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    Seven popular filters cut open

    Lesson learned here is on MY application: makes NO difference which one you use for 5-10k mile intervals (all filters here have a minimum of 5k and max of 10k miles). These are all Motorcraft FL1A cross references used on a zillion Ford cars and trucks. Every last one looks like it could have...
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    Used WIX, STP extended life, Purolator Boss cut open

    5k on the STP extended life, 8k on the Wix, 10K on the Boss. Have to say I'm kinda surprised with the quality of the Chinese made STP. Pleat spacing is tighter than both the others (Purolator is full synthetic though), media ends are metal crimped together, can was strong and uses coil spring...
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    And you laughed at Shells gas truck oil. How about Mobil?

    They say high performance base oil and 10% boost in an additive that protects against wear (wonder which one that is). I don't get it as I feel car engines potentially work harder than large engine, low geared, low rpm(all comparatively speaking) truck work/towing or am I off base? Judging by...
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    STP Syn 5w30 VOA

    Haven't seen one yet so here it is. Discuss/Thoughts?