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    Subaru BRZ....2012

    After 6 years with mine, I'm considering a second one. The only issue we've had in 6 years was the freeze in our climate occasionally. 35 MPG average and a blast to drive, comfortable on a long run.
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    How are liquors sold in Canada?

    In NB, the government monopoly is slowly giving way, some grocery stores now carry beer and wine, beyond that you have to go to the NBLC or brew your own. My wife is from Quebec, my brother-in-law has a funny saying that rings true there. "The important necessities of life, Alcohol and Tobacco...
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    What happened to the 90 octane e15?

    I'd just like to see those prices, Reg. self-serve here in NB this week is $1.189/L, $1.209/L for mid and $1.269/L for supreme.
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    Barely there back seats

    We have one, I often describe the back seat as small dog storage shelves. So far as the car goes, we absolutely love ours, it's fun to drive, good on gas & reliable.
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    Benelli Nova Maintenance

    I pull mine every 1000 rounds or so, clean the action, lubricate the action bars and breechblock, wipe off the trigger assembly, remove any visible crud and put 1 drop of ATF on each pivot pins, a touch of grease on the face of the hammer and reassemble. Whole procedure takes about 2 minutes. My...
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    Quaker state Multi Vehicle ATF in a manual trans?

    <div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Originally Posted By: ryan2022</div><div class="ubbcode-body">Thanks Maritime, Those FRS's are great BTW! A friend had the Corolla AE86 way back when. </div></div> Big Time, the Boss and I figure the FR-S was the best money we've spent on...
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    Quaker state Multi Vehicle ATF in a manual trans?

    I'm running Mobil Multi-ATF in my truck, so far it was the fluid that provided the best cold weather shifting of everything I tried. In Calary, I'd leave the Quaker State Multi in it, if it's working for you.
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    Got MPH and KPH Confused ...

    With photo radar in a lot of areas of Quebec a lot more Quebecois are following closer to the speed limit thn they use to.
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    Toyota Tacoma V6 -- MT or AT for towing?

    Take this with a grain of salt. I have a Ford Ranger, 4.0l SOHC with a manual, the tow rating is 5640lbs, I haul a 23' Sailboat with it twice a year about 50miles each way, it weighs in just 4500lbs on it's trailer. The truck will haul the boat, just not comfortably. If considering hauling this...
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    Why does Ford Require 5W30 in the 4.0L SOHC?

    You also must remember timing sets were redesigned on this engine in late '02 to help them last longer. I guess I'll stick with 5W30 on it. I figured their had to be a reason, but I had no idea what it was.
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    Why does Ford Require 5W30 in the 4.0L SOHC?

    I find it odd, all other Ford gasoline engines are spec'd for 5W20, except this one.
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    Can't get rid of this hiccup /stumble / missfire??

    Are using stock NGK copper/nickel plugs? If not, you most likely have the answer to your problem.
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    E-10 Causes Sludge?

    This was what had me scratching my head, in theory E-10 could cause an increase in sludge if the fuel had a high water contest. However, once the engine reaches operating temp, this extra water should evaporate off. I was wondering if anyone else had seen this.
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    E-10 Causes Sludge?

    Just finished reading an article in this month's edition of Canadian Technician on Oil Sludge. The author indicated the E-10 is causing increased sludge & water build up in the crankcase from the use of E-10. Internet digging didn't seem to reveal much on this topic. Any truth to this? If so how...
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    What do degrease a chain with?

    I always use diesel fuel in my chain cleaning tool.
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    First mass-produced domestic DOHC 24V V-6?

    So far 24V 6 cylinder engines go, you guys are off by about 70 years or so. "Peugeot had a triple overhead cam 5-valve Grand Prix car in 1921.[14] Bentley used multi-valve engines from the beginning. The Bentley 3 Litre, introduced in 1921, used a monobloc straight-4 with aluminium pistons...
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    anyone running a chonda vertical shaft?

    I'll second that my Yardworks 21" mower has a 173cc vertical Chonda on it and I'm actually impressed at how well it has worked. May'be their quality control is improving.
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    Toyota RAV 4 oil confusion

    You're right, I missed those two, the Avalon is currently spec'ed for 5W30(2010 and up), the 2012 Venza 3.5L now requires 0W20 only. Like I mentioned they're all over the map, that's why we consult the updated chart before passing out oil for an oil change.
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    G.M laying off in Oshawa.

    No, I don't expect to keep either open in the long term be honest. Read a couple of the links I posted, where GM is headed isn't too see. They're biggest market is no longer North America, it's China, the last couple of years GM sold more cars in China then they did in the US. <a...