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    Copart 2018 Versa biohazard car

    I caught a ride home from the bar with a buddy one night in his Eclipse, and when I got in the car, I stepped ankle deep in aluminum cans. I don't understand a life where that's normal and ok. I'm sure glad I didn't get to see his house.
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    Smart home

    Mine's semi-smart. Most of the house lights are hooked to Amazon Alexa. Some on timers, others turn on and off when you tell it to. Thermostat is a very simple electronic programmable, as I like it to to start cooling down when I go to bed and I like the furnace to come on about 5 minutes...
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    ⬆️ The heart of the problem.
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    Tire repair, stone inside

    A large national chain won't touch that. Find an independent. Ol' Joe on the corner will patch that on the inside. That gash looks too large for a plug.
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    110K miles on factory filter

    Seeing something like that would prompt me to do an immediate fluid change on every component that has fluid in it.
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    How long do you drain your motor oil?

    As long as it takes for me to go wash my hands, eat dinner, watch some TV, play with the dogs, and muster the ambition to go back out to finish the job. Sometimes that's overnight.
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    Copart 2018 Versa biohazard car

    Will never understand how someone can ride around in what equates to a self-propelled dumpster.
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    Covers of songs (only good ones, PLEASE!)

    I think B&D did an amazing job with this song.
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    Rental Review - 2019 EcoBoost Mustang

    I've never heard a good-sounding 4 cylinder, regardless of the exhaust system installed. Try as the owners might, they just sound like flatulence to me. But "good" is subjective. V8s make music. 4-bangers make noise. I actually bought my first Mustang (2017 V6) because it sounded so much...
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    Rental Review - 2019 EcoBoost Mustang

    I've spoken to guys that have this same transmission in their Ford and Chevy trucks, and apparently the behavior is quite different than in the Mustang. I've always thought this transmission isn't happy unless you're driving 9/10ths. It's jerky around town, and can even be a bit indecisive at...
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    Annoying rev hang in my MT car

    I mitigate it a little by adjusting my pedal timing. My ST hangs, so I've trained myself to release the gas a second before I depress the clutch. Doing it this way gets the clutch depressed just as the engine starts to transition from acceleration to deceleration. It helps.
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    Wood/Wolf Spider In My Bed

    When I see a spider tucked away in some dark corner, I tend to leave them alone, because I know they're going to eat whatever other little pest may be scurrying around. But when they start invading my personal space, the Triazicide and the vacuum cleaner comes out.
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    This is why we can't have nice things...

    Feeling your pain this week. The body shop (Caliber) that 'fixed' my Focus put my right side lug nuts on with an air wrench. I nearly had to stand on the breaker bar to get them off. As I inspected the bolts, I found one that appeared stretched. When I attempted to re-mount the wheels, I set...
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    underhood worklight

    Wow.....specialized. I just use this: It also kept my front faucet from freezing 2 weeks ago.
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    15 Dead, 27 stufffed in Ford Expedition

    Just headed to the grocery store. See it every day.