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    Does It Matter What Time of Year You Do an OCI?

    Yep. When it's -20F or +115F ambient, I do not want to be changing oil. Choose wisely.
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    Viscosities: Mobil 1 5w30 vs 10w30?

    Why do the two tables list the items in varying order? Perhaps a mis-print on their part? It's all the same stuff, except for the label that is applied to the jug. It's a "single fill station" that then diverts jugs to two label machines. ;)
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    Different Recommendations for Oil Filter?

    Any filter that fits would be a recommendation other than the one you specified ;)
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    Changing oil prematurely today

    When vehicles become overly techy with countless sensors & monitors........... Sell it, and then buy a better hassle-free vehicle ;)
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    Boxed Motor Oil WARNING

    Hello, with covid out in various strains, "click & buy" is it right now, WORLDWIDE !
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    Mobil ESP 0W40 '17 Malibu 1.5T

    Castrol has a 5-40 in jugs on shelf at stores.
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    Boxed Motor Oil WARNING

    They have Mobil1 and Pennzoil too ;)
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    oil for rarely used car

    I thought it was more about water condensation, so letting it idle at temp for a bit will allow the water to vaporize off. Not sure what you mean by "really heat up". Operating temp is operating temp, no? And won't the engine actually be a bit hotter when not driving it?
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    MoS2 works !!

    When have you seen moly accumulating in the crankcase? LM oil is sold and used quite a bit. If there was moly accumulating people would know about it real fast and you would have a ton of vids showing it.
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    NAPA Full Synthetic

    Just 15% off? They should be smart enough to know when you are buying for yourself, and then give you the stuff for free !
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    NAPA Full Synthetic

    What exactly does a cheap filter filter when it decides to bypass for no good reason? Better filtering does not mean inadequate flow. "A filter filled with cement makes a great filter, and a dead engine" - Nakamichi 1972
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    NAPA Full Synthetic

    A Briggs-Stratton engine will run almost forever on any type of motor oil. Filtration is key for modern engines. For older engines, beefy parts and loose tolerances and low rpm will make it run forever. How many old tractor engines from 1930's still run today on OEM hardware?
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    Pennzoil website for Ultra 0w-20 shows GF-5 specification

    I duuno, the PDF is a May 7 2019 doc. Ask Penn if they have an updated doc.
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    Kinematic Viscosity of motor oils at ambient temperature

    Does a 1watt resistor burn up if you apply 1mil watts for a time period of 1/1mil sec?
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    NAPA Full Synthetic

    It's all the same stuff. Might be an argument to be had if you are questioning the "best" oil to push the engine into the 300-400kmi range. Any full-synth and a quality oil filter shall suffice, is what motor oil boils down to these days. We are on last leg of debating motor oils. EV's and H...
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    Kinematic Viscosity of motor oils at ambient temperature

    If the diff is 1,000 to 1,500 in viscosity, wouldn't that mean 1.5x the work to pump the same volume for any given time period?
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    Kinematic Viscosity of motor oils at ambient temperature

    The graph is what exactly? Full-synth oil all by same maker, or something different?