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    Rust Remover Gel

    I am looking for a Rust Remover to remove rust from the wheel and hub/brake area of my car. I live in the salt belt. So my plan is to first remove the rust where I can. Then apply anti seize so the wheel parts won't seize together. At least prevent it enough so I can take the parts off in the...
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    Need a Fuel Pressure Tester / Gauge

    Since this is a precision tool the Harbor Freight version is out. I'm looking for the best value Fuel Pressure Gauge. Something that you've used before and is reliable. Not a HF gauge that's going to leak after a few uses. I also need a T splitter (or whatever it's called) in the kit because...
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    P0171 System Too Lean (Bank 1) = Vacuum Leak??

    The car (see my sig) was driven 5 minutes so it was warm when the data was collected. When my LTFT increases with RPM does that indicate a vacuum leak? Ideally, LTFT should be 0. <div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Code:</div><div class="ubbcode-body ubbcode-pre" ><pre>...
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    Are Turn Signal Switchback LEDs Legal?

    My stock turn signals are amber halogen bulbs (3157NA) which has two levels of intensity. The lower intensity amber color is for DRL but they stay on at night as well. And the higher intensity while blinking still an amber color are for the turn signals. However, the way these Switchback LEDs...
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    Piston soak with MMO (PICS), but...

    I was going to do a piston soak with MMO before my oil change. But... to my surprise the piston crowns are ALREADY SPOTLESS !?!? <img src="/forums/graemlins/21.gif" alt="shrug" title="shrug" height="15" width="37" /> I was planning to use a turkey baster to suck out the carb deposits... but...
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    Trico NeoForm (beam blade)... Wiper Refills?

    Will the NeoForm wipers accept refills or are they disposable? If they are not refillable then they are can get expensive replacing them every 6 months to a year. I'd like to upgrade to refillable beam style wiper blades since they are OEM on some of the newer cars.
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    Recommend A Good Wheel Hub

    First, thank you for taking the time to read my post. I have a 05 Corolla (60K miles) that has had an annoying buzzing/humming noise at certain speeds for over a year. The noise is even louder at high speeds 50-65 mph. It's difficult to isolate the noise while I'm driving. When I was getting...
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    Best place for 4 new tires?

    Sorry for this very general question. But I've never bought new tires before and I'm looking for guidance. Factoring in buy 3 get 1 free, mail in rebates, tire sales, I'm just wondering which places have the best prices on name brand tires like Goodyear Assurance, Michelin Energy Saver, and...
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    Can an oil filter make an engine noisy?

    Just wondering if oil filters can cause engine noise, rough running, or vibrations. Now, I'm not taking about startup noise. I'm referring to noise when the engine is warm or at operating temperature. Some people have attributed engine noise to the oil they are running. But can an oil filter...
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    Question about electrical problems in home

    I'm wondering if anyone knows if a good forum to ask questions about electrical problems in my home. The gist of it is the power outlets in two rooms measure 55 volts AC. All other outlets in the house measure 118v. Went into the circuit breaker box and measured across all circuit breakers...
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    05 Toyota rear end vibration

    I notice a buzzing vibration sound inside the cabin coming from the rear of my 05 Corolla. This has been bothering me for over a year now. I couldn't do anything about it due to the winter we had. The trunk was cleared out and made sure the spare tire was secure but that didn't help. The...
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    API Motor Oil Guide SN/GF-5

    <a href="" target="_blank">API Motor Oil Guide</a> Updated:December 10, 2010
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    HDEO for engine cleaning

    It's been suggested many times to run HDEO in a sludged or heavily varnished engine to clean things out. Using an HDEO as a poor mans Auto-Rx. I'm just wondering if there is any proof that HDEO can clean out a passenger car engine. Does anyone have before and after engine pictures of HDEO run(s)?
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    Please explain IGN ADV - Actron9180

    I have an 05 Corolla (1ZZFE VVTi) that rough idles about 4-6 miles ~10 minutes into city driving from cold start on cold days (< 50F). I'm a novice scan tool user. I paid a little extra for the Actron CP9180 (AAP sale) because it can view real-time and record data. There were no error codes...
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    05 Corolla LE Brake Shoes

    While I was driving home from work today I noticed a very audible metal clank sound coming from underneath the driver side. It sounded like a thick pipe being dragged on the pavement at slow speeds but only audible for a few seconds at a time. It only happens while the car is moving/braking...
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    Large bolts

    What do you use on large bolts? For example, the PVC valve on my Corolla looks needs a 19 mm socket. My father's Camry needs a 22 or 23 mm. I don't want to buy deep sockets just for these larger bolts. I know this is a silly question, but do people usually use an adjustable wrench for these...
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    MMO through PCV hose?

    Has anybody used MMO in a similar fashion as Seafoam to clean the top end of an engine? <div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Originally Posted By: seafoam directions</div><div class="ubbcode-body">To remove carbon and varnish deposits more quickly, Sea Foam can be induced...
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    What to clean rubber with?

    What is a good cleaner to clean rubber hoses like the air intake hose before the throttle body? Or tires? There is this brown stuff that comes out of the rubber which I understand is normal. Chlorinated sprays like throttle body cleaner and dish detergent can dry and crack rubber. I've...
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    Where to buy aluminum grease locally?

    I need to buy some grease to put on the wheel where it contacts the rotor to prevent seizing. I find my front tires are always seized to the rotors every time I need to take them off. So I'm looking for something that can operate at extreme temperatures and is water resistant. The rotors and...
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    Grease betwen wheel and rotor?

    This has bugged me for a long time. The first time I took my front tires off my 05 Corolla I noticed a thin white colored paste of some sort between the where the wheel touches the rotor. Have any Toyota owners noticed this? Is this just regular automotive grease to prevent the wheel from...