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    Over 60mpg on T6 5w40

    You must have monk-like patience. I have a manual Scion Tc, pretty comparable to a manual cobalt in a general sense. In terms of compact cars its kind of a pig, 2.4l engine and about 3000lbs, but I get approx 28-30mpg most tanks driving very throttle happy and doing 80-85 on the highway. I...
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    Hyundai and Kia owners...FYI...

    This dude was reporting on Theta 2 problems well before they became widely known in the states, and he nailed it on the smartstream too with this really well done video(has english subtitles). Hyundai uses korea as a testbed for their new engineering(which Koreans know and detest) since the...
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    "Valvoline Leads Innovation for Off-Highway Engines with Launch of Valvoline All-Terrain"

    Had a similar situation with a friends 22r 4runner. Screwing around on an abandoned hole at an old golf course, hit a rut while doing a donut and did 1.5 flips and it ended up on the drivers side, 5 people riding, not a scratch on anyone. Pulled it back over with a suburban, drove it home lol.
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    Fun & Arbitrage in Car markets, Round 2

    Not enough new vehicles to support demand. I think Toyota said demand is there for selling 1 million more new cars this year than they can currently produce.
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    W123 - the finest saloon car of the 20th century?

    My buddy has a inherited W123 that is absolutely mint besides mice getting to some of the wires which has left it sitting for 15 years in his parents garage. Ive never ridden in it but the one thing that stood out to me was the thickness and quality of the frame, body panels, and paint. Thing is...
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    Why are all phones gigantic?

    The SE 2 is the same size as the SE 3, and the 13 mini is about the same if not a smidge smaller than both, but has bigger display due to almost no bevel and the display is much higher quality. It does cost a couple hundred bucks more but its a great phone if you like smaller form factor EDIT...
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    Ugliest car emblem.....

    GM, Dodge, and the Koreans have the ugliest to me. The bowtie has always been crap, modernized caddy/buick look cheap while the old ones look dated, and hyundai is offensively ugly. Tesla is pretty bad too. Japanese besides subaru are a bit ugly to neutral, although I love a classic block font...
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    Goodbye To The Left Pedal

    It isnt really the power/speed, I just really love rear wheel drive. I figured since I had moved back to the midwest it wouldnt be great for the winter, along with the practicality stuff. But after having zero problems even in severe conditions with cheap sport all season tires this winter, and...
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    Goodbye To The Left Pedal

    My current car is a Scion Tc, I needed a car on somewhat short notice, but the one provision I left myself is it has to be manual. Its unspectacular on paper and not fast but its much more fun to drive than I anticipated. My only regret with my current car is I didnt get a full out RWD sports...
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    Goodbye To The Left Pedal

    Im another guy with a manual DD. Honestly, I love driving it everyday. 40-120 miles, highway, country, city. When I had just moved I borrowed my parents auto crossover to get to work for about a month and commuting was awful. Now it puts me in a good mood in the morning and perks me up after work.
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    Hyundai Ioniq 5 pulls off 2022 World Car of the Year hat trick

    Car of the year, best XX of the year mean next to nothing to me. Look back at the archives for these for any major auto publication/orgs "best" awards and about half revealed themselves to be absolute crap cars within 5 years.
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    2023 Toyota GR Corolla

    True awd, ability to set 50/50 or rear biased power split, and manual transmission sealed the deal for me. It’s still a bit heavy for my taste but the rest makes up for it. Bolt ons and a tune should push this to over 350hp, light wheels and a a spare set of sticky tires and this thing is an...
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    Ever seen someone driving a manual transmission who probably shouldn't have?

    When I lived in Tokyo I saw multiple exotics everyday. Most would navigate the extremely narrow/tricky streets in the things admirably, but once I witnessed an older gentleman in a beautiful white Testarossa lurch, skip, and clutch ride his way through a solid 200-300 meters of stoplights. I was...
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    Did the math on selling lease car to the dealer

    I got chills, and not the good kind, when I first saw this image a couple years ago. It is eerie how many dystopian/sci-fi/cyberpunk pieces of literature and media from decades past got it so on the nose.