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    Lexus Rocker Panel

    Does anyone what kind of material is used to make this piece? Polyurethane? I cracked mine and need to know what adhesive will bond to it? Super Glue does not work even a little bit. Thanks.
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    2010 MDX Replace Battery Message

    This is a very common problem apparently with no solution. I have searched all over the Acura forums. Earlier models had the infamous HFL parasitic draw which actually killed the battery in a couple days but this problem was solved by 2008. In my case, I keep getting a Replace Battery message...
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    First Oil Change

    On my 8 month old 2020 Lexus ES 350. Only has 2300 miles so I am not in a big hurry. Just checked the OM and the only spec is 0w20 ILDAC Gl-5 which of course has already been superseded by GL-6A. I thought the FF was full synthetic, but to be honest, reading through these threads has be totally...
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    Honda Brake Fluid

    Hard to believe but another 3 years has flown by and it is time to replace brake fluid in my 2010 MDX. Have always used Honda fluid because many years ago Toyota and Honda had master cylinder seal failures they blamed on non-OEM fluid. I researched this extensively and found a clear paper trail...
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    Glazed Pads

    My buddy leases a new Caddy SUV. Very low miles and easy driving short tripping around town. Started hearing intermittent noise from front wheel when driving and not applying brakes. Took it in and dealer said pads are glazed and glazing will go away as the pads wear. I thought glazing came from...
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    Weather Stripping Repair

    I have a couple small tears in the weather stripping on my 2010 MDX. What is the best glue to make a repair? Thanks. Edit: Never mind...I found it. Been working on my cars for 55 years and never knew there was a special adhesive for weather stripping!
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    Assessing Rubber Bushings

    This post is related to my other thread re MDX trailing arm bushings but is a more general question. How do you know when to replace a suspension rubber bushing? When I replaced the dog bone strut on my 99 Avalon it was easy...the radial rubber ligaments where torn all the way through. But what...
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    2010 MDX Rear Trailing Arm Bushings

    Got the state inspection done yesterday. Shop said bushings are starting to tear and would have to be replaced before inspection next year. I looked at the bushings and they look fine to be. I have replaced bad dog bones and motor mounts with torn rubber so I think I can tell a bad one from a...
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    Fast Finish vs HCW

    Just watched Brian’s (Apex Auto) review of several sealants including Fast Finish and another where he reviews HCW. In the comments section of his HCW review, Brian said at least twice he prefers Fast Finish over HCW. He did not say why...he was just answering questions. Yesterday I applied HCW...
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    Best Product Reviewer?

    I am a novice here but so far I think Sandro from Car Craft does the most comprehensive, objective and credible reviews. Pan and Jimbo are ok but seem more like infomercials. Miranda is simply not credible to me. Of course Mike Phillips is a pure Meguiars shill. Who is your favorite? Who do you...
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    Spray Wax - What is the Point?

    Been watching many video reviews of various spray products. Am especially interested in Meguiars Ultimate Quik Wax since I use Ultimate Liquid Wax. Seems to me that all of these products are difficult to apply and do not last very long. Meguiars hybrid ceramic looks easy but you wash most of the...
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    Ultimate Polish Open Time

    Have used this product many times over the years and never had this problem. Polish dries very fast. Gave up trying to use my DA. Had to hand apply very small sections and it was still hard to remove. Seems like it was drying on contact. Has Meguiar’s changed formula or did I get a bottle of...
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    Griot G9 DA Polisher

    Guess you can tell my new car has renewed my interest in detailing, lol. Just finished detailing my new ES350. I am pushing 72 with a finicky right shoulder. Washing, claying and waxing by hand Is a lot harder than it used to be! Need to do wife’s 2010 MDX. I keep it pretty nice but it does...
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    Lake Country CCS Foam Pads

    Anyone ever tried these dimpled pads? I have used LC HT pads with ok results but am thinking the dimpled pads may be better. Also, I am overwhelmed by the selection. All I need is a polishing pad for Meguiars Ultimate polish and a finishing pad for Ultimate liquid wax. What color LC pads would...
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    Meguiars Ultimate All Wheel Cleaner

    You will not believe this because I don’t believe it myself. I used this product yesterday to clean the wheels on my 2010 MDX. Followed instructions to the tee. The wheels are clean but they have a completely different look. Originally they were bright glossy silver but now they are less glossy...
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    Resurfacing Rotors

    This is a question for non-DIYer’s. Should they automatically get rotors resurfaced when getting new pads? I never get rotors resurfaced before installing new pads on my cars. If rotors pulsate, I replace them. But my labor is free. I believe resurfacing shortens rotor life without giving much...
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    New Car Wait Time

    Do I need to wait for new car finish to cure before I do anything other than wash and dry? Eg, clay bar to remove rail dust or Meguiars Quik wax or Ultimate liquid wax? Thanks.
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    Foam Cannons

    I want to get one but wonder if it is a gimmick. You know, one of those tools that looks neat but after you use it a couple times you conclude it ain’t worth the setup effort. Thanks for your feedback.
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    Sparkplug Pricing

    Can anyone explain the wide range of pricing on NGK laser iridium spark plugs? Not talking counterfeit junk from eBay. Dealer wants $25 each, most other on-line and local parts stores want $12-14 and RockAuto wants $6. Assuming these are all genuine NGK plugs, how can there be such a large...
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    Just discovered this stuff. Could it possibly be worth its exorbitant price in a passenger car?