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    HF Earth Auger Surprise

    I use Amsoil at 25:1 in mine. The engine likes it and doesn't smoke much.
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    What is happening with Propane right now?

    I have a 1000 gallon tank. I own it. Filled up a year ago in September for .89 a gallon. Filled tank yesterday @ $2.05 a gallon. I usually fill up in August or September when the price is at it's lowest. This year no drop! Was quoted $1.90 per gallon in August.
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    15w40 in lt155

    15w40 is an excellent choice! 10w30, 10w40, etc are all good. Main thing is to check the oil level before you use the mower for the day.
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    Briggs engine using oil

    High heat and oil at it's saturation point will do this. Drain and fill. Straight 30 or 40wt or 15/40 and see how it does. No name brand oil needed. Get a quart of supertech and let us know. While you are at it clean the airfilter and check the sparkplug. Sharpen the blade to if needed. Happy...
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    First generator

    This is my setup. I have a medium sized Honda genny that I use to run my AC , water heater, and fridge. That is the big stuff that I have to use on an as needed basis. I use the Honda as needed to keep the fridge cool. My hot water heater is electric so I will warm it up if I need a lot of hot...
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    VOA, Super TECH Advanced Full Synthetic, 5W-20

    I change my oil at roughly every 10,000 miles. Using the OLM that is what it averages out to be. M1 0w30 or 10w30 at 10k looks like a dark tea. It's probably good for more miles. Rotella T5 10w30 is a bit more dark at 10K but I don't think that matters to the engine, 2.4 4 banger. I have been...
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    15W-40 Oil in a generator?

    Liquid cooled engine = consistent operating temp say 180-210 degrees Block heater = easy sub 0 starts Natural gas = No problems with fuel storage, stale fuel, etc. 15w40 dino oil = Best value lowest cost for your application. Estimate 9.99 to 18.99 per gallon. --W40 Syn oil = Good choice for Air...
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    What was/is the most reliable IC engine of all time?

    Hmmmm. Toyota 22r, Cummins 5.9, Anything Honda be it a car or ope engine.
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    What was/is the most reliable IC engine of all time?

    I had one of those in my 1986 Bayliner. Best boat ever for me. Super reliable and well thought out cooling system. All I ever did to it was change oil once a season.
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    What was your (reasonable) dream car as a teen?

    I remember that car quite well. It still looks good to this day. In 1986-1987 I believe that was the fastest car out there (bone stock) The mighty Mitsubishi Conquest.
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    Kohler Command Pro 28 EFI - Using Oil.

    Try a good 15w40 or --W50 oil. Hard to say what weight but I'm thinking they put a 10w30 wt in the crankcase. That engine should not be burning oil unless it was not broke in properly.
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    Rotella T6 in Briggs Vangaurd 37HP EFI air cooled

    The T6 will work well. The engine will not self destruct. No cat converter so no problem using "diesel oil". I mowed grass as a side business for years. Dino diesel 30wt and 15w40 is what I used. All brands. 12.5 to 20 HP engines with no oil cooler. Using Rotella and Delo made me feel good but I...
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    Our little dog passed yesterday.

    I'm so sorry for your loss. Please remember that you both provided a loving home for your dog.
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    Have a few oils to choose from, except the recommended 10w-30..

    Put the 30wt in. Won't harm a thing. That engine will like the viscosity. Good solid 30wt is good. Only thing better in dino is 15w40.
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    Post your latest small engine oil change

    Champion 1400 watt genny dumped around a .5 quart of unknown weight/brand oil. Oil still looked good not really dark refilled with .5 quart of Pennzoil 30 wt. Genny sat for 2 years. Yes it had fuel in the tank. Dumped old fuel. Replaced cracked fuel line. Carb in bad shape. Cleaned it with a...
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    Dropped some coin on Inverter Generators, want to break in correctly. Advice?

    Fill with oil. Start engine. Run a light load for a couple minutes. Load it to 80% output and run for a tank of fuel. This will seat the rings properly, utilizing friction against the crosshatching in the cylinder wall, as intended. All bearing surfaces will be worn in and properly set in place...
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    What caliber?

    Good choice!! The 380 is a decent round with manageable recoil. That round in a revolver will work well for you. I prefer revolvers to semi autos for most situations.
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    SuperTech oil packaging

    I have had the same issue. I use my pocket knife to remove the seal.
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    Higher Octane Gas for my OPE?

    I prefer 91+ octane on a 2 stroke. Is it better? More detergents and runs smooth. Of course I am biased however a good syn 2 stroke oil and premium fuel is as best as it gets.
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    2008 civic manual trans fluid

    Amazon is the way to go. I like Amsoil in a manual tranny.