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    1987 E-350 6.9l diesel fuel injectors -

    Hi, we just acquired a Ford E-350 bus, and it has some trouble starting. We are about to replace the glow plugs, and we are thinking of replacing the injectors as well - the set of injectors costs $100 (rebuilt). How can we tell if it is time to change the injectors? The bus only has 210,000...
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    Screeching noise from Dodge Colt.

    I have 2 of the 1995 Dodge Colt (Mitsubishi Mirage), 1.5l 2 door coupe. When it is really cold out (less than 10 degree F), I hear a whirr, whirr, whirr, sound from around where the speedometer is, and then when it gets up to about 35 - 40 mph, then is starts making a screeching sound. If I...
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    Acetone is good, so is lacquer thinner better?

    We all know that acetone really cleans out the fuel system well, without damaging anything, so would lacquer thinner be even better?
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    ?when to replace starter on f-150

    this is a 10 year old f-150 with 200,000 miles on the 4.6l engine. mainly it gets used for short trips, so the starter is used a lot. is it time to rebuild it? or is it better to wait for it to fail, and then look at the fee for towing it, and the inconvenience, or should I fix it before it...
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    Frankenmix differential oil 2008 Subaru 2.5 n.a.

    There's already 37,000 miles on the original fluid, and Subaru says to drain and refill IF it is on "severe duty", so I decided to drain and refill front and rear diff, having already drained and refilled x 4 the ATF with Valvoline synthetic ATF. WalMart had ST gear oil on sale, but it was...
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    What is proper way to check ATF level in Subaru?

    Hi, I have a Subaru Impreza, 2008, with 4 speed ATF. I just drained and refilled it 3 times. Do you check it in Drive, with parking brake on? or in neutral? or in park? thanks!!!
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    How long a "break in period" for new oil.

    It seems that brand new oil right out of the bottle has some very strong detergents, and it is necessary to wear down the oil a bit, before it gets milder and works better. how long does it take to "break in" the oil, so the detergents wear out, and the oil will therefore be more slippery and...
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    Replaced NGK premium platinum at 31,000

    Subaru Impreza 2.5NA, 2008, at 31,000 miles. Bought the Denso 3395 long life iridium platinum. Richard pulled the old plugs out, at the specified maintenance interval... what a shock!!! the platinum "hockey puck" part on the NGK double platinum - GONE!!! on all 4 plugs. The "factory" gap, on...
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    Cash for clunkers a short term failure:

    September’s light-vehicle sales rate will fall to 8.8 million units, consumer auto site said. That would be the lowest rate in nearly 28 years, tying the worst demand on record. After the cash-for-clunkers program boosted August sales to their first year-over-year increase since...
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    So Wall Street Caused our Economy to Crash

    It is now confirmed, that last year's horrible spike in oil prices, was directly caused by Wall Street firms that made billions of dollars, on the back of Main Street, by speculating wildly and driving the price of oil to levels that tanked our economy, causing Main Street to fail. And after...
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    See My Rose Hedge that I grew from cuttings!!!

    I grew 38 bushes of Fair Bianca, which is a David Austin English Rose. The cuttings were taken in the fall of 2007, grown indoors over the winter, and planted in Sault Ste. Marie Ontario Lighted Cross Garden in 2008. The bushes went over the winter in zone 4b with NO protection. See my...
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    ?when to replace struts, and why.

    do struts have a life expectancy? how do they wear out, and how do you know when to replace them. I have 2 FWD vehicles, driven 150,000 - 200,000 miles, over regular pot holed roads, both Dodge Colt (Mitsubishi) 1995 2 door coupe. The ride quality seems normal, and nothing unusual happens over...
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    found 20qt of SJ in stash - what to do?

    This is bargain brand 5w30 conventional SJ. Was cleaning garage and found a large cardboard box full - 20 quarts. Should I volunteer to do the neighbours oil change, or should I donate it to my mechanic, who will pass it off as generic oil and do a bargain oil change for a few customers. Or...
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    What is the iron issue with Mobil 1?

    I keep reading here that Mobil 1 has bad iron wear numbers. Does that include Mobil 1 AFE (advanced fuel economy) 0w30? I like the idea of saving 20$ per OCI, but not if I'm going to need an engine overhaul. It seems like something fishy is here - I thought that Mobil 1 synthetic has an...