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    2.7 ecoboost M1 5w-30 synthetic

    What is your mix of highway/city? Or better yet, what is your mix of longer trips to shorter trips? I am starting to believe the fuel dilution issues with these engines (I have one) is mostly due to short trips, especially when colder outside. My report on RGT with about a third as many...
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    Did a 20 mile flush

    All this reaction to the way 3 qts of oil was used and not the 1/2-3/4 gal of gas! If this process was even mildly endorsed by industry or OEMs I would do it every time, especially on new engines. As it is I change oil waaaaay before what most would consider a correct OCI. I look forward to...
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    Filling Rear Differential - Should I Add More Fluid?

    If a manufacturer wants the fluid to be some distance below the fill hole they ought to lower the hole by that amount!
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    New Fram Ultra 2.7 Ecoboost

    "I mean ok talk about China taking over manufacturing, blah blah blah, but then follow through at the store as much as possible with action." Right on, brother.
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    new tires but not installing until spring...tpms?

    Thank you both for the great info and advice- I'll take it. I see that the programmable sensors are quite a bit more expensive than the non-, so, the convenience of dropping just the set of wheels off will come with a price. Bridgestone has a rebate now that I would like to take advantage of...
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    new tires but not installing until spring...tpms?

    Thanks Tifosi, Assuming I need reprogramming either after replacing batteries or the entire sensor, can that be done without the car present? As the tires/wheels are available to drop off I really want to avoid having to leave the car at a tire shop. Is it better to bring new sensors with me...
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    new tires but not installing until spring...tpms?

    Hello, I am running studded tires on separate wheels until spring on a 2009 Elantra, with pretty basic TPMS sensors, i.e. no pressure numbers indicated on the dash, just a TPMS light when something is out of parameters, I suppose. I don't have sensors in my winter wheels and the summer (oem)...
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    Rotella Gas Truck 5w-30 3000 miles on oil, 6100 miles on 2020 F-150 2.7l Ecoboost

    Here is what I am wondering: After 3k miles I seem to have a 20 grade oil. If I changed the oil at 6k I would have had a 20 grade for at least 3k miles, or possibly less than 20 grade. And, for that matter, I don't know when this oil went below 30 grade viscosity, so maybe most of the 5k...
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    Mutul X-clean 8100 C3 5W30 14.100km/6mth Audi S5 4.2 V8 thread #3

    Another VOA shows no moly; ( could the previous oil leave enough moly to show up as 132 ppm? Did Motul change the additive formula?
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    D1g2 with hths above 3.1

    I just posted my analysis report in the gasoline forum. I do not have a percentage of fuel, only an inference based on viscosity loss.
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    Rotella Gas Truck 5w-30 3000 miles on oil, 6100 miles on 2020 F-150 2.7l Ecoboost

    3000 miles on RGT 5w-30 and it is down to 9.0...this is a 2020 2.7 Ecoboost which sees short trips (generally 7 miles) where the first third of the trip is spent warming up, presumably via direct injection. I understand that Blackstone is not the most reliable measure of fuel dilution, but...
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    D1g2 with hths above 3.1

    Serious question, if it's been asked, I missed it... In the case where one has an engine that dilutes oil (lets say a D1G2 5W30 with a starting 100C viscosity of 11.0) out of grade, would switching to an oil with a higher hths value but the same 100C viscosity stay in grade longer or must one...
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    post your latest differential fluid change

    2020 F-150, factory fill front and rear replaced with Amsoil 75w110. Front oil was very black, rear not as much. Both had a bit of material collected on the magnet.
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    PP Euro LX 0w-30 - Discontinued?

    Reviving old thread- I noticed Walmart has PP Euro LX 0w-30 discounted to under $7 a quart. I could only put 7 quarts in my cart. (I didn't buy them, just selected them out of curiosity.)
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    Used oil analysis company

    I'd like to get a send an oil sample in for testing. I'm interested in knowing if I have fuel dilution issues, and if so, to what extent. Looking for a recommendation for which company to go with and if I need to make any special requests when I send it off. Not looking to spend a ton of...
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    Any UOA's for 3.5 Ecoboost with Euro 5w30 oil ?

    Thank you for that- Would more frequent oil changes with a mid-SAPS oil be equivalent (at least in regards to oxidation) as longer OCIs with a full SAPS oil? Is it these additives that tend to stick to the valves?
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    Castrol $10 rebate

    Can anyone confirm whether or not Edge 5w-30 LL qualifies for this rebate? for example. I'm not sure if "LL" is considered an Edge or if Edge LL is its own product.
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    Any UOA's for 3.5 Ecoboost with Euro 5w30 oil ?

    Castrol Edge 0w-40 is a high SAPS oil with ~2500 ppm calcium. Isn't this an oil (looking only at the approvals and the UOA) that would not be ideal for a TGDI which could potentially have LSPI? I am happy to know that more oils are safe to run in the ecoboost but this goes against what I...
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    Any UOA's for 3.5 Ecoboost with Euro 5w30 oil ?

    Can you talk more about the benefit of full SAPS where fuel dilution may be an issue? I thought that US had moved to low sulfur gas and that effected the need for full SAPS oil? Also, when concerned about IVD, how much SAPS is too much SAPS? Thank you-
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    question about mileage during first several minutes of driving a direct injection engine

    I know there are several companies that offer “tunes” for these motors and I assumed that they are all intended to improve power output l. Has anyone heard of a tune that focuses on economy, perhaps by eliminating the initial startup priority on warming emissions components? I wonder if a less...