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    Mercon V in Jeep transfer case

    I am preparing to get rid of my 97 Ford Explorer, which will leave me with a good supply of Mercon V fluid that I never got around to using. I'm proposing to use it in the transfer case of the 02 Jeep Liberty, since that is a NP 231, part-time box with no clutches. Am I OK to go this way ...
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    10 Years at BITOG

    Saturday was my 10th anniversary here. Member 471. Glad to see we're still alive and thriving. I've learned a lot here. Not here as often now as I used to be, but still here when I can and when I have questions. I'm still drawing down my big oil stash I accumulated based on...
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    Kroil failed me

    I've always been a believer in Kroil. I have some left of a gallon can with a date I wrote on it of 1985.. still works. Of course in that time I've gone through a number of "deals" that they offer on two-for-one or the like on aerosol cans. This time I was not able to loosen the brake...
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    Moly Greases.. Are these equivalent ?

    Grease experts : Do you think these greases are fundamentally equivalent? We had a situation where we expected a consultant to recommend a grease, but we never received their message. The use is in a pulling/hoisting application for lubricating a pin that a shackle and wire rope attach to, to...
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    Pennzoil Platinum Old Formula -- Straight or Mix ?

    By the dates that Johnny decoded for us here I have several of the original formula Group V Platinums. Maybe 2 oil changes worth without going to count. Does anyone think that it is better to use it all together, or should it be mixed with the newer formula to dilute it ? If they changed to...
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    Trans Pan Drop. '02 Jeep Liberty

    Jeep Liberty, ’02. 45RFE transmission. Dropped the trans pan and replaced the filters this weekend at 80k miles. I had last opened it up at 36k, June 04. Since then, I have used a vacuum extractor to remove fluid from the pan at each oil change. This worked out to having done it 8 times...
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    02 Jeep Liberty, 64800mi; Schaeffer 10W30, 6600 mi.

    No oil added. Schaeffer Blend 10W30, 4 months, December through March 3.7L V6 Most trips are very short, less than 2 miles, but there were two long trips in here, so about half and half short and highway. I saw a recent comment by Member Widman that he works on getting his trucker clients...
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    Anyone using PH3600/FL400s on thier Camry?

    I use it in a 98 Camry I service. Two reasons -- larger, and I use the same filter on a Ford Ranger and Jeep Liberty.
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    Has anyone seen the licensed ATF+4 in stores ?

    Since we've heard it is coming, I haven't restocked my ATF+4 from the dealer. Anyone seen any yet from the oil companies we heard were licensed ?
  10. D -- thumbs down so far

    I saw the posting about, and went to their website and registered. I received a confirmation immediately that they had received it and would be sending a Customer Number. That was two days ago.. If others here that have dealt with them see this, How long did you wait before they...
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    89Ford Crown Vic; 5.0L; 142,426 miles, 2100 on oil, 7 months

    89 Ford Crown Victoria 302cid 5.0L. Each sample is about 6-7 months, over the winter in St. Louis area. 1st Column: Apr 04, 2700 miles, PNZL 10w30, A-Rx Rinse Oil. Blackstone 2nd Column: June 05, 2133 miles, Valvoline SynPower 10w30. Butler CAT Aluminum: 14……… 5 Chromium: 7…………...
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    oil weight for a new B&S mower engine

    OK... New lawn mower 6.75 HP Briggs. On the way home I mentioned to my wife, "You won't believe me, but I don't have the right oil." I had looked at the owner's manual on-line before purchase--Sears. It calls for SAE 30 over 32degrees F. I DO have other weights -- 5W30, 10W30, 5W40, 15W40...
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    94 Camaro, 3.4 V6, Rotella Syn 5W40, 174,000 mi., 3600 OCI

    94 Camaro 3.4L V6 SAMPLE DATE 06/04/05 174,000 Miles 08/03 6000 miles, 154,300... 06/04, 6600mi, 165,000 ... This Sample 3646mi., 174,000 ALUMINUM 2 ... 3 ... 6 CHROMIUM 1 ... 1 ... 1 IRON 10 ... 27 ... 38 COPPER 4 ... 4 ,... 8 LEAD 1 ... 3 ... 3 TIN 0 ... 1 ... 1 MOLYBDENUM 2 ... 5 ... 5...
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    Is the GM 3.4L that leaks oil the one in the Camaro ?

    I see so much on here about leaky lousy intake manifold issues with the 3.4L engines in GM FWD cars. Is this the same as the 3.4L in a rear wheel drive Camaro? It's what is in my son's '94 car, with now 174k miles. Will we eventually get these leaks ? Or is it a different engine family ?
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    ATF+4 and Valvoline Long Life ATF

    It is still the case that Chrysler hasn't licensed anyone to produce ATF+4. However, some legitimate companies are offering fluid for ATF+4 applications now -- Amsoil, Pennzoil, Schaeffers, Mobil, Redline, and now you say Valvoline. They don't say it <b>IS</b> ATF+4; they say it is...
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    2002 Jeep Liberty 48K , Schaeffer 10W30 with LC, 6K

    No oil added. Schaeffer Blend 10W30 3.7L V6 First Column 30600 miles, 5000 miles on oil. Analysis by Blackstone, Feb 04. Second column 48000 miles, 6000 on oil. Analysis by Butler Labs 4/01/05. al 5....6 chrom 2....1 iron 20....17 copper 5.... 7 lead 1 ....3 tin 1.... 1 moly 86.....120...
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    Air in Steering from turning lock to lock ?

    Borrowed From another Topic: <blockquote>quote:<hr />Originally posted by drive it forever: <strong> To purge the air out of the system, jack the car up, turn the wheel lock to lock 3 times with the car off, check fluid leval add if needed, start car, keeping at 2k rpm's, turn the wheel slowly...
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    Mercon V.. Castrol or Aamco (ExxonMobil) ?

    Now I need Mercon V fluid for my daughter's truck. I can get either of these for around $3.00 per quart. Any reason to pick one over the other ?
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    Rotella Syn 5W40, 5000 miles; 94 Cavalier ; 119,517 mi.

    94 Cavalier 2.2L 4-cyl SAMPLE DATE 12/10/04 119,517 Miles, 6 months Blackstone Labs This Unit ...Univ. Averages ALUMINUM 3 ... 3 CHROMIUM 1 ... 1 IRON 11 ... 16 COPPER 5 ... 4 LEAD 3 ... 11 TIN 1 ... 1 MOLYBDENUM 3 ... 38 NICKEL 0 ... 0 MANGANESE 0 ... 0 SILVER 0 ... 0 TITANIUM 0 ... 0...
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    Ignition System Protection for Cranking, no start

    What is your opinion of this? Is it necessary to disable the ignition on the car to do compression testing ? Car is my daughter's 94 Cavalier. It has a coil pack and plug wires. My concern is, will I damage the ignition system if I only pull off the wires, and remove the plugs. I am...