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    Wax / Sealer Recommendations

    Collinite 476S is another good choice. Very long lastingf
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    Why isn't the General Altimax RT43 3PMSF rated?

    They seem to be doing a good job on wet and snow covered roads since I had them installed on my Cavalier. All around good tire.
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    Not another "Hybrid Full Synthetic" motor oil? This time Valvoline

    Come on guys... Just pour some Kendall GT-1 Dexos1 Full Synthetic Gen 2 in that engine and hit the gas pedal. Yahoo..... nuff said xtell
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    MotorGuard M100 oil filter change

    A310 Are you still running 5w-30 in that engine? Just checking because I'm about out of my stash of 5w-20 (owners manual recommendation - 2008 V10) and I'm wondering if a switch to 5w-30 would be beneficial in any way. xtell
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    Valvoline Premium Blue Restore 10W-30 in a Honda 2.4L

    Stick with your original plan of 6000 to 8000 miles with this oil. In the big rigs this oil is run a lot longer. You are close to your goal. Don'tr give up !!! Nuff said xtell
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    From 5w30 to 5w20 tp 0w20?

    My gas mileage has improved going from 5w-30 to 0w-20 in my 2001 Cavalier.
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    Have the "Dexcool" coolant flushed out of your GM vehicle...

    I run Dexcool in my 1999 Trans Am. I used distilled water as well. I have not had any sludge problems yet. Nuff said, xtell
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    0w20 for heavy driving?

    My Chevy Cavalier has been running on 0w-20 without issues. It is supposed to have 5w-30 but I get better winter MPG using 0w-20. nuff said, xtell
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    Distilled Water & Isopropyl

    I'm going to have to try that one. I usually do a: Lacquer Thinner- Windex - newspaper wipe and dry routine.
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    Good all season tire with above avg snow traction

    General Altimax rt43 tires are good all season / winter tires. I have them on one of my cars and they do well in dry, rainy or snow road conditions.
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    Why drive gentle if hydrodynamic lubrication achieved?

    I plug in a "Scan Gauge 2" into my vehicles every now and then and drive around and see what sort of data the sensors pick up. What really gets me is the amount of time the Automatic Transmission Fluid takes to get to operating temperature. I definitely have made changes to my driving style...
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    Transfer Case Fluid

    Valvoline makes a specific Mulit-Vehicle Transfer Case Fluid that is Ford XL-12 approved. I use that T/C fluid in my Ford 4x4 F 350 Super Duty Truck. Absolutely no issues with drive ability while using this fluid.
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    What's your favorite handgun?

    CZ SP-01 Shadow Target./ 9mm. Got it from CZ Custom shop where Stuart worked his magic on the trigger. After that one I don't need any others.
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    Bleed and refill?

    My as well go ahead and bleed the breaks. That way new fluid will be in all the lines and once properly filled without any potential air in the lines, you will be able to truly see if there is a leak somewhere in the lines (in the case the fluid does continue to go down).
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    Mixing oil

    The oils are so close in weight it will not make much difference. Just put it in your vehicle and forget about it.