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    Gas Leaking Red Max

    Naw. On Echos and Red Max's, the fuel cap is not vented. This fixes onto the hose that comes out of the top of the tank that serves that purpose. Thanks for answering though. I think the part was just defective. I used one that was sent with a whole boatload of extra stuff with a carburetor...
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    Wagging Governor

    Searching for gas. Doesn't matter how well you take care of an engine, it will probably sludge up eventually. Pull carb and clean it, and drain every drop of fuel from system. If it's a lot, put it in your daily driver (assuming your vehicle has at least a quarter tank of gas in it already)...
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    Cheap math on supposed longevity benefits of premium vs. regular

    I have found that during the gas crunch of late the Premium gas I buy 20 gallons of a week for my shop smells pretty stale. I think maybe it's because people are buying less of it because of the price; making it sit in the tanks longer. And, I only buy it to avoid ethanol. And, most of us on...
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    Gas Leaking Red Max

    Have a Red Max trimmer that is blowing gas out of the vent when it's running. Not leaking anywhere else. Maybe I'm sheltered, but I haven't seen this before. I've seen a lot by the way. Picture just to show you what part I'm talking about. I thought these were supposed to be 'one way'...
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    What size bar.

    Wunnerful! Thanks folks. As I get older, I seem to get dumber. I mean, forgetful.
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    What size bar.

    Alright. Dumb question of the day. I haven't bought a chain for a chain saw for decades. I just sharpen mine when I need it. There isn't a stamp on this bar anywhere (on this 'found' saw) to tell me what size it is. It's on a Stihl Wood Boss. Any of you kind folks set me straight?
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    Washers (shims) for Lawn Mower Wheels

    Looking for a source for wavy washers to shim up mower wheels. Ones that aren't 50 cents apiece. I give up. I can't find them anywhere.
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    Never trust old tecumseh carb gaskets.

    Yup. I buy them 100 at a time. When I do run into a bowl gasket that 'looks' like it's in decent shape, I hang it next to the new ones. After drying out and shrinking a bit, they usually work great. If you don't have a new one, just let the old one lay out in the air for a couple hours...
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    AV gas in new 18 HP Briggs

    When I crack open a carburetor (any carburetor), I can immediately tell if it's had ethanol ran in it regularly or had ethanol sit in it. That is after cracking open thousands of carburetors over many, many years. That's how I know not to run ethanol in any small engine unless you just can't...
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    Tire wont accept slime

    Thank you for your constructive, informative advice. I've already thought of a way to beat it, I think. So, here's hoping. Thank you too AZjeff
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    Tire wont accept slime

    Already removed the nail and plugged the hole. This tire had a slow leak before it picked up the nail. Lot's of tread. It's funny, I jacked the car up, pulled the core, waited till it stopped releasing air, let the jack down to force out even more air, then jacked it up while the slime was...
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    Tire wont accept slime

    My tire won't let me squeeze Slime into it (for a slow leak). I actually put a clamp on the bottle and squeezed it 'mechanically'. I can blow air into it with my air 'gun', and when I put the valve core back in, I can air it up. What's up? I know that slime disbelievers outnumber us 10 to 1...
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    83 chevy c-10 steering box

    So, the truck turns left all day without a problem, but takes a long time to manage a right turn. Gearbox bad or something else? THANKS! Want to buy this truck, but I'm worried the box isn't the problem...
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    Bike Suggestion for a Heavy Teen

    Pretty much like the subject says, I have a heavy teen grandson (300 pounds, 6' 2") that goes through bikes pretty quickly. Looking for suggestions on a mountain bike for him. Thanks!
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    About mower blades....

    If you do like many of the mowers I get in, the edge on your blade will last indefinitely! Just put it on upside down.