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    Lowest cSt Viscosity @100C from blackstone?

    So I received back UOA's from Blackstone on 2 factory fills, a 2015 Juke (1.6L DI, turbo and egr) and a 2015 Altima (2.5L 4cyl port injected no egr). Factory recommendation for both is 0w-20 for mileage, but 5w-30 conventional (mineral) old will keep warranty intact. On the juke this has...
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    Smooth move, or recipe for disaster?

    Acquired Nissan Juke, 2015. Non-Nismo 1.6L DI turbo motivated, American spec. Previously owned a 2013, and posted here on several occasions that this little beastie sheared oil down in a heartbeat, to where Blackstone commented on every single UOA. MC7500, QSUD 5w-30, PU (old good stuff) 10w-30...
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    Oil related noise on startup

    So after many years of changing my own oil, I have an ear for that noise a car makes when it starts, for that first time after an oil change. I have never been a "charge the filter with oil" guy, so for just that split second, on that first startup, you know you are getting an engine start noise...
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    Question on freezer test..except warmer

    This just happened to me this morning, and got me thinking. I have recently taken two samples for Blackstone, one of the FF of a 2015 4cyl Altima, and one of whatever the dealer put into my Wrangler for one of those "free" oil changes they do for the first 4 oil changes. Not a clue what it was...
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    Wal-mart price change

    Looks like nearly all the most expensive big name synthetics have been price reduced to $22.67 here locally in suburban Denver. All Mobil 1 synthetic flavors, and of interest to me is Pennzoil PPPP. PUP wasn't, but PPPP was. Which means last night I collected top flight, low Noack PPPP for the...
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    Any word on 20 vs 30 wt in new Mustang V6?

    Particularly as it relates to the oil pressure operated valve timing gear? I did the entire "what do I do now!!" routine back in the early-2000's when Ford first started specing 5w-20 and I couldn't even find the stuff for the 4.6L motors, at the time I just gave up and used 5w-30. But the...
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    Marietta Ohio Walmart, chock full of PU, SN, right bottling dates to have stamps under the caps. I cleaned them out of PU 5w-30, sorry, but they had at least 5-6 5qt jugs of 5w-20 and a few of 10w-30.
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    I feel the need...the need for...STASH!

    Let me say upfront that I am not a hoarder. But I have been interested in motor oil since grandma made me buy Arco Graphite to put in her Plymouth. When Castrol 5w-50 came out a year or two after I bought my first new pickup, it was the oil of choice! 100F+ four wheeling in Big Bend NP or...
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    Really HIGH flash point on FF?

    So I got the UOA of FF back on the new Jeep today, and of note were two things, a flashpoint of 465F and a viscosity of 7.3 at 100C. So its thin, but [censored] is that a high flash point. Synthetic in Jeeps as a factory fill? A 5w-20 no less. I'm not even sure I've seen a 465F on TDS sheets...