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    2010 f150 4.6l v8 125,000 miles what maintenance should i do?

    just picked up a 2010 f150 supercab 4.6l v8 with 125,000 miles on it. i got a good deal on it and i need a work truck to drive around for the dirty work etc. the previous owner had it for 4 years and only did oil changes. i got the carfax but it doesnt show much on it regarding maintenance...
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    winter tire size recommendation of a 22' range rover sport

    hello guys! i just picked up a 22 range rover sport, it came with 275 40 r22 all seasons but here in alberta canada they dont really seem to cut it. i want to get a dedicated set of winters. sorry i am a bit of a noob but i heard its recommended to get a less wide tire for winter which i believe...
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    Viking contact 7 or wintercommand ultra

    Wondering which winter tire will last longer out of the two? And which will be better in dryer weather? Price is pretty similar I know the Viking will be better for snow and ice etc but it’s just a smidge better. Wondering treadware wise and longevity Thanks
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    Ws80 vs wintercommand ultra

    I found blizzak ws80s and goodyear wintercommand ultra both on sale for essentially the same price. I was wondering what is the better tire and which will last longer? I know the ws80 has some compound issues or whatever but if I can get them for the same price which do you think is a better...
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    how do i choose a OCI? 06 mazda 3 2.3L with Castrol Edge Extended Performace + Mobil1 EP filter

    hey guys sorry im a newby to oci's and everything, i got both of these on sale so why not. I went with castrol edge extended performance 0w20 (the 0w because in canada we get down to -40 degrees in the winter) + the best filter i could get on sale which was the mobil 1 extended performance m1c...
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    Why does xw20 and xw30 show essentially the same/similar UOA but people blame cafe?

    hello i did some reading and it seems like due to fuel economy reasons and cafe, manufacturers prescribe lighter oil requirements to slightly increase MPG. However tons of people say/think that 0w20 does not provide the same amount of protection as a 0w30 for example. my noob question is however...
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    will import oils have a higher HTHS then north american oils?

    im looking for the highest hths 0w20 and at my local canadian tire here in canada i can get any of these on sale for cheap motomaster 0w20 synthetic dexos1 gen2 motomaster 0w20 sythetic high mileage motomaster oe plus 0w20 synthetic domestic dexos 1gen2 motomaster oe plus 0w20 synthetic import...
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    Mobil 1 0W20 HM + Fram ULTRA XG9641 how long of an OCI?

    hello, my buddy got this used 2006 mazda 3 with the 2.3l, we went with mobil 1 0w20 high mileage (it was on sale ) + a fram ultra xg9641 for his first oil change. the car has 95,000 miles on it He strictly does short tripping and all city driving. What is a safe mileage to do for the first oci...
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    whats a better cleaner? naptha or heptane?

    any idea what the better cleaner for oils/greases is out of naptha or heptane? lets say we are comparing the same purity etc etc thx
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    nitro engine after run oil recommendations?

    hello, im looking for a alternative to nitro engine after run oil. im looking for an oil thats a thin to medium weight oil with properties to expel water or evaporate water or something. i dont want to use wd40 cuz it doesnt have lube properties. i was thinking of using air tool oil but i dont...
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    broken 4.8vdc power adaptor. is it better to replace with a 5v 1 a or a 5v 2a?

    For cordless hair clipper the power adaptor stopped working and I can’t find a replacement one locally and don’t wanna spend extra $ if I don’t have to. It has a wierd type of connector on the end so it’s not really common. The original power adaptor is a DC 4.8v at 1.5a. I have some spare 5v...
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    block heater not showing ohms on multimeter but can hear 'kettle noise/hissing'

    on my truck i was curious if my block heater was still working so i watched those youtube videos to test it and seems like a good method was the multimeter method. they say to set the multimeter to ohms and then measure the resistance when hooked up to the hot and neutral on the plug. well i...
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    jump starting with donor vehicle running or off?

    I have always jumped my vehicles with the donor vehicle running in idle, and then starting the dead vehicle. however i heard that some people jump start with the donor vehicle shut off. i assume something to do with the alternator? anyways, what do yall think/ whats the best way? thx
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    are these cold flow tests overblown between conventional and synthetic?

    watching these cold flow tests has got me confused. for example, if we are comparing a 5w30 conventional/semi syn vs a 5w30 full syn for example. they are both the exact same weight, so how come they have very large difference in cold flow tests example youtube etc. is it for example those tests...
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    engine bay mounted battery charger/maintainer options?

    so for my truck since i do alot of short tripping, of course the battery isn't in the best shape. usually what i do is i plug it in once a week with my noco genius. i don't have a garage and pretty soon here its going to start getting super cold here in canada. as cold as -30 celcius. i was...
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    Mobil 1 vs Mobil Full Synthetic (new old school looking label)? whats the diff

    I went to the local store today and I ran into Mobil Full Synthetic oil.. However I also saw Mobil 1 right next to it. The label on the mobil looks to be old school ish and I noticed its missing the 1 for mobil 1. Is this just a refresh like a new label kinda thing? or is this new "Mobil" oil...
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    successive pea based cleaner or alternating dosages?

    for example if you had a car that never used a fuel injector cleaner and just normal top tier gas for most of its life, how many bottles of something like techron or redline etc would you use until you would be happy with the result. like would 2 treated gas tanks be enough or would you do...
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    Goodyear Winter Command Ultra thoughts?

    this tire is relatively new was just released earlier this year. Not sure if I was informed incorrectly but i was told they are the new replacements for the ultra grip ice tires by goodyear. What do you guys think of them? are they in the same tier as something like xice xi3/snow, hakkapelita...
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    How do I know if sandbags would benefit winter driving?

    Sorry for all the threads but my friend just picked up a 2006 Mazda 3 hatchback and here In Alberta it’s already getting really cold and we get tons of snow and ice. If my friend wanted to add sandbags/weight to his trunk fkr added traction etc. he was wondering how much weight he should add to...
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    is this serpentine belt/ac belt in bad condition?

    hey! on my 2006 mazda 3 with the 2.3l, i have noticed that theres a slight whistling/noise coming from the belt area. i have attached some pics, do they look warn? i felt the texture and they feel slightly rough and slightly brittle. sorry i am not very mechanic like so i cant tell if it needs...