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    M1 0W40 FS (updated formula) vs PPE 5W40 (API SP)

    Unfortunately, now that I'm on vacation I've been overthinking oil again and I couldn't resist making another "choose my oil" post to see if there's any relevant information I've missed. This time, it's between Mobil 1 0W40 FS and Pennzoil Platinum Euro 5W40. (I know there's a 5W40 version of...
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    VW 504 vs Longlife-04

    Hello, been visiting the forum occasionally for a few years but couldn't find much existing discussion or documentation regarding my question so I made an account. I recently started using Pennzoil Euro LX 0W30 (VW504, C30, MB229.52) in both: -2019 Golf GTI (EA888, VW508 sticker under hood)...