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    Maxlife atf ok 98 lesabre?flush or no?

    Feeling like napa dex 3/.but,and I know this is so wrong...I like the black bottles😁
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    Put new plugs on 98 lesabre with pics

    They look beat up!don't they!?
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    Put new plugs on 98 lesabre with pics

    The electrodes were still thier,slightly slope eroded. Factory plugs originaly,we're platinums,but changed too iridiums early 2000,s.
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    Maxlife atf ok 98 lesabre?flush or no?

    Thanks all! Yeah,flush not good idea.Car book says, dexron 3 is approved for use in le sabre transmission,by GM. Severe duty,drop pan,dangerous and filter,every 50,000 miles.towing,heat greater than 90 degrees F,stop n go traffic. I got lots in trunk,weight,so all apply. I'm debating,napa...
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    Put new plugs on 98 lesabre with pics

    Some photos I just took,from hours ago,changing my spark plugd!these are the old ones.I estimated,about 25,000 miles on them,in 3 1/2 years. 98 lesabre. These were amazon.coppers. Ac delcos. Green wording. I got really good mileage. About 254 miles with Lucas adfitive,every tank.winter...
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    Maxlife atf ok 98 lesabre?flush or no?

    Hi all! 98 lesabre. As 139,200 miles on it,and condition,111,400 miles.done lots of work on it. When shifting reverse,it's kinda hard,to shift,but goes.theirs an audible clunk,then shifts. Car rides fine..otherwise.parked car.9 hours pass,checked atf dipstick. It's not really red...
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    Another ProTec

    What's the efficiency ON that PROTEC?
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    Where to buy t 20/25 tamper proof torx?98 lesabre MAS housing bolts

    Hi everyone!.I want too get 2 new Mass airflow sensor bolts,for my 98 buick lesabre. I tried looking on home depit. GM online.autozone.nothing. Amazon had kits, t 20,for example.$10.00 for many bol ts.but don't think their auto grade.where can I get GM ,or replacements? their tamper proof..
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    Use high beams inplace of lowbeams,bulbs?

    Thanks!wow,the gasket is different,between the 2. Didn't know that!I'll just keep it reg low beams.many years ago,I had a 85 Isuzu I mark tough car! This was 1992_95. I put high beam bulbs in,much brighter! Also,then,tried napa xenon bulbs.liked them!..
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    Bars leak intake sealer,do i use again after flush?

    About 2 years ago,98 lesabre,I took the manifold off,New gaskets,I put in. It leaked even after growing it,via the bolts in manifold.took apart 5 bars leak intake and manifold sealer,viper worked! After 2 tries. I looked in my overflow,last appears,I...
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    Use high beams inplace of lowbeams,bulbs?

    Hi all! I wanna get new cheap bulbs soon. Napa brand..not the nightvision..theirs cheaper ones. Pro formers. I've noticed,high beam bulbs don't have that black coating on t hem,on top the bulb. Could I run those in place of lowbeams,for regular night driving? More light.output thatway?
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    supertech oil line up

    My local Wal-Mart 4 miles north.of me, had 5 quarts of suspected dino,10w30 for $2 quart.I didn't buy it. That was the blue,green label bottle. They have made lineup now. $2.98 quart for conventional, $3 ..something another for synthetic.
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    Oil filter has only 2k miles but 2 years on it. Can I leave it on for next oil change?

    When I was 19/20..1994// friend also same age,found a 1950s Plymouth valiant! Got it jome.original chrome inside..choke knob..beutiful! Some fried or pteist,owned the car,never have it an oil change,in 30 something years.he only drive itlocak,as ithad34,000 miles on it. It had an original...
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    Valvoline VO-148 CUT OPEN

    What the micron and efficiency?
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    Gumout Regane High Mileage 6oz

    Get a camera with wire, attach too your smartphone.funnel it in thier!