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    Frustrated By Heavily Oxidized Headlights? Here's What Worked

    If the oxidation is heavy enough, the easiest way is to wet sand the entire layer of oxidized clear coat/plastic with 400/1000/2000/2500 grit, then compound and polish with a drill polisher kit.
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    Rotella for 2019 Powerstroke??

    Is it safe to use Rotella T6 5W-40 in a 2019 6.7L powerstroke? What about Mobil Delvac 1 5W-40? It's hard to believe that Ford had to make its own oil spec because every oil blender has concluded that CK-4 has better wear protection than CJ-4, everyone except ford
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    Maxlife ATF for +4 application

    Can you use Maxlife synthetic ATF to replace +4 type ATF? It would be for a 2017 Ram 2500 5.7L gas with 6 speed auto. Thinking of drain/fill and filter change at 70k miles since it is used for a lot of towing.
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    List an oil Additive you'd use / No Comments

    Hy-perlube Zinc Replacement Polymer Ester AT-205 Re-Seal (maybe) MMO
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    Can 5W-30 be Thicker than 10W-30?

    And Zee, I wasn't sure about Fram Ultra filters because of the whole flow over filtration idea, but now every one of my vehicles has an Ultra lol. It's hard to believe that the media can filter so efficiently and still flow very well, but I guess they have figured it out with that specific media.
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    AT-205 Re-Seal for 1968 VW Bus?

    Would you try AT-205 Re-Seal in a 1968 VW bus for a few-drips-a-day leak? It is supposed to be safe for all rubber seals as it is 100% diethylene glycol monoethyl ether (Carbitol solvent) which is a plasticizer. I've read a lot of positive reviews about how it's actually not snake oil, but I was...
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    Can 5W-30 be Thicker than 10W-30?

    If it doesn't shear and thin down as much, then a 10W-30 may be better in high temps than a 5W-30. However, if a 5W-30 has a really good base oil and Shear resistant VIIs, then it could perform just as well as a 10W-30 in high temps. It just depends on the specific oil and the difference will be...
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    Can 5W-30 be Thicker than 10W-30?

    And to answer your original question, yes some 5W-30s can be thicker than some 10W-30s because the 100 degrees C (212 F) viscosity is a range. For an oil to be a ()W-30, it must be between 9.3 and 12.5 centistokes(the measurement for kinematic viscosity). However, when the oils are in really...
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    Can 5W-30 be Thicker than 10W-30?

    HTHS stands for High Temperature/High Shear and is an indicator of how well the oil holds up to extreme stress and heat. The number (2.9, 3.5, etc.) is the viscosity of the oil under high pressures and at 302 degrees F (like a simulation of what is happening in the bearings or between the...
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    Can 5W-30 be Thicker than 10W-30?

    Shear is when Viscosity Index Improvers (VIIs) break down over time causing the oil to be thinner at high temps than when it was new. VIIs are polymers added to the base oil that expand with heat, which allows a 5W or 10W rated oil to thin out less so it can stay thick enough to be a 30 weight...
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    10W-30 for hyundai elantra?

    The 10W-30 has less Noack loss and slightly higher HTHS, so would you use it over the 5W-30? Also some people freak out about using 10W-30 when it says 5W-20 on the cap so I was making sure it was completely safe
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    10W-30 for hyundai elantra?

    Also maxlife syn 10W-30 has a slightly higher KV at 40C and 100C, higher HTHS (3.2 vs 3.1) and lower Noack (7.8 vs 9.3) than the 5W-30
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    10W-30 for hyundai elantra?

    I think I have a general understanding in that 10W means it passes the pumping test at -25C, but it never hurts to learn more
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    10W-30 for hyundai elantra?

    2007 Elantra, 2.0 I4, 150,000 miles. Manual states 5W-20 or 5W-30 for all temps and that 10W-30 can be used above 0F. Has anyone had any problem with using 10W-30? I'm switching to synthetic and am going to use Valvoline Maxlife Full Syn as well as 10W-30 to minimize the possibility of leaks...
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    Transmission out at 78k miles

    You have to check the fluid from a fill level plug on the side while it's running. Level was perfect. The scanner only pulled up an engine code about the VVT solenoids which was unrelated, since the car wouldn't move at all. I took out the solenoids and cleaned some debris off the screens.