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    2002 F150 Transmission/Transfer case fluid

    Going to change the transmission/filter and transfer case fluid in a 2002 F150 4x4 SuperCrew with 4R70W transmission. Don't have manual, but think it should be Mercon V? Can anyone verify if Mercon V is correct and how many quarts for the transmission and transfer case? Also going to change...
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    2012 Tacoma I4, First oil change

    My 2012 Toyota Tacoma, 4x4 with the I4 engine is approaching 1500 miles. I am thinking 1500 would be good for the first oil change. A few questions, 1) is there a special break-in oil in the engine from Toyota that should be not changed yet ? 2) what oil filter should I use ? 3) what oil...
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    07 Mustang Power Steering Fluid

    Doing oil change this evening on my '07 Mustang and noticed the power steering fluid is at the add mark. Manual says to use Mercon fluid. Is Valvoline DexMerc going to be OK to use, or is there something else that I should be putting in there ? Thanks
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    NuFinish questions

    I am considering using NuFinish on my 2005 Yukon XL, 2007 Mustang and 1988 Suburban. Before now I have not been too picky about wax and have used Turtle hardshell wax about twice a year on my cars with pretty good results, long lasting bead. Paint looked almost new on my 1999 Ranger that was...
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    Toughest, most durable wax/protectant

    What are your opinions on the most durable auto wax ??? I am looking for the toughest, longest lasting, most durable wax/protectant to protect my vehicles from the magnesium chloride here in Colorado. I think Turtle Wax HardShell is pretty tough, seems to be tougher and better bead than the...
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    Chrome Cleaner/Polisher

    Here in Colorado in response to the big snow storms, the roads and interstates have been saturated with Magnesium Chloride. Noticed a little bit of discoloration/corrosion on the chrome trim on the side of my Wife's '05 GMC Yukon. We will now wash every time we drive. Is there anything that...
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    Dexron VI - where to get it and best brand

    Checked the transmission fluid in my Chevy Colorado with 1700 miles on it today. It is right at the add mark. So I want to add some fluid. Manual says Dexron VI, all I have is Valvoline Dexron III. What brand is best for the Dexron VI and where to get it ???
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    Mobil 1 synthetic and locking differential

    Is there any additive necessary when using Mobil 1 75w90 in a 2005 GMC Yukon with locking differential ?
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    '06 Chevy Colorado first oil change

    Got an '06 Chevy Colorado with 3.5 I5 that sat on the dealer lot for close to a year. My inclination is to change it sometime before 1000 miles since the oil sat in the vehicle so long. Also I usually do a change on new vehicles at 500 or 1000 miles. Does GM use any special "break-in" oil ...
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    Switch from Durablend to Havoline

    I have used Valvoline durablend in my '99 Ranger with 3.0 with about 165,000 miles for the last 50,000 miles or so. Prior to that Valvoline dino. In my wife's 2005 Yukon ran Valvoline Dino till about 8000 miles and switched to durablend. It now has about 12,000 miles. I am considering...
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    cleaners and chromed plastic parts

    I just got an old 1968 mercury with vinyl interior, some of the parts are a plastic with a chrome finish like on the gauge cluster and trim on the dash and door panels. What kind of cleaner/preservative will work on these parts without damaging the chrome finish on the plastic ? It is still in...
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    I just got an AC Delco pf1218 for the oil change on my 1988 GMC Suburban. The new filter is about half an inch shorter than the one I removed and also I am sure that it was nearly twice the price as the same filter that I got for the oil change six months ago at the same chain store. I have...
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    2005 GMC YUKON Diff Fluid

    At what mileage should the factory differential fluid be changed out of a new GMC Yukon ? What would be the best fluid to use ?
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    2005 5.3 1/4 quart overfill ?

    I changed the oil/filter in 2005 Yukon XL with 5.3. Refilled with 6 quarts as the manual says. Right after changing the oil I started it up let it run a minute or so and then shut it down. Waited a few minutes and checked the oil. Right at the full mark. Then let it sit overnite and...
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    Just wondering

    When changing the oil on a hot engine, is it possible for the new cold oil to crack the block when pumped through the still hot engine. I know this can be a problem with cold coolant in a hot engine, but what about cool oil in a hot engine ?
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    DiElectric versus Armor All

    For years I have used ArmorAll on the outside rubber trim around the windows on my vehicles with good results. Never used the dielectric grease recommended by GM. Thinking of starting now on my wife's new Yukon. Is the dielectric grease really better than the Armor All ? How much does it...
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    Longest lasting wax

    Bought some Turtle Wax Platinum Series Ultra Gloss wax at walmart the other day to wax my wife's new Yukon XL. I am comparing the label to the Turtle Wax Super Hard shell car wax. The Super Hard Shell wax claims that it outshine, outlast and outperform any car wax - or money back. If this is...
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    2005 Yukon Differential Cover

    I would like to change the differential fluid in my wife's 2005 Yukon XL. It looks like the crossmember and sway bar are in the way of taking the cover off. It looks like it might clear if the rear of vehicle is raised. Does anybody know if the cover can be removed and replaced without...
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    Mixing Redline D4ATF/Valvoline Dexron III

    I have about 1.5 quarts of Valvoline that I would like to use up. I am wondering if there is any problem with mixing the D4ATF with the Valvoline, about 50/50 mix ??? I have been using Redline D4ATF in my Ranger's M5OD transmission. I use the D4ATF because it shifts better and the fluid...
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    3.3 Toyota oil/filter

    What would be a good oil and filter to use in a new Toyota Sienna minivan with a 3.3. It is driven mostly for short trips in town.