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    97 Jimmy 4.3 / Fuchs Titan XTL 5w40 12000km

    This sample is the Fuchs Titan XTL 5W40 I got on sale from a distributor, running a Fram Ultra 3980. Excessive idling was cause for fuel dilution along with injector issues. Please post comments and opinions, oil is still in service. <a href=""...
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    FP Plus & Gumout review.

    So I've been away, just getting to write this now. Anyway I had ordered the FPPlus to combat known injector issues in the 4.3 vortec. Before I left town the shipping for the FP was unclear so I did grab Gumout with regane high mileage. It appears that the Gumout actually solved the starting...
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    USPS tracking

    So I've ordered product from Texas through USPS priority shipping.. I received my tracking number January 27th and It is still saying "Not found". I'm not fimiliar with USPS, is this unusual or am I being impatient?
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    Positive experience with LubeControl

    I emailed LCD inc on Sunday and received an email with a response to my questions regarding shipping to Canada and some product questions first thing this morning. Due to the the high cost of shipping the representative gave me a 10% discount on my order of FP60 and LC20. I ordered the FP to see...
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    97 Jimmy, no start in cold

    Hi there, so we have a 1997 GMC Jimmy with the 4.3 vortec. It has a newer MAF sensor, fuel filter, plugs, wires, distributor cap and rotor, and a strong battery. So this winter apparently at the beginning it actually started fine around -30c. Then another day in -18c the Jimmy would not start...
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    Battery charger cable placement

    Hi everyone! This morning temps dropped below -35c here in Alberta and the batteries were not having it. I went by Canadian Tire and picked up their 2A intelligent battery charger, something I could plug in and forget about. <a...
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    Valvoline VPS Manual Transmission Fluid

    We have brought in Vavloline VPS Manual Transmission fluid into our shops inventory in hopes to cover a few applications. The benefit to the VPS fluid is the customer sees rebates on services and we see lower fluid cost compared to specialty fluids. According to Valvoline this fluid covers GL-4...
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    Limited slip friction modifier applications

    Hey all, so I have a question regarding brands of limited slip. My knowledge on limited slip additives is slim. Essentially our shop has been using Valvoline synthetic 75w90 in the majority of differentials that require 75w90 with limited slip. The gear oil claims to have limited slip additive...
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    Government emmission laws.. dpf deletion

    I own a newer diesel, and with it came a DOC and DPF. I was able to order a quadzilla programmer last month which enabled me to remove the "regen" function on the ECM. Anyways, companies like edge have been fined upwards of $500,000 by the epa and have discontinued their line of programmers that...
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    My reintroduction to BITOG

    Well everyone i'd like to reintroduce myself to the BITOG community. I started off here rather immature and uneducated. I joined back in 2007 when I stumbled upon this website on google trying to figure out what oil to use in my moms car (dad out of the picture). I found tonnes informantion. I...
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    Dealership issue.

    Hi all, my mother just bought a pre owned 2005 hyundai elantra with 48,000km from a hyundai dealership. The dealership sold her a warranty for 2 years covering everything but wear items. However they said that she MUST service it at the dealer or they will not honour it. I work at a Great...
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    Power steering applications

    At work, certian cars call for PSF in the power steering system. So I flush and fill their power steering with OEM approved power steering fluid. However, I wonder why I can't use ATF in these systems. Would it be ok to flush their power steering with ATF?
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    New ( to me ) car in the yard! Lots of pics

    Just got it in the yard, no time to clean it yet. Paid 6k for it. Gotta head out to work, thought id post em quickly! I'll put up some info later <a href="" target="_blank"><img src=""...
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    Need an oil recommendation

    Got myself a 1991 Eagle talon tsi AWD turbo. Here's the info. Rebuilt engine with 30,000km on it Race cams Forged pistons Removed balance shaft Cold air intake . Previously ran on 10w40 conventional .. yikes I will be using auto-rx in hope to clean up piston rings and turbo. So far ive thought...
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    If you don't like music videos, don't click it! <a href="" target="_blank"></a> <img src="/forums/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/LOL.gif" alt="" title="LOL" height="19" width="15" />
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    Todays coolant flush. Warning, lots of pics.

    Did an interesting rad flush today, looks like the coolant had never been changed before. It was pitch black. We ran a chemical through his system for about 10 minuites and flushed out his system with 15 litres of green coolant. The hookups were in a tight spot, so I removed the air filter...
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    urgent ATF question

    I had a subaru come in last night for a tranny flush requiring "IDEMITSU ATF HP". We sent him away to return later after looking into which fluid it could take. I am wondering if our Amsoil ATF will cover the spec? We also have PetroCanada duradrive synthetic, and smartblend black bottle...
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    What to use for PS flush?

    I have a machine at work that sucks out the oil fluid and replaces it with new fluid. What is the best fluid to put into the PS? Amsoil ATF Brand PS fluid Regular ATF Valvoline Maxlife ATF I'm not sure what works best in PS systems, so any advice is appreciated.
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    Took a look under the oil cap...

    Well today I decided to take a flashlight and look under the oil cap. After the auto-rx treatments and chemical flushes the engine has looked like fresh metal under the oil cap. Unfortunately I saw some carbon built up. I noticed it the area where oil pools and on some of the bolts. There...
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    The bubbles don't melt?

    I had an aero bar today.. I didn't feel the bubbles melt. Whats the deal? <img src="/forums/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/frown.gif" alt="\:\(" title="frown" height="15" width="15" /> <img src="/forums/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/21.gif" alt="" title="shrug" height="15" width="37" /> Have you actually...