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    New Plasma Cutter to Drive a Custom Plasma Table

    I finally settled on a Hypertherm Powermax 1000 to use on my company's CNC Plasma table. I'll be assembling it over the next 2 months and can't wait to see my 5X10 in action. Here's the stats on the 1000... <a...
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    Extreme Canadian Riders!

    There's a reason why I like visiting our neighbors to the North! I'm sorry if this had been posted before, but these guys live on the absolute edge. Gotta give it up to "Da Leaf"! <img src="/forums/graemlins/08.gif" alt="Canada" title="Canada" height="31" width="48" /> <img...
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    The Last Flight of The Bumble Bee

    Oh man...I bet they felt pretty rough the next day LOL! <a href="" rel="nofollow" target="_blank">The Last Flight of The Bumble Bee</a>
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    Any 3D CAD gurus out there???

    Recently I have been using Alibre Design for 3D cad work for my company's machining operation. Right now you can pick it up for $99 which is an amazing price for such a powerful tool!! Here's the link: <a...
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    SOOO What is everyone looking most forward to doing this weekend?? I'm looking forward to riding along with a friend of mine and seeing fall color in Northern Colorado on Saturday and then enjoying copious amounts of NFL on Sunday. I love the fall!
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    Infineum's Perspective On GF-5

    I must say that I agree with many of the points Infineum makes regarding the new GF-5 specification- especially those related to cost benefit. Their discussions of 10W30 oils with starbursts misleading the consumer and the noted lack of statistical discrimination between 5W and 0W oils in the...
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    Yay Surgery Tomorrow!

    I'm going in tomorrow morning to get all that lovely damage to my knee corrected (torn ACL, MCL, Meniscus and other bad stuff). Hopefully my "new knee" will be more functional than the blown wheel I've been hobbling around on for the last month. I'll probably be posting like a madman at the...
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    Tig Welding Practice

    With my leg bothering me and not being able to hobble around I figured that I might as well left foot tig weld for a while to see if I can still fuse two pieces of sixteen gauge mild steel together. Low and behold I can still dip and move a bit, but I need to work on penetration control still...
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    Mind Blowing Presentation

    Wow this was a pretty sweet perspective gaining experience for me. <a href="" rel="nofollow" target="_blank">Did You Know?</a> PS- you might want to turn down the volume.
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    Doc thinks I blew out my knee!!!!

    I had a pretty bad fall a few weeks ago and my knee has been feeling rough ever since. I've been hobbling and icing to no avail. I finally got in to see an orthopedic surgeon this morning and he put me through some lovely painful manipulations and quick pops of the knee. He said that I have...
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    SF First Rounder May Sit Out Entire Season

    WOW! Someone needs to slap these guys in the head and tell them to wake up! If this guy is already pulling this [censored] I can't imagine what he will be like in 5 years. <a href="" target="_blank">Crabtree...
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    I know that some of you can't indulge any more, but I'm looking for everyone's favorite bourbon to sip on. I'm currently a fan of the 100 proof Old Forrester, Wild Turkey Rye and Knob Creek. What do you Kentucky bourbon boys see as a best buy??
  13. P's finally cheap!!

    For all you guys looking to show your date a good finally get the green light!!! I'm filling up a freezer of smoked salmon, crab and Lobster right now...I've been eating some rice, veggies and beans as a sacrifice for later indulgence. <a...
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    What to do with a sludger??

    39-ML-112108-ML- I'm sending this over to the Automotive General forum, since it's really not a PCMO thread. Let's continue the discussion over there.
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    What to do with a sludger??

    Ok time for an informal pole. My neighbor recently acquired a 2000 Toyota Sienna van with <35,000 miles on it. Unfortunately he has the V6 sludger engine. I basically told him that if it was my Van I'd run a 10W30 HDD and dump it at <5,000 mile intervals. What would you guys do if you owned...
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    Got me a netbook!

    I love these things. Got an ASUS Eee PC with a 10.5 hour battery. I'm digging this thing so far and it was <$350 shipped to my door. All and all I can't say that I miss my 7lb Toshiba for home use. I might as well just call it my BITOG life link LOL.
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    Great FOMC Grilling by Grayson

    Talk about no talent A__ clowns LOL! <a href="" target="_blank">Grayson giving the Inspector General a Grilling</a>
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    Buffalo Bill Song

    This is for the folks who liked silence of the lambs...enjoy! <a href="" target="_blank"></a>
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    What's your Favorite

    Management Type Book/Flavor of the month tactic to Hate on and Why? An example- "Who Moved My Cheese" Reason- because you know that the shat is going to hit the fan in your workplace soon!
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    Audi TT Owners Chime IN

    OK folks, Just got past the big Divorce and want to get back something from my past that I enjoyed. Yes I'm a corvette guy, but I like knocking around with blizzaks on the mountain roads in the winter. I owned a 2002 TT roadster with BB glove leather that I beat the heck out of. Now I'm...