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    Bought a 2005 Toyota Corolla

    Nice.....I'm a clean freak, so always do that to interior when buying a used car. Did ya paint the wheels? The rust showing through wheel caps would tweak my
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    RAM Transfer Case Fluid

    Yes I know what what a TV diff is. And this discussion is a waste of my time, im done. If you hate your truck that much, sell it and buy something else. That Chrysler picked that Tcase because it was "cheap" is laughable.
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    RAM Transfer Case Fluid

    What nonsense......its more expensive , to add all the extra parts, and control it, instead of just a locking collar/diff. How are you going to have an active stability system, when front and rear is locked together?? Post some more nonsense.
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    RAM Transfer Case Fluid

    Its done this way, so they can control how much power goes to front. This is for control under the ESP system. .....which is a good idea for 700hp. You can't control it, if its locked solid.
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    Car Seat Install: LATCH vs. Seat Belt?

    Seat belt will work good if you kneel hard and put all your weight on baby seat and then tighten. If done right it will be very solid. Only downfall, is it presses hard on seat cushion, and can deform it over time
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    Dealership Mess Up?

    Was there any sealer bits in pickup screen?
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    RAM Transfer Case Fluid

    Gee I wonder why I wont bother to
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    Camshaft and Lifter Wear on Chrysler Hemi Engines

    Cop cars got a software update that raised idle a other changes. Lots of lifters idea what was changed.
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    Pentastar belt/tensioner
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    Empty lots

    We are starting to get some new trickle in, but we are only at 20% at max of usual. Owner is smart and is buying tons of late model used of all makes so we are doing ok....most local dealers are bare lots
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    RAM Transfer Case Fluid

    I think for price of that truck, and HP its putting down, if doing fluids yourself, buy the stuff at the counter of the dealer u might be looking for warranty at
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    Considering Making A Change, Honda has disappointed me

    Drive one first....MIL was looking at one....very noisy and underpowered. Ended up with a CX3. That said, just drive it, and change oil a little more ofter.....buddy is a service Mgr, and newer ones dont seem to have any issues where they have to come apart. Thats problem being on here/knowing a...
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    Pentastar belt/tensioner

    I have yet to see one go bad , and flip off belt....I have seen some seize as in salt belt......if it still springs back and forth ok, run it. Oh and have seen LOTS of noisy after market belts, so go oem to save the grief
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    This may shock a few people but my Fiat 500 has been my most reliable DD….

    The only real common thing I see other than trim/small crap is alternators, and the odd starter....and yes few wheel brgs, but no more than other stuff
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    RAM Transfer Case Fluid

    Hey you folks use whatever u want. I'm just saying be careful with the auto t case , as the clutch can be an issue....and the above with the tcase overheating in 4 lock? Not true. They do not unlock in the lock mode when turning. They will bind/dry hop wheels a bit on dry pavement. Are they...
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    Bad Hemi lifters!!

    That sounds more like a block issue , than a lifter issues.....I have yet to see one at low mileage. Do they have issues ...yep!! Is it a big probelm? no. And I'm not a Chrysler fan boy.....look at my sig to see what I drive.
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    Bad Hemi lifters!!

    Really? They have lifter issues also, and have forever. My buddy at the GM store, does waaaaay more than we do
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    RAM Transfer Case Fluid

    There are 2 diff. fluids depending on what Tcase is in it, and if its the auto one, u will for sure want to use the right stuff unless you want to be rebuilding the clutch in it. ;)
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    Will an aluminum crank pulley damage my engine?

    It *probably* wont hurt anything in the engine.....but may reduce life in the trans/clutch if its a stick. I was part of a team that very successfully ran a n/a 2.4 in a neon in ChumpCar for years. Along the way we ditched the heavy harmonic balancer for a smaller aluminum one. While it made a...
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    Bad Hemi lifters!!

    It really is a non issue. We really dont do that many at the dealer, esp. compared to how many we sell. Drive it and dont worry