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    i blew the whistle ...

    on a co-worker to the 2 I/C where i work, a large retirement complex of more than 600 staff, in about november a resident had complained to me that 1 of my fellow maintenance staff would "do stuff" for an extra fee, usually $40-200 depending on what was required (in work time-FRAUD as well ?)...
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    someone tried to steal my bike last night !!!

    went to bed at 11pm got up at 5am, tried to get out the front door to go to work at 6.20am ... my old aircompressor was holding the screen door closed i went out to my garage (attached to the house), both garage door handles broken off and the security lights bulbs removed and placed on the...
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    my HD experience ...

    i bought a brand new lowrider sport in 1990 I HATED IT, thought it'd be the modern equivelent of a commando or bonnie-WRONG then i tested a fatboy, LOVED IT so i bought 1 brand new in 1992 (january 8), turquoise and ivory they let me open up the cardboard "crate" myself, so no ace apprentices...
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    breaking in on used engine oil ?

    old wives tale ? or good idea for a rebuilt "ol skool" donk no quips about extra dirt from changing oil or "why spoil a brand new engine" coz with my drains, oil is low mileage and drain equipment/tools spotless
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    makita 4 strokes

    just been looking at the makita straight shaft trimmer and the blower/vac they both sport 4 stroke engines, WAHOO i think the 2 strokes say they're ROBIN made by FUJI (SUBARU ?). not sure about the fours any feedback, anyone own 1 ? I JUST WANT SOMETHING ELSE TO CHANGE THE OIL IN
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    claybar my glass ?

    got a mothers kit with 2 claybars PHENOMENAL results on my 03 ute, which i had always thought was immaculate but the door glass and rear window have little whitish marks on them like watermarks what's the best way to remove them please ?
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    honda trimmer oil qty

    i just did a service on a small honda trimmer at the retirement village where i'm employed as a maintenance repairman said trimmer had been used by gardening ( division ) and had not had oil checked for 6-7 months. when i checked the dipstick, nothing showing drained the oil, i couldn't...
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    BEEZER fans

    any BSA fans out there ? i'm currently restoring a '69 rocket 111 and since 1972 i've owned a C 11, an M 20, 3 A 10's, a HUNTMASTER, a '69, a '70 and a '71 LIGHTNING and an X75 HURRICANE all runners ( eventually ) and all left holes in my pocket but i just won't learn ...
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    ban hd discussion

    i'm kinda over OTHER PEOPLE telling me what I SHOULD RIDE and poking sticks at MY CHOICE OF MOTORCYCLE it's not a garage queen, trailer sailor or marital aid it's what i want, albeit 2 steps above a domestic lawnmower i don't rubbish your WHACKAMAKAZI-YAMHON 2012 GTI MK 17 model A (merica)...
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    M6 LS1 how thick ?

    what viscosity range of MTL's can i use in my 6 speed 5.7 ? ( changing out the ATF ) ambient here ranges from 10*C to +40*C spirited driving, mixed hwy and city and the age old Q, min, syn or blend t/y in advance, johnny
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    additive clash - any experiences ?

    i'd heard of it, like a lot of internet "truths" but haven't spoken to anyone who's had it so what happens, and can the layman detect it? or is this a lab thing ?
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    gear oil, does it shear ?

    so i see engine oils can shear pretty badly in some applications and that's part of the reason it needs periodic changing but what about gear and diff oil ? they have a hard enough time with hypoid gears, ball and roller bearings etc, but i would guess 99% of vehicles go to their graves with...
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    additive dropout

    which ones drop out of suspension ? and what's the timeframe ? t/y in advance, johnny
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    synthetic basestocks in AUSSIE oil

    talked to the NULON tech, he claims that they use JAPANESE basestocks read in the PENRITE handbook that they use KOREAN basestocks would these suppliers be household names like MOBIL, or are us aussies just getting involved with small time outfits coz they're cheaper or will supply smallish...
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    E 10 : energy vs octane

    just been reading that E10 is "better" for my (LS1 powered) car than regular unleaded 92 (RON) is this just the knock resistance? coz i didn't think that ethanol blends had the btu's that straight petrol has, which i take to mean my mpg will suffer the ute is a 2003 aussie GM 6 speed manual...
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    mobil 1 15w50

    i can't seem to find it on the shelves in the auto shops here only mobil 1 5w50 are they interchangeable ? tried to use the search function with NO dang'd success !!!
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    who's dumped the atf ...

    from their LS1/6 speed manual and gone for a "real" gear oil ? what did you do? what oil did you use? how was the end result? i'm changing all the fluids in a new (to me) ozzy gm V8 and want a more robust lube
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    SCANGAUGE ll - who uses 1 ?

    and how do you find it ? i've seen them mentioned a few times on here, but not really known what was meant or what they were for so i googled it, $159.95 from AMAZON is it worth it? is it more helpful with your driving habits or your diagnosing of faults ? please help an ocker out here m8
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    SURGERY HOLIDAYS - anybody been on one ?

    specifically, i'm looking to do a Thailand trip for LASIK to correct short-sightedness lots of organisers out there, and i guess a few risks to doing it feedback ?
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    OZ gas quality

    i keep hearing that our gas is some of the worst in the world, from a composition point of view. and that it's quality is inconsistant, whatever that means i understand that better fuel economy can be achieved through running a higher octane rated fuel (amongst other things), i'd like to try it...