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    Small Engine Fuels VS Non Ethanol Pump Gas

    What's the difference between the bottled small engine 4 cycle fuels you can buy off the shelves at stores and non ethanol pump gas? Is one better than the other for storing equipment? I was looking online for SEF and Home Depot, Walmart, and Lowes, near me doesn't even have any in stock.
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    2007 FJ Cruiser 61964 miles 5w30 Napa synthetic

    I probably will not use this oil anymore as the same price has increases and Castrol Magnatec is slightly more at Walmart and I can just add it to my food order.
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    Update to SKF bearing thread- bearing recieved pics included

    Since I didn't notice an edit option to the original thread. There are no markings on the hard parts. It doesn't seem to be sealing well and the grease seems kind of thin. Anyway, I've sent this to SKF and waiting to hear from them. Seems to be so many fake bearings out there. This is for...
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    Bearings Nachi vs SKF

    Is one better than the other? I'm not concerned about the price difference. Here's a link to the bearings. No one seems to carry them locally except Autozone and their brand is Santech which I've never heard. It's for a Tacoma and a Koyo seems elusive.
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    Spicer Ujoint after about 2 years

    sorry for the big picture. This is the rear ujoint on my 2006 Tacoma. It was about 2 years old. At the time the ujoint behind the hanger bearing dried out and started vibrating. So while I was under there I replaced all three and the hanger bearing. I figured while under there replace...
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    2006 Tacoma V6 Castrol synthetic 5w30 6200 miles

    has been replaced with Napa syn 5w30
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    What does sebacate offer that other corrosive in inhibitors don’t?

    Was looking on Advanced auto parts website for Zerez Asian red and noticed the Q&A was monitored by Valvoline. So I asked if it contained benzoate or sebacate, or both? Their response, “Thank you for your interest in our products! Our Zerex Asian Vehicle Red Ready-to-Use Antifreeze/Coolant...
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    From 5w30 to 5w20 tp 0w20?

    Originally my 2006 Tacoma was spec'd for 5w30 than back spec'd for 5w20. Anything wrong using a 0w20 oil? Mileage is 108k on the clock and I've been using 5w30 since new. It burns no oil. Would it be possible to pick up a 1/2 MPG using a 0w20? I'm just thinking if I get a 1/2 MPG using a...
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    Going from 5w30 to 5w20 in a 2006 and a 2007

    We have a 2006 Tacoma with 112k miles and a 2007 F J Cruiser with 150K miles. Both have the same 4.0 V6 engine. Sometimes one will sit a few months without use. Recently I started the Tacoma after sitting about 2 months or so and the engine made a lot of racket for several seconds until the...
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    How tight for this mount?

    <img src="" alt="[Linked Image]" class="post-image" style="height:auto!important;max-width:100%!important;"/> This is for a 2006 Tacoma. The bolt is loose. How tight should it...
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    How do I get this dust cover off the transmission?

    I developed a vibration and thought it was the tires which are like 5 years old, but let it go for month because it was at about 35MPH and went away at higher speeds. Then I read the universal joint squeak. So I crawl under and see a bad universal joint. I've replace them and the carrier...
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    Should Water Pumps be Replace as a Preventative Maintenace?

    Vehicle is a 2007 FJ Cruiser with 138K miles.
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    Any reason not to use synthetic Valoline or Mobil LS one gear oil?

    For an FJ Cruiser front and rear diffs vs the Toyota brand gear oil that's like $35 a quart. It has the track lock or what ever Toyota calls it.
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    How much antifreeze consumption needed to show in oil report?

    Two weeks ago I changed the oil and opened the radiator cap and didn't see anything. Granted you can't see far in there and can't say the last time I did check it - maybe two years? The prior oil change was in 2017 with 11k miles on the oil. I purchased a gallon of Asian Zerex and added a...
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    Need Rotors - Should I buy HC Rotors?

    Was looking at Bosch rotors because rear high carbon rotors for an FJ Cruiser aren’t found many places. How’s the quality of these rotor? <a href=""...
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    Amsoil 75-90 GL-4

    <a class="lb-image-link" rel="shadowbox[57135951bbbaa98be]" href="" title=""><img src="" class="lb-image" /></a>...
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    2001 Camry battery dead in three days

    My mom's V6 Camry with 29K miles seems to do ok if ran every day, but if it sits for about 3 days the battery is drained. I put an amp meter in series with the battey and the drain is 30 milli amps. If I pull the fuse for the ECU the current drops to 1 milli amp. From what I've read 30 milli...
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    Is VP Small Engine Fuel all that?

    Is VP SEF really better than non ethanol pump gas? It seems kind expensive. VP's website say it can store for two years, but that's probably based on in the original sealed can. I wanting it for use in generators. I'm thinking about a can in each generator for storage and run every three or...
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    What could have going wrong with this oil?

    I changed the oil this afternoon in the SUV. The oil was 5w30 Nexgen I got on clearance. One jug had 4 quarts and the other had 3 quarts. I poured in the jug with 4 quarts. Then I added another quart from the other jug and warmed up the engine to circulate the oil and fill up the filter. Then I...
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    Adding items to oil that is going to the recycler

    Had a can of paint stripper leak on part of my oil stash and a few bottles of oil are nasty with paint remover. Also have a few old items like denatured alcohol, tung oil, charcoal starting fluid, etc, I need to get out the garage. Can everything be added to oil that is going to the recycler...