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    Mobil 1 M-301 Fram cross reference?

    Currently have a Mobil 1 M301 on my boat. I’d like to start using a Fram ultra synthetic. Anyone know the Fram equivalent? Thanks!
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    4.7 Toyota V8 OCI recommendation

    Recently decided to switch both of my vehicles over to Castrol Edge EP. That said I'm curious how far I should take my 4th gen 4runners OCI. Driven in Arizona. Weekly 45 min freeway commute in Phoenix, some city driving, no dirt roads or off-road ever. Fram Ultra oil filter. Not very interested...
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    Denso air filters manufactured in China?

    Recently purchased a Denso air filter for a my 4th gen 4runner (4.7) and noticed they are made in China. I'm use to most Denso parts coming from Japan. See any issues with this? I'm tempted to go get a Japanese one from the dealer, but just want to verify quality of manufacturer. Thanks
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    Castrol Magnatec Lexus DI application

    So I recently purchased a 2012 Lexus IS250 premium. These are equipped with a 2.5 DI motor. About two years back I switched to Fram ultra in all of my vehicles and will do the same with this one. I'm curious if Castrol Magnatec 0w-20 would be a good choice? Looks like a very stout oil and we'll...
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    Mannich fuel additive

    Recently read an article which discussed how an additive called Mannich is much more effective than PEA. I see that afton chemical is a producer, but a intensive search only turned up a couple obscure products that claim to contain it. Is it really that much better vs PEA? What products contain it?
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    Castrol Extended Performance 5w-30

    I've been using Valvoline MaxLife Synthetic 5w-30 for a short time in a Toyota 2UZ-FE (4.7 V8), which has had immaculant maintenance. I'm curious about trying Castrol Extended Performance and going 10,000 miles or annual coupled with a fram ultra. Seems like a very robust oil, but not many...
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    Ravenol T-WS syn vs Toyota WS ATF

    I recently purchased a low mileage 2008 Toyota 4Runner Limited with the legendary 2UZ-FE V8. After driving it back home, I decided to flush the transmission(DIY cooler line exchange) with Toyota WS. Old fluid looked like most used WS samples do... Looking at alternatives, I came across Ravenol...
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    700HP NORDIC Rage

    Hey guys. Just bought a 25ft Nordic Rage with a fully built 454, has lightning headers and a ProCharger,(intercooled of course) and I wanted to get some real world advice on two oils I'm considering. This boat has a top speed of 85 MPH via GPS as it sits with a custom labbed 4 blade and built...
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    Mobil 1 TDT vs Mobil Delvac 1300

    I am interested in running a different oil in my 08 Duramax. I had originally decided on Mobil 1 TDT as I've heard good things from other fellow Dmax owners. But looking at the specs between it and conventional Delvac 1300, I'm left scratching my head. The lesser 1300 has a higher flash point(...
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    Grease for 2008 2500HD Dmax

    I'm getting ready to service my 08 Dmax and curious which grease would be best for my 11 zerk fittings? I prefer REDLINE and have looked into using CV2 on everything(really like the moly),but am concerned about the differing bases in the two greases(factory is lithium based). Thanks
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    Just bought a Chevrolet Silverado 2500HD 6.6 Dmax/ally CCSB Z71 with 39K miles and factory warranty.Spoke with allison and they stated that Transynd is "the best,most durable transmission fluid with millions of miles of data" for any allison including my A-1000. Im going to perform a cooler line...
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    Power steering fluid 08 Duramax

    Just bought a 2008 2500HD W/ LMM 6.6 Duramax. Planning on flushing the trans with transynd and also doing the power steering. Redline lists ATF D4 as a suitable replacement. I realize GM has two newer spec power steering fluids. I would prefer to go synthetic as this system is under a lot of...
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    2011 HEMI 5.7 oil recommendation

    Just bought my wife a 2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee Overland fully loaded with the HEMI 5.7. We love this truck so far. Only has 300 miles right now. I'm planning on an early oil change @ around 500-1000mi. I plan on using Mopar filters. What are you guys and gals using in your HEMI's? I love...
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    Maxlife for allison a-1000

    Im considering Maxlife ATF in a friends 04 Duramax with allison a-1000 tranny. If I remember correctly, GM changed seal material in about 2006 which made them compatible with Dexron VI. Before then allison recommended C4 and TES-389. This is a more viscous fluid at around 7.6 cst vs maxlife at...
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    Toyota WS + Lubegard platinum?

    Curious if anyone here has tried Lubegard platinum in toyota WS atf? I have had great success with lubegard RED and their power steering protectant in the past. Thinking about trying it in the lexus. Figure it can only help WS. Thoughts?
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    EDGE vs Mobil 1 cleanliness?

    Curious as to how spotless Castrol Edge keeps engines vs Mobil 1. I have used mobil 1 in several different applications and can say it does a great job at keeping engine internals spotless. Considering EDGE 5w-30 in my lexus IS250, but have never really seen or heard much evidence of it's...
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    Amsoil ATL vs Toyota WS

    I'm looking for people whom Have experience replacing Toyota WS atf with Amsoil ATL. I'm curious about shift quality and durability of the ATL and if its actually a suitable replacement for the factory sauce. Thanks!
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    Amsoil ATL in Lexus IS250

    I have been using Toyota WS in my gf's 2009 Lexus IS250 for drain and fills and was curious if anyone here has used the amsoil ATL with any luck. I am currently using Redline D6 in my tacoma although it seems as if Redline is now not endorsing this and instead recommends D4. The WS is $8 per...
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    Joe Gibbs Break in oil

    Getting ready to fire up my newest turbo LT1 motor here in a couple weeks. Anyone have any experience with Joe Gibbs break in oil? I realize I can accomplish the same thing with some dino and a little Redline break in additive or Rotella though I would rather not run such a thick oil in my motor...
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    YANK torque converters No Synthetic!

    Ok I am a member of another site and recently a few members were blaming synthetic atf for failures in 4L60e trannys. I find it hard to believe. Someone mentioned that YANK who make high performance torque converters says you CANNOT run any synthetic atf period. I decided to email Yank to get an...