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    Why isn't the General Altimax RT43 3PMSF rated?

    I always wondered how those steep streets would be handled if it snowed in SF. Still rooting for the event :)
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    Soft sidewall tires in 2020

    I had the CS5 Ultras installed almost 2 weeks ago. They flat spot (94H). Took them on a roadtrip to Oregon, even though I have a slight shimmy above 75mph, coming and going after turns (perfect storm on getting the tires non-uniformity in sync I imagine). Never lost grip in the wet. They suck in...
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    What date range tires can I accept?

    I returned the walmart ones and got them from DT. I got 4018 dated tires this time :(. Both sets had come from a Fresno warehouse. Ended up installing as I had a trip lined up.
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    Tire Vibration When Tire Warms Up

    The vibrations I've been having in the Maxima are above 70 mph. I always thought it was tires...
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    Lionhart tires -- anyone use it?

    Or at least Blacklion or Landgolden...
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    What date range tires can I accept?

    I have 4 new Cooper CS5 ultras 205/65-R15 by the front door, made on 4118... edit: purchased online from wallyw
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    Touring tires for my Accord

    How was the wet grip after 2 years?
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    Soft sidewall tires in 2020

    I was considering the Sumitomo HTR A/S P02, but I had read opinions on this website that the Sumitomo harden and lose wet grip after about 15K; the Falken (I think a Sumitomo brand) I have certainly behaved in this manner. I was also looking at the Avid Ascend GT, but they seemed stiff...
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    Platform bed recommendations

    This one seems solid, but it costs as much as my car:
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    Soft sidewall tires in 2020

    Thanks for the tip about RT43. The radiator support is fine, the very little rust that the car has is superficial.
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    Discount Tire Labor Day Deals

    I agree, not much of a sale.
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    Soft sidewall tires in 2020

    Completely OOS at Costco. Are they comfy?
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    Soft sidewall tires in 2020

    What about the Hankook KINERGY PT H737 ?
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    Soft sidewall tires in 2020

    Actually on my GXE the sticker says 92S, it's probably one of the speed limited ones. OE tire pressure is indeed 29 psi, I stay within 2-3 psi above or bellow depending on circumstances. The Falkens were a bit softer when new, but still had a stiffer sidewall. The General Altimax RT43 seems to...