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    The Best Power Steering Fluid on Planet Earth!

    Not sure if its the greatest PSF on earth, but it does claim to be usable for Chrysler MS-10838 hydraulic fluid, which my Commander requires. The OEM fluid has been getting harder to find and the lowest price I've seen recently is about $40 a quart on Amazon. Evidently Penrite makes a compatible...
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    Black Vehicle??

    OK, I'm biting. I have a penchant for black vehicles. As is often said, nothing looks better(when it's clean!). I have owned or own now black examples of: 1970 Chevelle SS396 1991 Nissan Pathfinder 1996 Honda Prelude VTEC 2002 BMW M5 2003 Chev Tahoe Z71 2005 Harley Superglide Sport 2005 Corvette...
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    Looking for Quiet All Terrains

    I have the Continental All-Terrains on my Commander and have been extremely happy with them They are very quiet, handle well and are wearing better than the OEM Goodyears or the Yokohama All Terrains I had prior. The Yokohamas were the model before the GO 15. They were good tires but were much...
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    Springfield Is Bringing Back The Hi-Power

    Hmmm, may have to buy another Hi Power. Even considered the Turkish made one when it came out. To me, the balance and grip of the HP just feel "right". It doesn't specifically say if it takes all Hi Power mags or if their new 15 rounder is somehow proprietary.
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    Redline 5W30 6140 miles 2010 Jeep Commander Hemi

    So, this motor has "ticked" since new in 2010. Unfortunately, I'm familiar with "ticking" motors, owning 2 LS motors now and 2 others in the past. They all have made ticking/sewing machine noises and all have been trouble free for years and thousands of miles, even a couple track days. I also...
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    Redline 5W30 6140 miles 2010 Jeep Commander Hemi

    The High Performance series.
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    Water pump issues 5.7 Hemi

    So far, so good. Given that each of the 2 Mopar pumps lasted 40-50k, may be a while before I can say for sure!
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    Water pump issues 5.7 Hemi

    Update on water pump. Took above advice and bought Gates pump, pulley, belt, etc and changed this weekend. Sure enough, sound is gone. I could move the pulley/shaft on the old one, so worn out bearings. Again. Hopefully better luck with the Gates
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    Redline 5W30 6140 miles 2010 Jeep Commander Hemi

    Yogi I would say yes, it has quieted the "tick", but not completely eliminated it.
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    Water pump issues 5.7 Hemi

    I've noticed a strange, oscillating, rhythmic grind/growl/rattle sound coming from underhood of my Jeep over the past couple weeks, most noticeable after engine warmed up. It's not scary loud, but definitely noticeable. I'm suspecting it may be the water pump again. Had the original pump...
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    Redline 5W30 6140 miles 2010 Jeep Commander Hemi

    See attachment below for 3 consecutive UOAs on 2010 Jeep Hemi. Jeep now has a little over 90000 miles and has had several Redline 5w30 fills to try to quiet "Hemi tick" (it has). Have posted previous threads on first 2 UOAs, as well. Added about 0.5qt during the 6140 mi interval. Mobil 1 filter...
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    Schaeffer's supreme 9000 5w-50 racing VOA

    This doesn't look like the right sample. Agree it looks more like a UOA. Also, unless Schaeffer recently changed their formula, it should have some moly in it.
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    Farewell to my Charger SRT

    Good review, Quattro Pete. I own the same car and largely agree with your assessment. Living in GA, I get to drive mine more often, though! I have not had issues with throttle hesitation or transmission or paint, but the interior definitely not up to par for a $60k vehicle. Too much plastic...
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    Asphalt Pothole Repair Mix That Works ?

    I had the same problem at my house. Looked at all kinds of options, including rubber/plastic "humps", asphalt, etc. Finally settled on custom cut steel diamond plate secured via bolts into asphalt. Looks great, works great and will last forever.
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    Guitar players : What made you pick up the guitar?

    I bought my first electric guitar(used) as a cash-strapped college student. Always a fan of rock music and electric guitar always my favorite instrument. Took lessons for a while, then self-taught. I like a lot of players, favorite is probably Blackmore, love almost all of his recorded stuff but...
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    Any Members With Classic/Muscle Cars?

    I guess the Z06 isn't a classic yet, but the other two probably qualify
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    Invisible dog fences.

    I have had both wireless radio fences and the inground wire ones. Issues I saw with the wireless were patchy radio signal and strength as brick walls and other structures interfere with the signal. If you set the shock just right in one area, it may be too strong or nonexistent in another. Also...
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    Any Members With Classic/Muscle Cars?

    Beautiful car, Machmarcus. Mine is also a 69 R code in winter blue, but has a black interior. You don't find many winter blues out there. That color just "pops" in sunlight.
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    Raybestos Element3 Brakes and rotors for a 2014 Toyota Corolla

    I put the Raybestos Element 3/EHT pad and rotor combo on my Jeep Commander recently. Very pleased so far.
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    Solar lights that last all night

    I agree with Astro, maybe just go for a quality low-voltage LED system and never have to mess with it again. I live in GA. and have been through this on several properties I've owned over the years. Even here, almost impossible to get the lights to stay on through the night. Also, you buy a...