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    Most durable wool blend socks?

    I got a few of the Grip6 ones that have been holding up well.
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    ChrisFix face reveal.

    I've seen at least one video where a few "automotive" youtubers get together for a event... ChrisFix is among them, in the "flesh". Finding the face of AVE... that I haven't seen.
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    Small Lithium Ion Jump Starters ??

    NOCO GB70.. can start 3L straight six gasser without a battery. Struggled, but started a 4 cylinder kubota skidsteer where the battery was too weak to turn over. Pretty impressive and can start a lot of vehicles if there's still a battery installed.
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    Snow Shovel recommendations?

    For lighter snows, 3" or less I like this 36" push shovel: its super slick and clears the driveway quick. For anything more I'll use my tractor mounted blower. For those areas that I can't reach with the blower, I...
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    Mom's oil boiler went out, got questions

    My folks converted to gas this year... but a quick google search says $2.6/gal. *edit* I don't know how accurate, CT news article from November says average price is closer $3.
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    Mom's oil boiler went out, got questions

    That's not news to me... its been on news for MONTHS around here, they've been saying 30% increases in oil, gas and propane for this winter. So far its 20% higher than last November.
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    Mom's oil boiler went out, got questions

    I don't know what that is, but my last bill from Eversource for Nov was $85 for 35 CCF used. In 2019 for Dec is was $1.6/CCF.
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    Mom's oil boiler went out, got questions

    Steam is not efficient... is all about comfort when coupled with cast radiators. When we remodeled our house, 1950's ranch, we updated the original oil boiler (likely from 70-80s) with a modern gas mod-con boiler along with european panel radiators throughout the house and staple-up radiant...
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    Best flashlight you’ve ever owned.

    Fenix UC35 v2 2and HM50R
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    How Much Do You Tip Your Barber ?

    $20 cut + $5 tip
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    Got a basic $100 electric pressure washer... now I want more Strong enough to do household exterior cleaning, plus with a set of 5.0 tips it'll be "gentle" for vehicle washing (drops pressure to ~1200 psi). Auto start/stop, quieter than gas and no carb cleaning to deal with due to...
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    Coasting to a stop vs down shifting to a stop in manual transmissions

    ^ this I only downshift while braking if I plan on accelerating prior to full stop
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    Interesting video for W123 fans

    Had a '81 300CD with non-turbo 5 cylinder and 4spd AT... swapped in the turbo diesel out a wagon and 240D 4spd MT. Fun experience, but glad I moved onto more refined W124 and now W212. In some ways the W123 was more reliable, since it was dead simple (besides chasing vac leaks)... but the W124...
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    Pricing a used riding tractor?

    Less than 1k I suspect, being a low-end, 15yr old model. Throw it up a 1k and drop the price 50-100 every week till interest strikes.
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    PDR and hail damage

    Good PDR is not cheap... so it comes down assessing cost of PDR vs. traditional body work.
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    Just keep getting kicked when I'm down!

    I've had my basement flood a few times... not a huge deal, more an annoyance. Either I unplug a sump to use outlet for something else (forget to reconnect) OR what's happened a few times is an air lock. I keep telling myself, but haven't drilled a hole in the outlet to prevent it from...
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    Required vs Needed Insurance?

    With umbrellas usually you need a higher than minimum policy as a requisite. What's minimum in FL? Regardless its likely too little... can you afford to lose everything if something happens? I guess its risk management in life. I think ours is 250/500/100 or something like that, plus a 1 mil...
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    Effective Deodorant Hunt.

    Personally don't like anti-perspirants ... I've tried some, including those for your feet (PC rec'd) and their effectiveness was temporary. So its plain 'ole deodorant for me now. As of late, Dove is my go too and sometimes I have pit stains... such is life.
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    PT Plywood

    Lately the PT I've worked with is not of great quality.... originally on our 5x8' I put down 3/4" and painted it (all side, plus sand for grip). Lasted a good 10 years, the last two is was loosing chunks. I don't think PT plywood would have lasted any longer. Now marine grade plywood, maybe...
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    Comfortable and functional pants for men

    I think all my pants are stretchy now... :LOL: I've been buying a lot of Wrangler outdoor flex from WM when their on sale... fit great and very comfortable. Only downside is longevity, being the material is thin.