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    Need a simple mileage log for personal MPG use

    I am retired and don't want to log for personal vs business expenses, GPS, and other complications. I am just trying to log the MPG's on my '03 Blazer for my recording of my 4.3L personal gasoline mileage. I think it is the best way to know when there is a mechanical problem and a repair or tune...
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    Best way to get a good deal on a Lawn Tractor cart

    I am talking about the steel carts you tow behing the Cub Cadt LTX 1045 or something of that type. Are they standard and one brand will work with another brand Lawn Tractor? If I see one at a flea market, garage sale, or Craig's List, I could buy it and be sure it will work with about any...
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    Which is best? Nitto or Hancook hi perf tire?

    I have a 4200 lb. 1994 Chevy Impala SS with RWD. I have two Hancooks on the front and two Nitto's on the rear. Both have been good tires with good wear patterns. Much better than the BF Goodrich tires that were the only choice for a long while. Size is the original 255/50 X 17". When I go for...
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    After chg to Pennz Plat, '94 Imp has low oil press

    I have been running 10w/30 Pennzoil Ultra with good results. I changed to 10w/30 Pennz Platinum and my dash oil pressure gauge shows low oil pressure. OIl level is on 'full'. New Mobil One 201 oil filter as in previous oil changes. Okay, the LT1 V8 has over 278k miles on it, but has been well...
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    Are Chev 5.3L,6.0L, and 6.2L all oil burners?

    I have read here and other places that the GM 5.3L V8 is an oil burner. But it usually comes out it is because the 5.3 always comes with AFM & Flex Fuel. You can't order a new GM car or truck with the 5.3 w/o the AFM & flex fuel. You could get the 6.0 or the 6.2L V8 without the AFM/Flex Fuel but...
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    R&T says the DeltaWing engine is actually a Cruze

    It was slammed into the wall at Le Mans--knocked out after six hours. In practice, it was in a wreck with a Porche GTC at the 2012 Petit Le Mans at Road Atlanta, but was rebuild in time for the green flag. It ended up fifth after starting dead last. Billed as half the weight, half the fuel...
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    F-150 with 4.6L burning oil?

    My neighbor's F-150 truck with a 4.6L V8 sport side and 4WD is burning oil. Short of an engine rebuild, what can you check to stop the excessive oil burning, such as replace PCV valve? Any suggestions on this engine. I will find out what year and no. of miles on Truck shortly. I always like to...
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    Driving a 2012 Ford Explorer XLT

    I had an opportunity to drive my neighbor's Explorer XLT with less than 20k. It is the FWD, not the optional 4WD, with the 3.5L V6 and 6 speed auto. The Explorer became a unibody with FWD in 2011 model year unlike the old Explorer which was body on frame and rear wheel drive or 4WD. I generally...
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    On 96 Chev Lumi, replace front strut cartridge HOW

    I am new to front Wheel Drive world. On the 96 Chevy Lumina Base sedan, not an APV! now has new KYB GR-2/Excl-G struts and new Moog springs and isolator pads on the rear. Now on to the front next.I want to put KYB struts on the front as well. I have found out there are not many choices: no Quick...
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    Jeep 3.7 V6 is related to what other Chrysler V6?

    I have read a lot about the new Pentastar 3.6 V6 in many Chrysler Jeep products. They often compare it to the predecessor: the 3.8L V6 which was in the Jeep Wrangler before the Pentastar came out. But where does the 3.7L V6 fit in that was the only engine in the Jeep Liberty and the base engine...
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    On a 96 GM Lumi, can you jackup on the rear cradle

    I have a 96 Chev Lumina and want to do some rear suspension work. I know where the usual jack points are on the body. But I want to jack up the rear by using the rear center support/cradle crossmember? Yes, I will use the jack stands before getting under the car. I don't want to collapse the...
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    BMW 7 series puff of white smoke only at start up?

    Friend has a older BMW 7 series with the V8. He notices a puff of white smoke only on start up. He is using synthetic oil in this car with high miles. He asked if 'blue smoke' means oil burning does 'white smoke' mean synthetic oil burning? I said it could mean coolant is getting into the...
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    On 96 Chev Lumi, the w/s wipers don't operate at 1

    When you cut the wipers on, they do nothing. Then you cut them on high, and finally they work. On all speeds.
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    1996 Lumina 4dr-clunking noise in rear suspension?

    What can cause a clunking noise at speeds under 10 mph in the right rear suspension of a '96 Lumi Base sedan, not an APV? It has 72k on it. Fairly new Michelin tires. Original struts. How can I test for a bad bearing on the rear? Will jacking it up and spinning the wheel tell me anything? This...
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    Why have auto manuf. eliminated fuel filters?

    Why have Chrysler and GM stopped installing fuel filters on their cars? The only 'filter' is the sock on the fuel pump pick up in the fuel tank! Are they saying the fuel is so clean, that the fuel filters are no longer needed? I know fuel injector nozzles are very sensitive to bad fuel. This...
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    Thread setter? Solution for a stripped sheet metal

    My daughter has a 1998 Jeep Wrangler with what I am sure is a common problem that is driving me crazy. The two doors are 'stopped' by a nylon strap which is held on to the door frame by two bolts going through a metal bracket. The nylon strap is bolted at the other end to the metal below the...
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    Lumina '96 air comp. not coming on? What to check?

    My 96 Lumina with 3.1 V6 has no a/c. The A/C air comp is not cycling on and off as it should. I don't think it is coming on at all. What to check? I bought an AC Air Pro recharger from AAP, but it won't charge if the compressor is not working. What to check? Hot in SC, Jim
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    How to lube a new HFT Ratchet handle?

    I just bought a 64 piece socket kit with three ratchets in 1/4,3/8,/and 1/2. They are from HFT and are dry as a bone, from the loud clicking. I am afraid I will wake the neighbor's dogs. I have been putting drops of oil on the side with the 'on- off' lever and wondered if I should be oiling on...
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    Best source for Grease fitting/ Zerk dust caps?

    I am down to my final 11 grease fitting dust caps for my Chevrolet RWD sedan. I really like them because they keep out the sand and grit and keep the fittings clean when you grease the fittings the next time. Easier to clean and lube the fittings. I bought black ones last go around. This time I...
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    Source for a Metrinch 10mm socket in 1/4" drive.

    Metrinch is a dual purpose socket. So the 10 mm socket will also work on a certain SAE bolt size as well. I have the original 48 piece kit in a hard plastic case. I really like the Metrinch set but would entertain another brand if they were dual purpose. I think many other tool manuf. have dual...