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    Good Write up On 5.7 Hemi Issues

    It seems that MDS is not so much the issue as manufacturer defect that they knew about, excerpting to much forces on parts, and lubrication issues were key, and using heavier weights only made it worse. Dr. Andy Randolph, technical director at ECR Engines—a NASCAR engine developer based out...
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    New truetrac require early change?

    I did not even ask, nor did the shop that installed my Detroit truetrac tell me about a break in, or early drain and refill. Just wondering if anyone has experience with truetrac and or a early drain and refill should be done? I know I should have asked, but dropped vehicle off at 7 am and...
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    Installed new Detroit Truetrac rear end.

    Changed the rear diff fluid on my Jeep last month, and few small chunks of metal came out along with drain plug just covered in metallic slime. Came with factory LSD but clutch style, and they are notorious for slowly degrading or actually degrading pretty fast, especially if you don't change...
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    RTG by far best oil I have ever used.

    NOw that temps are dropping, I'm beginning to see full benefits of this oil. -20 cold starts, not a peep, no extra strain on other components such as belts etc, previous oil when cold you could hear for a few seconds that whine and noise and or valve train tick, Also using a car starter my mpg's...
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    More news on the Ford Transmission Issues

    <a href="" target="_blank">https:/<wbr>/<wbr><wbr>news/<wbr>ford-workers-break-silence-faulty-145800004.html</a>
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    One Week Update on Oil change.

    So one week ago changed oil with Rotella Gas Truck, tossed in some Archoil as well, was running Amsoil P.I additive at that time, Monday came my Archoil gas additive arrived, filled up and as of past few days my mpg has got up to 18.5, as you will see in pics. Usually read on high end 14.7-15...
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    Going in the engine today!

    Had to substitute one litre because for some reason Rotella gas truck no where to be found in stores, and I wasn't buying 2, not for cost but I just don't believe in having oil stashes, taking up space as I live in a condo, it's one level and I have a shed but hate leaving oil exposed to...
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    How are these filters?

    Picked one of these up today at Canadian Tire along with Shell Rotella Gas Truck for my Jeep to run at end of November OCI prior to winter, as every other brand of filter was not in stock. Anyone ever run one or have experience with them? <img...
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    Garage queen vs driving.

    I figured the gap between a 400 000 k car vs a 89 000 car would be wider, just goes to show you could be enjoying your toy instead of looking at it. I know general consensus is it hurts re-sale etc, but hopefully people watch this and see they could be enjoying these vehicles a bit more than...
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    ARCHOIL Pics after week and half

    First 2 pics were taken week and a half ago approx, this is about 900km on this run with MOBIL 1 0W40, prior to this I ran MOBIL 1 0w40 for 2000km before I dropped it and refilled with 5.5 litres and 7 oz of Archoil 9100. Last 2 pics were taken today. <a...
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    ArCHOIL 6200 WOW!

    So i got arch oil fuel additive 6200. Proceeded to put it in my m3.......and WOW!. After about 10 k, amazing throttle response, it was like my car was on sport mode....where less application means more output. Let me tell you i put it in sport mode.....could not keep the tires planted...
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    Carbon Fibre Trim

    Got my real carbon fibre trim set to go with the shifter paddles I got last week. Here r some pics.....Its amazing how light this material is, this is my first time handling real carbon fibre pieces.....and the strength of such thin pieces, your holding it thinking there is no way this material...
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    Claybar over wax worked great

    Ended up claybaring over the 3 coats of meguires ultimate and it worked flawlessly, removed all embedded dirt and paint is like glass! threw another coat of wax on after clay bar and WOW! Love the meguires ultimate, it is so freakin easy to work with, comes off the easiest and least effort of...
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    This company has my attention, and with the clip of them on Jay Leno Garage, they defiantly look like legit products. <a href="" target="_blank"></a>
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    Wash and wax on M3

    Used me meguires wash and wax, then ultimate wax, then spritzes over ultamite detail spray. Here is 4 pics.... <a href=""...
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    Question about claybar.

    Can you clay bar over say a body that already has a coat of wax on it? Or do you need to strip wax, wash with dawn etc....then perform clay bar, or could you get away with over wax. I ask because I have used spray wax as lube for the clay bar.
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    Put some carbon fibre shift paddles on M3 Tonight

    Threw some updated shift paddles on the M3 tonight, so much more sleeker, next up is real carbon fibre interior trim! here is a pic
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    Purchased a 12v marine oil extractor from Canadian Tire tonight and did a oil change, paid 50 bucks for it, and actually worked real well, only took about 5 min to extract 6 litres of oil....10w60 at that. In went in mobil 1 0w40. Some Pics here.... <a...
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    Help with oil decision! BMW M3

    So Im thinking M1 Ow40 for 2002 Bmw M3, only has 50000 Kilometeres so thats about 30 mi or under, also when I was at napa saw Liqui Moly and M1 15w50 which also caught my eye, whatever I run will be with a dose of CERATEC as well. I know it calls for 10W60 Castrol but I'm not a fan of it. I...
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    Sale on PP and Castrol Edge With Titanium at CT

    For Canadians, Canadian Tire Has 20 dollars off PP Comes to 34 and Castrol Edge With Titanium is 36 bucks, not sure if it has been posted or not. Picked up 2 of each.