honda Rebel 300 knocking...

    So apparently I work on motorcycles now getting hit by them I guess :oops: Neighbors kid bought a '19 Rebel 300 (ABS) brand new about two years back Apparently it's a glorified scooter dressed up to look like a real motorcycle? I don't know the profile of bikes and riders, I just...
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    I've never seen a Prius stretch before

    🤣 Ignore the PA plates, this was Elmhurst, Queens NY Who wants an Uber Pool ? For when you want a limo ride through time square and all through Manhattan, but you also care about the environment :D How they got the HV wiring and cooling system working I've got no idea It seems like...
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    Got rear ended again (mild story)

    That's the third time in not quite 4 years :oops: I was parked at work, pulled over to look at some paperwork and see where I was heading next, I hear the scream of a Suzuki 750 and an unfortunately familiar shove, followed by bumping into the steering wheel and showered in broken glass This...
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    Aged Motorcraft Specialty Green vs Ravenol FL22

    The Ravenol seems lighter on the right The left is the presumed factory (12 year 105k old) Motorcraft specialty green The colors change over time, or do you suspect it's been tampered with? Or did I buy the wrong item? You can mix Ravenol FL22 with Motorcraft specialty green right?
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    How can I find out how much a Copart auction sold for?

    Is that information public? My totaled Taurus sold, and I'm curious what it went for Where's the Copart/IAAA crowd?
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    What do these do?

    My first encounter with these, although I've been noticing them on more and more newer cars It's like a reverse splash guard, but it's on the front of the rear wheel? While I doubt it's mission critical, one is missing on this Milan, so for $16 I will replace it Aerodynamics? NVH? Keeps...
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    How much did I overfill this 6F35

    I drained and refilled in my new '10 Milan 6F35 After seeing the cooler lines were changed recently, I wanted to make sure the fluid and level was correct, but I think I made it worse 😟 I used 4oz short of 5 quarts, drained warm Motorcraft Mercon LV was used Got back, screaming hot off the...
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    Out with the old, in with the new?🤷‍♂️

    Memorial day was the demise of our late great 2006 Taurus :cry: It was a basic SE, with convenience package, light tundra metallic over grey cloth Column shift, no ABS, rear drums 💩 But spoiler, alloys, keyless entry 🤔 It started life as a Budget rental car, but after 6 months and 5k, it wound...
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    Wheel bearing brands for Camry

    So my Camry needs rear wheel bearings (bolt in hub style) Ones noisy due to a fender bender back in February, the other because at 172k I might as well do both :unsure: Fronts were replaced (press in) at 100k for a light howl at highway speeds I swear here in NYC, you hit a pothole or...
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    G body power window motor

    So after an evening drive, the right window on the project Grand Prix stuck about an inch from fully closed No amount of wire wiggling and door slamming would coax it back into life (it used to 🤷‍♂️ ) Applying power and ground to the motor (after using the wrong wires and blowing some fuses)...