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    2018 F150 STX, merry Christmas to me

    Last Monday I traded in my 2014 Super Cab STX for this 2018 Crew Cab STX in Magnetic. I just couldn't handle the supercab door configuration now that I have a kid and have to get into the back seat all the time. Having seperate rear doors is soooooo much nicer. 2018 F150 STX , Magnetic, 5.0...
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    Bridgestone Dueler LTH. Horrible tires

    Apparently Bridgestone is discontinuing the Dueler Alenza tires. I had to replace the 275/55/20 Alenzas on my F150 last week. I go to Discount Tire and the guy suggests the new Dueler LTH's. I had a set put on and I could tell on the short drive home that they were horrible. At 40mph they...
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    A thread I ran across on another forum

    So since I recently bought my '14 F150 I've been spending more time on those forums gathering info. I just ran across this old thread and was dumbfounded. Apparently the guy thought MMO was more than it is. Check it out. <a...
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    Who all plays an instrument? Let's see 'em

    Here are my current guitars. From Left to right. Carvin DC125, ESP Mii NTB, '94 Jackson Dinky Reverse Tiger Flame, '94 Jackson Dinky HX, '94 Jackson Dinky Reverse Quilt Top. I had the HX refinished in Black hope to get it all back together soon. Thinking of going with all Gold hardware. The...
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    Here's some sludge for ya.

    I bought a 1995 F150 last May from some close friends of mine that are also car nuts like myself. I knew the engine had been sludged at one point( by her ex husband ) but they had taken it to a shop and had everything cleaned out. A new oil pump was also installed. That was about 5 years ago...
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    For the Toyota lovers, LOL

    Just to yank your chain a little, LOL I give you the Toyota Simulator <a href="" target="_blank"></a>
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    Made a decent oil score today

    So I decided to try out some Motorcraft full synthetic 5w-20. Stopped by AAP and they had it for $4.99 a qt. Just for the heck of it I told the salesguy that I'd buy both cases he had if he gave them to me for $3.25 a qt. He actually said ok. That's cheaper than the synth blend. This is...
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    Engine noise with Mobil 1

    I've noticed that a lot of other people have noticed this also. Does anyone have any reasons why M1 seems to bring out so much noise? I want to keep using the M1 EP that I use now but the valvetrain noise that I get with M1 really gets to me. It seems that others have had this same...
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    Pictures & questions.

    I took a suggestion from a previous thread to use some White Shephards stop leak to help condition some valve seals I believe are leaking. I added it yesterday and I'm only 500 miles into a fresh oil change. I looked at the info for the Shephards stuff but it doesn't say whether it's ok to...
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    High mileage additives sold seperately from oil?

    Basically, I believe my valve seals are leaking a little. I was running M1 5w-30. Switched over to M15w-30 EP a while back. On this next change I'm giving PP 5w-30 a shot to see how I like it. I would like to have some of the high mileage additives that will help swell or soften the seals a...
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    Engine running quieter with Mobil 1 5w-30 EP

    I changed the oil in mine & the wifes cars a few days ago.Walmart had the Mobil1 5w-30 EP for $26 for a 5qt jug so I thought I'd try it out. The vehicles: 2002m Mustang GT w/ 89k miles Several mods & run hard on a daily basis. Using regulat M1 5w-30 with FL820S filter changing every 3-4K. Had...
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    Filtereing old oil to reuse

    I've been thinking about switching back to Amsoil 5w-30 in the Stang but I change the oil every 2500 to 3k and I know it can go much longer. So I was thinking about using it in my wifes Accord. Basically, do oil changes on both cars at the same time. Drain mine, filter the oil, then put it in...