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    Lug nut torque ?

    Have a question for u guys. I had new tires put on. The place used an impact on the lugs. I bought a click type torque wrench. And I want to loosen the lugs and re torque them. My ? Is, Can I leave tires on the ground and lossen each lug and re do them? Or do I need tire off ground to do a...
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    Ok to usePrestone Cooling system treatment

    Would it be ok to use this product with Toyota Pink super long life antifreeze? I changed the coolant last month with Toyota pink again.. Just wondering if this product isnt compatible with the pink stuff.
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    Oil prices up at walmart

    Had to get a 5 qt jug of penzoil. Cost of $13.50. All other oils up also
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    Autozone clearence

    Just scored several qts od mobil 1 0w20. Mobil 1 5w40 tdt. And Quaker state Q synthetic for $3.99 a qt
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    Dayton quads LE

    After getting 2 yoka trz for my corolla. I just replaced the other 2 today. I got a good deal on these Daytons. They are ridding very nice and come with a 70,000 mi warrenty anyone else have Daytons before
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    Quakerstate website interesting

    I was just browsing oil websites. I know I'm a little OCD. Anyway quakerstate is claiming even there used oil passes the API test for motor oil. Just thought it was an interesting ad
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    Found some Kendall GT1 with liquid Titanium

    Autozone has this for $3.49 a qt.
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    Toyota w/s. Question

    I have a 2009 corolla which has 50,000 on it. I want to do a drain and fill on the ATF this spring. My question is should I go to dealer and buy the world standard as it's a long drain fluid or use a product like Amsoil or mobil 1. I think there is a drain plug so I'm not going to need a lot...
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    Pennzoil ultra found at walmart

    I found the 5 qt jugs for $28.00 and qts for $6.97 They come in 5w20 5w30 and 10w30
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    STP complete fuel system cleaner

    I walked into a dollar general store today and on the table was bottles of this product a sign said everything $1.00 I grabbed every bottle and paid a dollar for each one and saved $3.00 on each a heck of a deal!
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    Mobil 1 TDT 5w40

    Hope this question doesn't sound to stupid bu I have a question regarding these new bottles of this oil. Th old ones listed API C1-4 SL/CF. Also ACEA E5/E4/E3 Gasoline SL/SJ New Bottle ACEA E7/E5 Gasoline engine API. SM,SL/SJ Does this mean they lowered zinc and phos to levals to meet...
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    Motorcraft full synthetic at advanced auto

    Just came from there they have qt bottles 5w20 full synthetic for 4.99 a qt no jugs of full syn
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    Brake fluid ?

    If my car calls for dot 3 fluid is it better to put dot 4 in since it has a higher boiling point and I was told are compatible with each other
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    STP Red bottle at Big Lots

    Just wanted to let u guys know I found a whole shelf of this stp 4cyl oil treatment at $2.50 a bottle I bought 6 because i can't find it anywhere else
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    Help please

    ok, This has probably been asked before, but I am confused. I have a 2009 toyota corolla, which uses the toyota red/pink long life antifreeze. If I needed to top off my tank, can I use the Peak extended it says for all makes of vehicles. I tried to locate the Peak Global but can not find it...
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    Motorsilk oil additive

    I was just in a carquest looking around and found this new additive which says good for 100,000 miles read some on packaging made up of boron and zinc any one here of this
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    Good dealer experience

    I know most car dealers get a bad rap so just wanted to tell of a good experiance I had. I took the corolla in to get a water pump which was covered under warrenty. But also found that the altinater had a bad bering and needed replaced however this was out of warrenty the cost would have been...
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    Valvoline Maxlife Syntetic

    Just wanted to let you guys know, that there is a walmart in Portage Indiana that carry's the Maxlife FULL Synthetic oil in 5w30 and 10w30. They have it in the 5 qt jugs or 1 qt bottles. Not sure if anyone else is around this area but I know some were saying they couldn't find the full synthetic
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    Champion engine oil additive

    I know most do not like oil additives. But I found 4 bottles on the clearance isle at Advanced auto parts. I paid 95 cents for each bottle. Couldn't resist
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    2009 Toyota car battery

    I notice my car battery says Maintanance free. It is a panasonic. Then, on the top it has the removable post, says fill with distilled water. Am my missing something here?