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    Odd Mercedes oil spec email

    While browsing the MB Bevo oil spec 229.51 on their website I discovered that there are several Castrol Edge oils on the approval list. One in particular is "regular" SN Edge 5w30. MB requires low SAPS oil carrying the 229.51 approval due to the vehicle having a Gas Particulate Filter. There...
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    Mercedes Benz Low SAPS spec

    I am researching motor oils to use our new Benz. Mercedes spec is MB 229.51 low SAPS oil. The only oil I can find locally is Pennzoil Euro L. Our local stores don't carry any Mobil 1 with that spec and the MB dealership is over an hour a way. I plan on changing my own oil. I'm a huge...
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    New Mercedes Oil Recommendations

    Good morning to all. We purchased a new MB last weekend and, of course, one of the first thing I did once we returned home was to grab the manual and determine which oil grade Mercedes recommends. Interestingly, MB only recommends a spec. I have been unable to locate any information on the...
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    New RAM diff oil?

    Good morning, Does anyone know if factory fill for differentials in the 2019 Rams is conventional or synthetic? Looking to keep this truck for a while and want to switch the diffs to synthetic if they come filled with conventional.
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    Kendall Motor Oil SN Plus

    I ran across this article and figured I'd post it. First article I've seen from an oil producer addressing SN Plus spec. <a href=""...
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    2017 Hyundai Tucson DCT substitute fluid

    Good day everyone! I'm a car maintenance crazy person! I typically dump factory fluids and replace with synthetics. However, Hyundai recommends straight 70w GL-4 DCT fluid. I want to use a synthetic alternative but I haven't been able to find a synthetic single weight oil. Any suggestions...
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    2017 Tucson 1.6T oil recommendations

    Good evening! I just purchased a 2017 Tucson with a 1.6 turbo engine. The oil specs in the Tucson owner's manual states ACEA A5 is recommended. However there is a note that states "If ACEA A5 is not available in your country, you are able to use ILSAC GF-3 (or above) or ACEA A3 (or above)"...
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    Oil advice... New Hyundai LWB Santa Fe

    Good evening all. We traded our 2.0T Santa Fe in for the long wheel base Sante Fe 3.3L GDI V6 last Saturday. Couple of questions... I am fairly old school when it comes to OCIs. I plan on doing a 4k OCI with this engine. Would QSAD be a decent choice for this DI engine? Or should I go with...
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    Oil recommendation - 2013 Dodge Dart

    Good morning everyone. We are about to take delivery of a used 2013 Dodge Dart with a 2.0L I-4 with only 15k miles. Got a GREAT deal on this baby. While I'm not a huge Chrysler fan (was burnt back in the 90s by a POS Intrepid)this car seems very solid. Research indicates it's an Alfa Romeo...
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    Brad Penn FSGF (Full Synthetic Global Formula)

    Anyone heard of this? Any Good? Searching the web results in very little info. The bottle claims it meets GM Dexos Certification, but it's not on GM's list of Dexos oils.
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    Brad Penn Full Synthetic

    I have searched high and low on the forum for any comments, good or bad, for Brad Penn synthetic oil. Not many comments at all. Why no love for this oil? Is it just hard to find? Something wrong with it? Should I avoid it? I was given a partial case of this oil and was planning on trying...
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    Is using Dino a NO NO in a Turbo?

    I have posted before that I have a new Optima Turbo. I am trying to wrap my head around the need for Synthetic Oil in this car. The manual recommends any SM or higher rated oil in 5w-30 or 5w-40 flavors. I plan on 3000 mile OCIs due to it being Turbo. Is using a good Dino, like QS, Pennzoil...
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    Rotella T6 OK for Turbo Optima?

    I posted in another thread that I was on the hunt for an oil for my turbo Optima. Kia recommends 5w-40 for the Turbo Optima. I found 5w-40 Rotella T6 at walmart today. It seems to be geared towards commercial truck use. Will this oil harm the 4 cylinder turbo in my Kia? I stumbled on a few...
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    2011 Kia Optima SX Turbo- Recommendations?

    Any dino recommendations for the new Kia Turbos? Its a 280hp DI 4 banger so I have a feeling its gonna be rough on oil. I say Dino because the manual, as well as the onboard computer say 3k oci. 5w20 is recommended for "optimal fuel economy", but the manual states I can run up to a 40...
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    Kendall Dexron VI... any good?

    Was wondering if anyone has used Kendall's Dexron VI tranny fluid. A buddy of mine can get me a good deal on a case and was wondering. Also, is the Dextron VI spec synthetic? I thought I read somewhere that all Dextron VI formulas are synthetic. Thanks
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    Castrol GTX in a GM DI engine

    According to several websites, GTX appears to have a very good NOAK Volatility percentage. I have read on these forums that the GM direct injection engines should be run with an oil that has a good NOAK #. But, I have also read that these engines are hard on oil. Is GTX stout enough to use in...
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    10w30 or 5w30

    Is it acceptable to run 10w30 synthetic in a vehicle that calls for 5w30? I'm planning on running Synpower in my Direct Injected GM SUV. The book calls for 5w30, but the 10w30 seems to be a stronger oil. It appears these DI engines beat up on oil. I live in VA. The winters are on the mild...
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    Pennzoil YB for a DI engine

    I have read several post regarding GM DI engines. Seems they are tough on motor oil. With a 3k OCI would YB or GTX work ok for this engine? My last oil change I used Valvoline Synpower. Im thinking of going back to dino and shortening the OCI because of what I have read about how these...
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    Castrol GTX Good? Bad?

    Ive been reading many posts here and elsewhere about GTX. Many state its have lost GM approval. Some say they got it back. Some say its great, some say its awful. Any information on the current status of GTX? I'm contemplating moving back to conventional oil strictly because of economics...
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    Carbon on exhuast - possibly the oil?

    I've been hopping around the GM forums (Acadia and Traverse) looking for a reason why my exhaust tips on our Traverse have an unusual amount of carbon build up on the inside of the chrome tips. There are many differnet reasons being entertained on the other forums. I would like for you experts...