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    Oil Extractor Experience

    I use a Pella PL-6000 extractor, similar to some of the other units mentioned. This one has a 6 litre capacity, and I bought it when I had my 2014 Volkswagen Passat TDI to do oil changes, as accessing from below with VW's belly pan in the way was a real PITA. What I found was you need nice hot...
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    Nor'easter Orlena is upon us and love my Michelin X-ice2

    Too bad the X-Ice Xi3 that came after the Xi2 are not anywhere near as good. The 3s are by far the worst winter tire I have ever used, though I bought them after being impressed by the 2s on my in-laws' vehicle.
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    diesel engine!!

    I'll throw my 2 cents in on this, as I've had 3 diesel vehicles over the years. Firstly, a diesel is better suited, especially in lighter applications such as passenger cars, to being used regularly for long distances. Such as frequent road trips, or lengthy commutes. For heavier duty...
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    2013 Duramax LML - OCI for very low mileage

    Since my last oil change over the summer, I figure likely 2,000 miles will be put on total by the time a year is up. The trips done so far do have a few short trips in there, without adequate warm up, but there are definitely more longer drive drips, though these have been within the city...
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    2013 Duramax LML - OCI for very low mileage

    I'm a little past 6 months on my Duramax OCI, and I have put on very few miles on my truck. Between the pandemic, not having anywhere to go with my camping trailer last year (first places were closed, then when they opened up, I couldn't book anything), and getting a commuter beater this past...
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    Scam Supra ad or is seller just stupid?

    Apparently, if you call the phone number in the ad, you get Rick-Rolled. Google the number (248-434-5508)
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    300 mile initial review Continental Vikingcontact 7 review (small car)

    I bought these in October, right after we unexpectedly were offered to buy a good condition winter/commuter beater, as the tires on it wouldn't have been able to handle winter. Very different type of car than the Mirage, as it is an '04 Impala. These tires have made the car an absolute tank...
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    New snow tires!

    Amazing tires. I just bought a set this winter for the winter beater/son's future car that we got in October, a 2004 Impala. I went with 215/65R16 instead of the stock 225/60R16. These seem to stick like glue, even in conditions I know would be a challenge for other tires to have any traction...
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    Replace one tire or all 4?

    Try local classified ads/used tire shops to see if you can find an exact match, including wear to the same level as your other tires. I lucked out and found one this summer this way when I had a tire damaged on the shoulder. If not, then you should look at a matching pair on an axle at the...
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    I'm Considering Nitrogen vs Air Again

    And they would just give you the black valve caps instead of green. An absolutely ridiculous one I've seen with the nitrogen fill is a new car dealer, putting stickers on their car claiming the tires are nitrogen filled, and adding an extra $100 or so to the price of the vehicle. So, you're...
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    Correct pressure for non stock size

    Based on the calculator, no change in pressure.
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    Correct pressure for non stock size

    I will be putting on the winter tires for the 2004 Impala today. Stock size is 225/60R16 with 30 PSI on the placard. I am running 215/65R16 (for a variety of reasons, including availability, slightly lower price, compatibility with chains I had from a previous vehicle, theoretically better snow...
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    Continental IceContact XTRM

    Looks like this is a new studdable winter tire on the market for this winter. Might be a Canada only model, as this review implies it was designed specifically for the Canadian market: Continental's promotional material on...
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    Nitto Winter SN3 vs Sumitomo Ice Edge

    Would love to hear how either of these tires work out for anyone trying them out this year. They may be options I consider for my Tiguan for next year's winter tires (last year for this set). The VikingContact7s just came in and are ready for me to pick up today for the Impala. In the meantime...
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    Duramax ATF service

    To the OP, are you saying you did multiple drain/fills with Dex VI first, then again with TES-295? I gained a lot of info from the mega-thread a few years ago (and the version that also appeared in the Duramax forum) from the Allison fluid engineer, and ended up doing drain and fills on mine...