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    Idle speed oscillates - why?

    I have the Mitsubishi Mirage Colt 1995 with the 1.5l 12v sequential fuel injected. When it's cold the idle speed goes UP and Down, and UP and Down, etc, etc until it gets fully warmed up. When warmed up, it still seems to idle too fast, because I don't get the amount of engine braking with my...
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    I won! My mechanic says motor oil in tranny =good.

    I have the 1995 Mitsubishi Mirage Colt, three of them :) I just had my "big tune up", which consists of new clutch, new rad, new brakes, new oil pan, new ball joints. I asked him to fill with my own "custom" tranny fluid. Guess what he said: he used to work for Mazda, and Japanese gearboxes...
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    Baking paint on alloy wheels - How hot to go?

    Hi, I'm getting a shipment of 13" alloy wheels for my Dodge Colt. I'd like to repaint them with Duplicolor rattle can wheel paint. How hot can I bake the paint without damaging the alloy wheel? they're aluminum alloy machined wheels. The last set of wheels I painted were steel, and I baked them...
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    ?Alternative longer filter for GM Venture 3.4l v6

    I just went to Napa, they have a great 60% off sale on their Gold Filers!!! For my Chevy 2005 Venture, they supplied a NAPA 1040. Kind of a short stubby filter. Is there any other longer filter that will fit?
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    2005 Venture Extended, 85K, any good?

    It's a Chevy Venture Extended "mini van", which is actually pretty big, has a 3.5l 6 cylinder. I took the oil cap off, and the engine has NO blow by at all, and runs really quiet and powerful. They are looking for $6000 in US terms, or $7000 in Canadian terms. It comes from the salty region...
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    timing belt on 14 yr old engine ?would u change it

    My Dodge Colt has only 30,000 miles on it. The car was made in 1994, so it has been run for 14 years on the same timing belt. A lady was driving it, mainly in the city, but with an occasional highway run to "blow the carbon out of the carburator" (even though it's fuel injected, lol) Is the...
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    I added MoS2 to MT fluid - how about rear diff?

    I put some MoS2 suspension into my Mitsubishi 5 speed gearbox in my Colt, and so far so good. What if I put some into the rear axle differential of my Dakota truck, would it help cut down on friction? Good or bad?
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    Q? Are all name brand dino SM 5Wxx's group 2 now

    I imagine some bargain brand oils might be mainly group I, but in North America would all of the conventional (dino) brand name oils be group II in the 5w20 and 5w30 viscosity? and so therefore would be all essentially of similar quality? and intermixable?
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    ?How to mount Hella's on top of Dakota bumper

    I have a 2008 Dodge Dakota. I want to mount a pair of Hella series 500 foglights on top of the bumper, and one central series 500 driving light in the middle. These are the nice big round lights that look so good, and work even better. But the bumper is covered with plastic -- Do I just drill...
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    ?best spark plug gap for long life iridium plugs

    my dodge dakota 2008 has a 3.7l v6. - owner's manual calls for .043 spark plug gap. I bought autolite xp 5224, with iridium centre and platinum ground. I gapped them for .040 because with wear the gap will gradually get bigger and reach .043 naturally. I read the following internet picture: <a...
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    2008 Dodge Dakota, 3.7l v6 NEW clearance priced

    I had an impulse, was thinking about getting a used pickup, but I called the dealer, they said they have a NEW Dodge Dakota pickup with four doors and a nice big, I don't know if it's called crew or quad, but it's the bigger passenger compartment, regular 37,000$ Canadian, clearance price...
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    1998 F150 with 4.6 V8 5w30 or 5w20?

    I notice Crown Vic, Merc Marquis with 4.6 V8 runs excellent with 5w20. Sault Ste. Marie is a cold climate area, and even the summers hardly ever get into the 80's. The truck is just used as a DD, sometimes carries around a snowblower or an appliance, or a small load of something, but does not...
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    My oil light comes one - what's up with that?

    It's a 1995 Mitsubishi Colt, 1.5l. When it's warmed up and idling, the oil light comes on. If I rev the engine slightly the light turns off. If the car is in motion, the light goes off. Only on when idling. The dipstick shows oil is full, right to the Max. The oil and filter were changed 3...
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    How to paint steel wheels?

    So I've got my factory new steel 13x5 Hyundai wheels, for my 1995 Mitsubishi Colt, for 67$ each, they are just about the exact match for the Mitsubishi Colt, because Mitsubishi sold their design to Hyundai; they only seem to differ in about 2mm of offset, otherwise the centre bore is identical...
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    Finally, a good use for MoS2

    I forgot to oil the water pump in my central heating system. I oiled it in 2006, and then I completely forgot, until... 2 days ago, my wife says "what is that squealing noise" we hunted around, finally tracked it down to the pump: oh no!! I forgot to oil it for 3 years!!! so first i oiled...
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    Help me choose clutch for 1995 Dodge Colt 1.5l.

    Hi, my clutch was wearing down to almost nothing, so I had it replaced with an LuK clutch. The LuK clutch is very heavy and stiff, which really takes away from the fun of driving. so i emailed clutchcityonline and they said the Exedy clutch is an OEM equivalent. Does anyone know whether the...
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    Are Hyundai wheels compatible with Dodge Colt?

    I would like some alloy wheels for my 1995 Mitsubishi Dodge Colt, but I don't want to blow a fortune. I see 13x5 Hyundai Accent alloy wheel rims 2000-2002 on ebay for 100$ + shipping. would these wheels be compatible with my Dodge Colt (AKA Mitsubishi Mirage) coupe.
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    Frankenmix catastrophe.

    So yesterday was nice and mild, and good oil change weather. so i drained the FM 50:50 dino 5w30/ synth 5w30, with 3500 miles, per Subaru Canadian schedule. the FM is fortified with 200ml. MoS2. I'm using purolator pure one 14610, so i thought i could keep it in place for another cycle. New...
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    ?best motor oil to use in manual gearbox

    Hi, I have a 95 Dodge Colt/Eagle Summit/Mitsubishi Mirage. It is made by Mitsubishi, and is made in Japan; it has a lovely 5 speed gearbox, matched to a 1.5l 85hp 12valve engine. I just bought a used gearbox from the wrecker, and I would like to drain the oil, and replace with synthetic. I...
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    THE BEST SNOW tires/car

    It was 20F going down 69 HWY, snow squalls, shoulder covered, center partly bare. Various 4WD trucks, 4WD Hondas, 4WD FourRunner, etc, all in a chain, hogging the partly bare passing zone in the passing lane, only the regular lane on the right clear of traffic, because it has 6" of snow on it...