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    Diesel fuel additives? What works?

    I've used Power Service for anti-gel and lubricity, but am currently using Schaeffer's Diesel Treat , both their winter and summer formulas. No issues with Power Service, but wanted to give the Schaeffer's a try. Both brands add lubricity, and have cleaners. This is in an 80's Bolens/Iseki...
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    Low temps = slow strained crank, starts by 5th try. Electrical seems good. Other checks before pro service?

    I had a beetle years ago with bushings in the starter that had worn. It would pull to the side in operation, adding drag (and eventually sticking the armature to the field) . It was more noticeable in the cold, and I ended up replacing the starter. Battery and cables had been my first...
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    2011-up ~250hp daily driver for <$15K?

    How about Subaru's Legacy with the 6 cyl ?
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    2 Year Brake Fluid Changes--Overkill?

    My understanding is that DOT 4 with more borates creates acids (or at least stronger acids) when contaminated with water. This can cause more corrosion than just the water.
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    What Fluid to use on older New Holland Front Diff tractors? TS110 amd 7610s

    My Bolens/Iseki calls for gear oil (SAE 80) in the front axle, vs either gear or UTF in the transmission. I don't see one causing a leak over the other, but the SAE 80 is not helpful to my hydraulics in the cold.
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    What are some less common tools that are good to have around for auto maintenance?

    Pump for filling a rear diff from a quart bottle, strap wrench
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    Do you eat cold pizza or warm it up?

    If I can heat it in an oven, I prefer it that way. A microwave doesn't do justice to pizza for me. If the only means is a microwave, I eat it cold.
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    Ride for fun, its great

    There are decent used bikes all over. Odds are you know someone who bikes, leverage them and you'll likely find something affordable.
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    Head gasket for 2007 Subaru Impreza

    I paid around 2K at a place in Fort Edward, NY. Motor out, mill both heads, T-belt, tensioner, water pump, cam seals, the whole 9 yards. All Subaru parts back in too. It was worth the drive for me. It took him about 3 days.
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    Lubing old ratchets with C Clip retainer?

    Mine still seem tight after removing the c clips. Maybe yours weren't tempered well. If they were mine I'd replace them, they should be a standard size. What did you use for lube ?
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    Soldering irons?

    I've got a couple. 2 wellers, one has adjustable temp, the other is 25 watts, and an iso tip. Anything bigger gets the old Weller 200 watt gun or a torch. I'd probably only have the 25 watt on if my Dad wasn't an electronic expiramentor, and thus me, by proxy.
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    Mixing Differential Fluid

    Most Subaru rear diffs use just under a quart. The front uses somewhat over a quart (like 1.3 ish) If I were in your shoes, I'd use the M1 in the rear, and the valvoline up front. You'd still have enough of each left for top off from and rear respectively.
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    ATF servicing intervals

    My 09 Subaru says to inspect the fluid every 30000 miles. I've used that as the change interval (did the same on my previous subie as well). Other than the fluid being very pale translucent pink on its first change, I haven't observed typical problem indicators. No dark burned fluid, no water...
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    Coolant disposal

    A couple manufacturers of coolant list the results from astm d-1384 and astm d-2570. Zerex is one that does, for their g05 it looks like pretty minimal losses of solder and copper under normal situations. Then again, not all situations are normal. Consider that the usual concern over ingesting...
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    "Right to Repair" required for bikes

    If I remember correctly, Shimano doesn't supply parts for its shifters either. Campagnolo used to, but I'm not sure if that's still the case. I agree, parts should be available across the board. 5 dollar repair vs 100 dollar parts are ridiculous.