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    Anyone running LT285/75R17 on their vehicle.

    Looking at moving up to LT285/75R17 to fill out the wheel wells on my 2500. Diameter is about 33.9” by the specs I’ve read on several sites. Anyone have experience with this size whether good or bad.
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    C&P Fleetguard LF9028

    This came off my 2012 Ram 2500 today. 9731 miles / 293 hours. Ran 5w40 VPBE Always wanted to try one of these, pretty well put together filter. I have a few more on the shelf for when I want to extend intervals but I put a LF16035 back on for this change.
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    Mopar MO-349 cartridge filter w/ 11,820 miles

    This MO-349 went 11,820 miles and almost three months to the date on this past change. It had 0w20 QSUD during this change. SIL’s 2019 Durango has 93,497 miles on it. Longer than I would have like to see it go but reminding my brother the oil change minder went off is not her strong point...
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    Baldwin B7443 cut & post

    Baldwin B7443 off 2016 Ram 1500 5.7L. Ran for 8411 miles on this last change. Looked to have held up pretty well. Pleats looked good, no issues I could see. Nice coil spring, pretty happy with it. Switched to these recently after seeing Wix cutting corners on perceived quality features to save a...
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    Fram XG11665 & Mopar MO-349 from recent changes

    Fram XG11665 had 11,400 miles on it with two oil changes of various leftovers (0w20, 5w20, and 5w30) I had been accumulating 6k run & 5400 mile run from my wife’s Durango. Another XG11665 went back in with Mobil 1 from the recent rebate. Mopar MO-349 & QSUD 0w20 had approximately 10k miles on...
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    Used Mopar MO-349 cartridge post

    Mopar MO-349 cartridge out of my sister-in-law ‘s 2019 Durango 3.6L I just changed this evening. OLM was at 0%; at least 10k on it, more like 11k. Ran 0w20 QSUD. As if the OLM isn’t enough I have to call about every four months....hey what’s your mileage, are you due for a oil change! 81,677 on...
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    Penray 75w90 synthetic gear oil

    Never heard of this stuff before, grabbed an unopened case at a garage/estate sale in my neighborhood for $30 along with a few tools they had I could use. Figured it would be okay for the farm implement gear boxes. It says manufactured for Penray so a bigger bottler company must make it. Looks...
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    Fram XG11665 w/ three changes on it.

    This Fram XG11655 had three oil changes on it, probably close to 16k on it. Still had waves even after only snugging up the filter cap. Looked fine otherwise, no issues found with pleats.
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    FCA/Dodge Durango Blue NAV. Screen after shifting out of reverse

    I wanted to check in here and see if any FCA tech's may know of the correct software revision and/or TSB/RRT required to fix this, if one is even available at this time. The 2018 Dodge Durango (out of warranty-42k miles) has already been in the dealership (11/9/2020) for this issue of NAV blue...
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    Floe trailer maintenance/replacement parts

    I have late 1990's Floe ramp trailer (Floe Pro-100 Plus) for my sleds and am looking for a few replacement parts. Looked on E-trailer and a few other sights, even emailed a Floe distributor looking for the nylon wheels/rollers that are located on the ramp for sliding the ramp into the underbody...
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    Wix 57060 C&P

    Wix 57060 off my brother’s 2016 Ram 1500 Hemi, went about 10k as the OLM was at 0%. 133k on the truck now. Used a cut-wheel to open so a few metal shavings can be seen.
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    New Baldwin Air Filter quality issue

    Just received a Baldwin PA4151 air filter and took it out of the box to find adhesive applied poorly dripping into the pleats somewhat distorting the pleats. I emailed Baldwin to show them the quality they provided on this filter. Never had any issues with Baldwin in the past, maybe they’ll...
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    Scored some OPE yesterday...

    So my cousin was cleaning out the garage and was about to throw out a 5HP pressure washer, Echo weed whacker, and a leaf blower due to various mechanical issues he said. Primer bulb on Echo is cracked and needs replaced along with old fuel clogging up the carb. Assuming pressure washer needs...
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    Chrysler 04893383AB equivalent to MO-349

    This came out of a recent oil change on 2017 Durango 3.6L engine. OLM was at 0%, guessing it had 9k or 10k miles on it. I think that’s roughly where the Durango OLM goes off at. Last change was done at the dealership I was told. Minimal waves if any noticed. Replaced with a Wix WL10010.
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    2012 Ram 2500 Rotella T6 7424 miles

    I usually go 10k anyways but this time I changed it after nine months an 7424 miles. I haven't had an analysis done in awhile and found a test kit bottle when unpacking stuff recently. I'm happy with what I see here and will most likely stay around 10k changes. Rotella T6 5W40 & Donaldson...
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    K&N with 113,XXX miles

    Changed out this K&N filter on my brothers 2016 Ram 1500 Hemi. Doubt it was ever cleaned properly, when asked how it was cleaned the reply was I blew it out with the air compressor. All I could do was laugh, I said just change it as you've probably compromised the filter media by blowing it out...
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    68 RFE transmission Mopar 267AC filter cut open

    Did the transmission service on the Ram 2500 68RFE. This Mopar 05179267AC filter was on for 121,781 miles. Looked pretty good, no waves nor tears at all. Same filter went back on along with new Mopar sump filter and Valvoline ATF+4, about eight quarts. <img...
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    PF64 oil filter cut open

    AC Delo PF64 was on a leased 2017 Malibu, last change was done at dealership I was told. Unknown mileage on oil & filter, OLM was at 0% when reset. Some waves and not sure if tear or slight separation but the small hole in the pleat did not look the greatest. NAPA Gold went back on. <img...
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    Mopar MO-339 cut open

    Mopar filter removed from a Hemi Ram, mileage unknown although 3% was left on OLM. 110k on the truck. Didn't see any tears; not wavy really either, looked okay. Wix filter went back on. <img...
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    VMEO 0w20 thicker than PP & QSUD 5w20

    Been bored so I did some research and compiled the data after looking at my oil stash. Valvoline Modern Engine Oil 0W20 is actually a hair bit thicker by the numbers then Pennzoil Platinum 5W20 & a slight bit thicker than some others based of KV @100c. I'm just guessing better base stocks or...