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    Morning commute, truck thinks it's a sports car.

    Sometimes you come across truck drivers who think they are driving a sports car. Usually they do not have a load. Today I came across one that had a load. Weaving between lanes, passing cars, testing the limits of physics while trying to occupy space where cars already exist... I passed the...
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    Galaxy Note

    Yesterday I was passing by a Best Buy so I dropped in. The development and variety of the tablets was quite amazing. My main goal was to check out the UltraBooks, of which I liked the Asus offerings. But the tablets have come a long way and they are almost useful. Of course, the best among them...
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    Ultrabooks, does anyone have them? I think it's the latest form of laptops intended by Intel to be able to compete with tablets which do not use Intel chips. From what I have seen in the ads and online research, these are basically a rip-off of the concept behind the MacBook Air -- thin, light...
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    Need help with Outlook synch.

    My employer requires an 8 digit password if I access my work email or calendar on a smartphone. As a workaround, I started synching my Outlook calendar with my Google calendar so that I can use my phone without a password. However, not all calendar items synch. Then I tried to do it with a...
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    No comment

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    Changed factors, coincide with better MPG.

    Changed the oil in the Audi to Mobil1 0w-40, changed the tires to summer tires and the winter is over... The MPG change has been from expected average of 22 MPG to expected average of 30 MPG for the past few weeks. At $4.30 per gallon, this is a welcome improvement. I think the biggest factor...
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    Umbrella policy for personal liability.

    I was talking to my insurance agent today and he suggested me to get an umbrella policy for personal liability. Right now my home insurance has $300k and the cars would get $250k per person/$500k per incident coverage per car. The umbrella policy would add $1 million on top of that. The cost...
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    How to mount a TV on the wall

    I have searched the internet on the instructions on how to mount a TV on the wall but they all cover the basic mounting - attach the mount on the wall and then put the TV on it. But I want to know how to place all the necessary connections behind the TV. Connections such as the electric...
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    <img src="" alt="" /> Phobos-Grunt is a space vehicle that was supposed to take a laboratory to Mars. It was launched on November 9, 2011 but had a failure. It now orbits the Earth and is scheduled to enter the atmosphere on January 11, 2012...
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    In the mean while, in Tajikistan...

    ...escalators intimidate the elderly folk. <a href="" target="_blank"></a>
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    Is Spotify the answer to the music collection?

    I've lately started using Spotify. So far it's the free subscription that I use at work. I wish there were more ads on it, though, based on the type of the music I listen to. I have been wondering if I should get the premium subscription for $10/month to use on my phone as a portable music...
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    US flag ceremony ends Iraq operation

    <a href="" target="_blank">Finally!</a> It cost us untold amount of pain, 4,500 lives of our finest, 100,000 lives of the Iraqi people and $1 trillion dollars. It changed the dynamic of the Middle East, weakened us in the region and...
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    Cutting edge urban farming to help survive hunger.

    Today I realized that there is still hope for humanity as we multiply. Each time we reach a milestone, such as the 7 billion number a few months ago, there are always sceptics who doubt about the sustainability of the growth. Due to the event unmentionable on these forums, there is a large...
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    Favorite funny Bollywood action scenes.

    Haven't figured out how to embed Youtube videos here but here is my latest favorite Bollywood action scene from the movie <a href="" target="_blank">Singam</a> : <a href="" target="_blank"></a>
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    Jail for 'stupidest bank robber'

    <div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Quote:</div><div class="ubbcode-body">The man tried to hold up the branch in the northwestern town of Walchum in May with a toy gun and robbed a passer-by. But the branch moved years ago, with only cash machines left. After first demanding...
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    AI Factory Backgammon game on Android - CPU cheats

    Any backgammon enthusiasts, I would like to see your opinion. I have installed AI Factory backgammon game on my cell phone. It used to be a favorite pass time of mine until I noticed that the CPU cheats. It seemed that whenever it was in trouble and I am close to winning, it would start rolling...
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    Made in the USA, pleasantly surprised.

    The other day I ordered a few coffee mugs from the website of one of the candidates for the presidential elections. The theme of the cups was "Made in America". I was pleasantly surprised to see that the mugs themselves were made in the USA. I did not know that we still made coffee mugs in this...
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    Interesting art exhibition - portraits on the web.

    Came across the web page for the Masterpieces of Italian Portraiture. It's amazing to see the people at the Middle Ages. <a href="" target="_blank">Link</a>
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    Amazing Rescue

    <div class="video-container"><iframe frameborder="0" width="640" height="360" src="" allowfullscreen></iframe></div> A biker is hit and is under the burning car. The passers by lift the BMW and rescue him while the driver, the man in a suit, stands...
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    Bending the rules of math

    If a = b Then axa = axb axa + axa = axa + axb axa + axa - 2axb = axa + axb - 2axb 2axa - 2axb = axa - axb 2X(axa - axb) = 1x(axa - axb) Therefore 2 = 1