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    Quaker State center tube change

    Picked up some QS3387A's at Menards since the sale was going on, and noticed the new center tube they're using: <img src="" class="post-image" alt="" /> Thought you fellow filter junkies might find it amusing.
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    QS3387A 6,300mi/3 months

    Here we have a delightful specimen of a used Quaker State filter from our '01 Bonneville. Ran from January to April using National 5w-30 oil. Turn One: <img src="" class="post-image" alt="" /> Turn Two: <img...
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    AC/Delco PF2257G 6,200 mi/2 months

    Pulled from our '14 Sonic with the 1.4L. This is the first car we've owned that takes a cartridge. I love it. Installed by the dealer during the last free oil change. Nothing exciting to report, really. Baseplate markings are different than the PF2257's I purchased from RockAuto & O'Rileys...
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    Wix 57674 observation

    Changed the oil in our Sonic yesterday and noticed the Wix 57674 spec'd for the car doesn't have the same "felt" seal/gasket at the base that the AC/Delco it replaced had. Generally have a very high opinion of Wix filters. Not sure how I feel about that. This is the first car we've owned...
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    L67 and no blower belt question.

    An idler pulley bearing failed on the Bonneville this morning, so I had to pull the belt off of the blower. Is there any harm being done while driving without it? I'm assuming it only hits rich mixtures under boost. I would love to put this repair off for a bit since it's cold and slick out...
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    Shell 10w30, 7,500 miles, '01 SSEi

    Just a check up. Been loosing coolant.. wonder where it's going? Low vis again, wear looks great. OLM said about 13%. <img src="" alt="" />
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    [Cut] Quaker State QS3387A (PF47 xref) 2k miles

    Pulled this off when I did an OC to check for coolant, hence the short run. Was used for about a month and some days. Nothing exciting to see here, but since I hacked it I figured I'd post anyway. One of the end-caps popped off very easy, but I'm going to attribute that to my smooshing the...
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    [Hacked] 4T65-E Trans Filter unknown miles/time

    We see a lot of oil filters cut open, a few fuel filters, and maybe some spin-on tranny filters.. but how many in-pan filters do we see? Not many! So I figured, what the [censored]? I didn't want to cut the plastic with the dremel, and the metal portion was really pretty thick.. so I broke it...
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    [Cut] AC PF47E Unknown miles/time

    This was pulled off our '01 Bonneville after my first OC. OLM said around 67% IIRC, witch could be 1,000 to 3,000 miles or so. Nothing really exciting here, but did catch some stuff. Whole Gang: <img src="" alt="" /> Media: <img...
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    [Cut] Fuel Filter Unknown brand/time/miles

    Pulled this off our '01 Bonneville and hacked it open. Car had 150,000 miles on it when pulled. Could be original, who knows? Nothing exciting to report. Unfortunatly, I lost the files that show the clean vs. dirty side.. those are the most "telling." Looked great, really. <img...
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    FormulaShell 10w30, 2k miles '01 Bonneville SSEi

    Bought it last month and sent in this sample to check for coolant in the oil. (Very glad the LIM gaskets are holding for now). Nothing really exciting here, but was wondering a bit about the lowered vis.. especially with the low miles on this OCI. <img...
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    Raybestos Professional Grade strut assemblies.

    As soon as I have a day off that lands in something above freezing, I'll be replacing the struts on our Malibu with Raybestos Professional Grade assemblies. RockAuto puts them in the "Original Ride Quality" section along with the Sensa-Tracs, MOOGs, and KYBs; but cheaper than the rest. I was...
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    [Cut] Quaker State QS3600 5,000 miles/5 months

    Removed from our '98 Windstar 3.8L. Oil used was Formula Shell. Nothing really wrong but the seam took a little beating. Whole view: <img src="" alt="" /> Media: <img src=""...
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    [Cut} Quaker State QS14006 8,500 miles/4 months

    Pulled off our '99 Malibu with the 2.4L Twin-Cam. Mixed but mostly highway miles. Oil was Formula Shell with some Quaker State as topoff. Whole view: <img src="" alt="" /> Media: <img...
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    I no longer reccomend QS filters for over 5k miles

    Yesterday I removed the second (in a row) Quaker State filter for a failing ADBV. QS14006 model, '99 Malibu 2.4L I used to say these would make a great budget filter for up to 7-9k but I need to revise my statement. This one started draining oil at about 5k miles and the last did before 6k...
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    "Celebrating" my 2,222nd post today!

    No big deal to most of you, but I thought I'd post since it's a funny number and it only took me almost nine and a half years. Thanks for the time wasting and all the information learned. <img src="/forums/graemlins/thumbsup2.gif" alt="thumbsup" title="thumbsup" height="18" width="25" />...
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    Reminded why I don't shop at AutoZone anymore.

    I put a replacement alternator on our '98 Windstar four years ago when the stocker died. I purchased a "premium" reman DuraLast from AZ and stuck it on. All went well for a while, but for a year or so now, I've noticed the lights flicker during operation.. more so under heavy load, and it's...
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    [Cut Open] Quaker State QS3600 4,500 miles

    Here's my first dissected Quaker State QS3600 (FL400S xref) off our 3.8L Windstar. This puppy was in use for about 4,500 miles and 3 months. No problems to report. Whole view: <img src="" alt="" /> Media side 1 (small abrasions are...
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    [Cut Open] Quaker State QS14006 8,600 Miles

    Here we have another lovely specimen of a Purolator-made Quaker State with about 8,600 miles on it. I would have left it in service but the ADBV was no loner keeping oil in the filter. I would have had no qualms using it longer otherwise. Full view: <img...
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    Always check your filter..

    ..before purchase or installation. I'm going to return this Quaker State QS14006 because they didn't quite get all the holes in the tube opened.. I can't leave it to chance that it won't come loose during operation. <img src="" alt="" />